[Top 15] Animal Crossing: New Horizons Best Islands

Extravagantly creative and unique islands!
The best and most creative creator-made islands.

15. CH4 by Marcus

This Perfectly SYMMETRICAL Island Is So Fun! w/ Interview | Animal Crossing New Horizons Island Tour

Everyone loves a good town that is perfectly symmetrical yet still really unique and creative. This island’s map is very pleasing to look at, but as you walk through, you notice just how perfect everything seems to be. Each residential and commercial building has its own spot on the map, and the museum even features its very own amusement park just right outside. Everyone loves a good town that is perfectly symmetrical yet still really unique and creative. This island’s map is very pleasing to look at, but as you walk through, you notice just how perfect everything seems to be. Each residential and commercial building has its own spot on the map, and the museum even features its very own amusement park just right outside.

My favorite part without a doubt is the heart-shaped lake that is right outside the creator’s house. It fits perfectly with the symmetrical island somehow, making everything come together so seamlessly. Another cool feature of this town is the garden that grows a myriad of gorgeous flowers, all labeled with signs and growing patches. This town will satisfy your dreams of having a perfectly symmetrical town while still managing to put a personal twist on it.


14. W. Avalon by Jeremy

(@jeremy_crossing on Twitter)

SUPER-SCIENCE & ZERO Time-Travel Island! Tour & Interview | Animal Crossing 5 Star Island Tour

This island has a futuristic and scientific theme with its very own dam that “generates power” for the town. This incredibly unique island has special sections designated to different elements of scientific exploration. There is flower science (for crossbreeding flowers), space science, rover testing field, and much more. Not only that, but there are still aspects of entertainment for the villagers, including a private ferry and a drive-in movie theater. 

This is an incredibly unique island that is so fun to explore. There are so many specialized areas and it really feels like creativity never runs out. The best part is that the creator used a lot of the natural land to create the scientific zones, which is a feat in and of itself.


13. Hollywoo by Madi

(@hollywoo_acnh on Instagram)

This Tropical Island Will Make You Miss Summer

This tropical-inspired island is vibrant and welcoming. A non-stop summer is the best way to describe this tropical town. Using several shells and mermaid furniture, every inch of it is covered with detailed summer-esque decorations, even a man-made beach to elongate the natural one that is just below. Moving through the town, you’ll come across a mermaid island, complete with giant shell beds and gorgeous flowers planted all around. 

If you want to take a trip back to when things were warmer, this is the perfect island for you to explore. Check out the rainforest and the attached cafe to make you feel like you are truly within a fantastical jungle surrounded by palm trees and vibrant flowers. This town will make you miss summer even more.

Check it out: DA-0918-5045-0972


12. Caramel by Mez

This Island has a Modern CASTLE?! | Incredible Animal Crossing New Horizons Island Tour w/ Interview

The best way to describe this fanciful island is to note how incredibly regal and organized it is. Take the red carpet to be escorted to a beach restaurant, right next to the coast and surrounded by vibrant flowers and blooming bushes. Move further up the beach to see a gorgeously decorated library right off the coast. This library has its own outdoor fireplace with tables set up for you to relax and read before continuing on through the expansive island. 

Okay, the reason why this island is so unique is that they have designed their house like it is a modern castle. You enter into a courtyard with a gorgeous fountain and benches outlining the outskirts, then while still enjoying the outdoor scenery, you come across a tasteful lounge area. Seriously, this island is such an amazing find!


11. Socialism by Kenneth

(@kenf9350 on Twitter)

THREE Islands in ONE?! So DYNAMIC!~ (630 Hours) 5 Star Island Tour w/ Interview~ | Animal Crossing

This island features three distinct themes that you can explore: Asian, Egyptian, and Versace. It almost goes without saying that the town itself comes across as very classy and well-organized. You can even enjoy a three-step spa on the beach, complete with a massage, a soak, and a final moment of relaxation. Each villager has their own specialized area that goes perfectly with the theme, a courtyard or even their very own shop are among the stops you make.

The best part of the island, in my opinion, is the Versace section. The decor is classy and brings together the other two themes perfectly. Donatella is even a resident, so take a look in her house to check out what the upcoming Versace designs could be. This entire island has a regal look to it, so you will truly feel like you are royalty walking around.


10. Angy Kitty by Sarina 

 (@sarinaacnh on Twitter & Instagram)

You MUST See This INCREDIBLE View! (1000+ Hours) | Animal Crossing New Horizons 5 Star Island Tour

This town is perfect for the winter and holiday seasons. Everything is decorated with Christmas in mind, yet still manages to bring your focus to the entire winter season. It is incredibly cozy with red, tan, gold, and orange colors prominent throughout. Some of the features that stood out to me right away were the path lined with candy canes, a cute little school area complete with an outdoor library, a pumpkin patch, and a toy land. 

This creator did a really good job of adding her own personality to her town. She made sure to add things that would garner a smile and make you appreciate the town even more, from a bear being trampled by a streetlight to an insanely creative strawberry farm made from picked flowers on their beach. 

Go see for yourself: DA-1644-0464-3643


9. MoonScar by Kale

(@_moonscarisland on Twitter)

This 1900 Hour Island is HAUNTED!

This is a Halloween-themed town with every corner packed with meticulous details and interesting additions that make it one of the best and creepiest islands. As you walk throughout, you will find a pirate theme strategically placed, making it feel like pirates are infiltrating the town with their stolen gold and ships laying on the beaches. 

The features that make this island so special are the bridges, which are not your typical Tom Nook-sponsored bridges. These were made specifically to add to the rustic look, with trees down below to make it feel like you are crossing a huge and deep forest beneath you. So creative with genuinely gorgeous views. 

Check it out for yourself: DA-6984-5523-9028


8. Agueybana by Gabriela

(@agueybana_acnh on Twitter)

Breathtaking Tropicore Island + Rich Puerto Rican History?! Hecc to the yes

This town celebrates the creator’s Puertorican culture, and it is incredible. Walking through, every crevasse is tastefully covered in different symbols and other cultural stops that are special to Puerto Rico. There is even a volcano, which is something that is incredibly unique for an Animal Crossing town yet adds a sense of accuracy that further drives the creator’s aesthetic.

Some of my favorite parts of this island are the multiple “secret spots” scattered throughout the island. It shows a mark of creativity when a lot of the island isn’t particularly accessible the first time you walk through it. You have to get to know the island in order to fully explore it, and that is an incredibly creative and unique feature. 

You’ve got to visit this one: DA-4124-2753-3850


7. Malvado by Tina

(@ACNHMalvado on Twitter)

Don't visit this terrifying island before bed

Want a scary island to explore? This town has an amazing horror theme, with blood spatter and terrifying pictures all throughout. As you enter the town, you see what looks to be an abandoned school. There are lockers and papers thrown around, almost like there was a gruesome massacre there not too long ago. Go to the library to see a place to conjure spirits then venture down to the beach to see bloody body bags and a circle of skeletons gathering for a spooky meeting.

My favorite part of the town is the maze that is directly adjacent to the “Bates Motel”, a reference to the classic horror film Psycho! Go through and see if you can spot all the creepy nods to the original film and modern television show. Seriously, a creative theme to have, but an even more creative execution.

Check it out: DA-0467-4318-0995


6. Shijia by Tim

(@timoteeACNH on Twitter)

TREEHOUSE FOREST ISLAND TOUR | Animal Crossing New Horizons

If you are a fan of the natural look for towns, Shijia is an incredible example of how using the natural terrain of the island can exemplify the beauty of your design. This creator made their island feel incredibly cozy with several campsites and reading nooks scattered throughout. There is even a welcoming center as soon as you get out of the airport! 

But what makes this island really special is the treehouse. Follow the signs until you get to a hiking trail, then go along the trail and you will find a music-themed and library-themed treehouse. There are trees all over, making it truly feel like you are being supported by the strong limbs of the branches. 

Go check it out: DA-1165-8705-6202


5. Varuna by Ethan

(@varunacrossing on Instagram)

Elegant 5-Star Town with Incredible Symmetry: Animal Crossing New Horizons Island Tour

This cottage-core-inspired town will please the inner perfectionist in you. Everything is perfectly symmetrical while still making the island feel carefree and rustic. The decorations adhere to the cottage style yet add a sense of class to each section. The flowers and benches are delicately placed to make it feel like you are meandering through a park of sorts.

Towns like these make use of every single area of space, so nothing is empty and the town feels huge as you walk through it. There are gardens at every corner and even a two-story cafe, which is an incredible and creative addition. 

Take a peek for yourself by visiting using their dream address: DA-7477-5171-3599


4. Kitano by Katie

(@kitanoisland on Twitter)

DETAILED 1960s RETRO JAPAN Island Tour - Animal Crossing New Horizons

Take a trip to the past! This town is entirely inspired by 1960s Japan, complete with apartments, playgrounds, and even a train and its train stop. In fact, there are trains all over the town, making you truly feel like you are a part of the urban culture. Follow the roads to find several restaurants, including a sit-down ramen place, and beautiful gardens with places to sit and enjoy the views. 

This is an extremely unique idea for a town, and the way that this creator went about it is so creative. Every corner is packed full of specific details and one-of-a-kind additions that only can be found here. She has several references to movies and animes that are prominent in the Japanese culture, making it perhaps a relatively accurate depiction of Japan during the 1960s. 

Check it out here: DA-3499-9518-4551


3. Devineland by Meghan

(@acnh_devineland on Instagram)

What a Disney obsession looks like (1100+ Hours)

Okay, this entire island is made to look like Disneyland, and it’s incredible. Going perfectly with the theme, you can find several characters with their very own specialized area, complete with their own costumes. Everything is just so cute and fits with the theme perfectly. But the part that really sticks out is the view of Belle’s castle, a perfect photo opportunity. Take a peek inside the castle; it is so extravagant and seems like it was taken right out of the real Disneyland. 

The details are incredible, truly. Keep exploring to see the different sections that are designated for each Disney princess. You might even come across a special tea party to celebrate a certain rabbit’s unbirthday. There are several castles to explore, including Elsa and Anna’s! 

Go see for yourself: DA-0918-5045-0972


2. Chocoflower by Rhio 

(@rhio_acnh on Twitter)

City Island Tour at Night | Animal Crossing New Horizons

This city-inspired town is incredibly unique and will leave you speechless. Everything--and I mean everything--is black. The paths, the fountains, the vending machines--everything. This monochromatic town gives off a city vibe by creating dark alleys and leaving bikes on the sides of the walkways. There are even black car beds left on the roads to make you feel like you are wandering around the city. 

The wow-factor of this town-city is definitely the self-made skyline. With lots of light given off by floor lights, lighthouses, gas pumps, projectors, telephone booths, and more, it is an incredible sight to see. The Statue of Liberty is even lit up, completing the breathtaking skyline that leaves this town as a mark above the rest. 

Go visit and see what I’m talking about: DA-1100-1986-6419


1. Tuonela by Joe

(@joeanimelli on Twitter)

An Island Perfectly Split Between Future & Past | 5 Star Island Tour ACNH

Seriously one of the coolest islands I have ever seen. The entire island feels apocalyptic and dystopian, perfectly set in a not-so-distant futuristic city. There is trash strategically placed with living quarters and even a bridge overlooking the oncoming traffic below. The detail doesn’t stop there, though. As you venture out of the city and into a more forest area, you can see overgrown paths, which further establishes the dystopian future that this island imagines. 

Once again, I have never seen an island quite like this one. The tiny details are so impressive and creative that you completely forget that this is an Animal Crossing town. The theme truly takes over and the entire place is transformed into a grungy, overrun city. 

This one is a real treat, so go see for yourself: DA-7419-0612-0045


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