Assassin's Creed Black Flag Best Ways To Make Money [Top 5 Ways]

Whale Hunting
Hunting a whale has never been this much fun


Ahoy, Matey!

With the Blag Flag Project raking in a massive 11 million dollars in its first three months - after being released -. It is no surprise that this is the biggest and baddest journey our avatar has to undertake.

With an endless array of upgrades and modifications available to your character - Edward Kenway - the only thing stopping you from reaching the sky is your imagination.

Groupies who follow the Ubisoft fan page already know that this adventure is unlike any other. It takes place at sea. Encourages piracy and allows us to take a new open-world experience - suck it in, like a sponge absorbing water - and regurgitate it in a way that allows our senses to tingle. It allows us to observe real pirates as 80% of the characters are historically accurate.

Well with that being said, I encourage you to read this and adapt your skills. As we watch a new world unfold. Below I have taken the time to create a list of the best ways you can accumulate wealth. 

Whilst of course getting to know the terrain as well. 

So release your sail captain! Feel the wind and let’s be on our way as we discover the booty! Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!


5. Create a Fleet

Build up your crew and plunder as you roam the seven seas.


  • Difficulty: 4
  • Available Loot: Endless
  • Risk of being pirated: 5

Building your army could be the best feature of this game! As you are able to build a fleet of ships once you have attacked them.

How does it work though? When you are in a position to plunder a ship, attack and do not surrender! You will then get the option to add the ship to your - Edward’s Fleet - the stronger your fleet is! The easier it will be to get docks!

Once you have all 15 docks and a strong fleet, it will be ‘’chump-change’’! Make sure that your shipping lanes are safe. The money will start rolling in automatically with each day that passes. 


4. Find Buried Treasure

Find treasures on uninhabited islands.


  • Difficulty: 1
  • Available Loot: 10 000+
  • Risk of being pirated: 0


Travelling to different locations is so appealing. Getting to know the world while making money, is the only way to live. Especially in these times when piracy is rife!

I bet you thought I was about to jump on the COVID boat like the rest of the world. I am not about chasing these trends but in terms of this article - we do need to find a quick way to make coin. So why not jump on the trend that is most related to pirates. Finding treasure!

There is an amazing feature built into the game that makes sailing from one destination to another instantaneous. It is called fast travel, utilising this will allow you to locate treasures all across your map. Although you could miss out on tons of opportunities that involve pillaging by adding more boats to your fleet.

Okay back to the treasures - they are located everywhere in this game - I am referring to maps now. These maps will allow you to locate treasures and chests so let the fun begin! Finding these chests and treasure maps could be a difficult feat however take down the various forts in each map grid and automatically you will uncover everything that can be located in that area.



3. Complete Assassin Contracts

Shipwreck your foe by pulverizing there most loved asset.

  • Difficulty: 3
  • Available Loot: 30 000+
  • Risk of being pirated: 3


With the game’s success - dependent on you completing contracts - it’s no surprise that most of them concern making money. 

With Edward running from city to city establishing himself as a master Pirateer- I mean - you could improve your stealth and melee combat skills as well in the meantime. With countless action-based objectives, they are easy! So don’t stress too much and take up the contract. Improve your avatar and get coin!

Whilst completing your contracts there are add ons that are available. Things that you should definitely take some time to get to know. Warehouses and other facilities that can be plundered should be taken advantage of as it allows you the chance to get more out of the contracts you are currently busy with.

2. Whale Hunting

Tickle your curiousity by discovering a different world.

  • Difficulty: 1
  • Available Loot: 5000+
  • Risk of being pirated: 3


Roaming the seas and stealing ships may be an excellent way to earn loot. But, why not try something more thrilling.  

Take a dive into the ocean and attack the wildlife. Try opening yourself to new encounters. Take on the fabled Moby Dick and win! You could be a rich pirate indeed.  

Animal skins sell for a good price, but whale skin is like finding a treasure chest all on its own - so search far and wide. If you possess the skills of being a whale hunter, you possess the skills of a god! I ended up making this a pretty serious hobby as I collected over a period of time multiple whale hides. 

What a treasure I obtained. So follow my example! 

Have no fear of death Captain. As whales don’t eat human flesh!

Which animals to hunt

1. Naval Combat

Get an adrenaline rush by resorting to violence that wont get you in trouble.

  • Difficulty: 5
  • Available Loot: Endless
  • Risk of being pirated: 4

The Blag Flag game focuses on naval warfare - piracy combat - so it is no coincidence. That the most money has been pumped into this. The naval warfare allows you to open new opportunities within your map and expand your world. Not to mention progress in the game!

The one downfall though, is that the amount of money you are going to get is directly linked to how difficult the task is. The bigger and elite ships hold so much more loot, so make sure you upgrade your fleet and ships regularly or you could be laying at the bottom of the ocean.

Pro Tips for Naval Combat

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