ACNH: How To Build A Snowman

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Maybe their sassiness is why they're called Snowboys and not Snowmen.

The snowmen in Animal Crossing: New Horizons are the best part of the winter season. 

How to build a snowman in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

One of the best parts about winter in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the snow and how it completely changes the aesthetic of your island. Another cool thing the snow brings with it is snowballs. You’ll find these scattered about your island. Combining them will bring to life something magical, and sassy. Read on to see how you can build your own Snowboy! 

How To Build A Snowman In ACNH: 

  • Locate the snowballs on your island. You’re going to need two. They’re usually very close to each other. Chances are if you’ve found one, the other is close by.
  • Approach one of the snowballs. Once you get close enough, your character will start kicking it. As you kick the snowball, it will accumulate snow and therefore become larger. 
  • When it gets big enough, your character will switch to rolling the snow with their hands. 
  • Be super careful not to roll your snowball into a tree, a rock, or the river. It’ll disappear. 
  • When your snowball gets to a size you’re pleased with, roll it where you’d like your Snowboy to be. 
  • Go back to where the other snowball is and repeat this process, slowly rolling the snowball to the area you left the larger one. 
  • To get the snowballs to stack, simply roll your second one towards the first. Once you get close enough, it’ll jump up to become the head of your Snowboy. 
  • A little winter magic will happen and your Snowboy will have eyes, a mouth, and a nose. You’ll get a present for creating your Snowboy. This is usually an item or DIY that’s exclusive to winter! 

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