Sea of Thieves Recommends Watching the Season 5 Deep Dive Video

Sea of Thieves Recommends Watching the Season 5 Deep Dive Video
A new twist has been added to the art of piracy...

Sea of Thieves devs released a ‘Deep Dive’ video guide to Sea of Thieves Season 5 at the start of December.

On 14 December 2021 at 12:30 AM CET, Sea of Thieves posted a tweet recommending that players watch the Season Five Deep Dive video to help fill them in on all the new features.

Fireworks in Sea of Thieves. Image by Sea of Thieves.

The tweet asked players if they have been enjoying Season 5 and whether they would like to know more about all the new features. 

It stated, “Enjoying Sea of Thieves Season Five? Feeling a maddening itch to learn more about its new features and get all the goss from the devs? That means you haven't watched our Season Five Deep Dive video!”

The tweet went on to link to the official Season Five Deep Dive news release on the official Sea of Thieves blog. 

Rowboat cannon. Image by Sea of Thieves.

Some of the new additions that are discussed in the Season Five Deep Dive video include the cannon rowboats, reflections made by fireworks on the water, and how developers managed to make the pirate’s mouths move accurately when they speak.

Another interesting feature that is discussed is the thought process behind players now being able to bury treasure, create treasure maps, and steal other crews’ treasure maps from their Captain’s Tables.

Full details are available on the Sea of Thieves blog and in the Sea of Thieves Season Five Deep Dive video.

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