Is Animal Crossing: New Horizons Good?

Is Animal Crossing New Horizons Good?
Relax and refresh! Leisurely craft and design your own fabulous island of paradise!

In a world run by imagination and creativity, anything is possible. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a social simulation game crafted back to life in March 2020. It’s glamorously re-invented for the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite, shedding a whole new magical adventure for new and old fans. 

1. Let's Play!

Welcome to your new island where any and everything is possible!

Animals and humans rule in this fifth main game of the Animal Crossing series. Players are greeted by Tom Nook who introduces the Nook Inc’s Getaway Package. Players are flown to a deserted island blanketed with fields of greenery, trees, and rivers. 

Arriving on the undeveloped land mass, the character begins brainstorming ideas to design and customize the island. 

Timmy and Tommy assist you in the initial process of inhabiting your island. Customizing your little character is the first step the game prompts. Depending on where players are located, they can select a hemisphere and sync the time and season. 

Two colorful and excited animal residents are joined by the player when landing on the island. Each island has its own custom fruit that can be found ripening on cedar trees. 

As nighttime approaches, you’ll be able to set up your campsite tent as well as the tents of the two animal residents. Location of houses and campsites are completely up to the gamer. 

Selection of campsites should be chosen with care as it can’t be changed until later on in the game. Once tents are latched down, manager Tom Nook gives the first task of building a fire. 

Tree branches can be obtained by shaking trees and then collecting them off the ground. You’ll pass the branches onto Tom Nook beginning an island ceremony. Here players will pick a unique name for their island!

Gamers take the title of Resident Representative on their new custom island! 

A small celebration commences around the campfire congratulating your character. Sleeping the night away excitedly, players wake the next day to start building and creating as they please. 

The world is at your fingertips as you pretty much have free reign to do whatever your heart desires. Of course to make progress, there are specific tasks that have to be done. 


2. Character, House, and Island Design

Design and customize the exterior and interior of your island as well as your characters and furniture!

Character design and customizations have endless combos. Hairstyle, skin color, eye shape and color- you name it! You can fashion your person to mimic your style or make up a completely new identity. 

Wardrobes and mirrors can be accessed with a DIY recipe which can be found throughout the island. Once built, these can be used to dress up in stylish, sporty outfits. Mirrors allow you to redo your hair, face features and structures, and skin tone. 

As the island develops further, you gain access to shopping catalogs and can purchase more clothing. There’s an option at the Resident Service building under “Nook Shopping” laying out a display of various items waiting to be bought and placed on the island. 

More and more animal residents are introduced and asked to move in by your character. Here you can design the placement and style of their homes. There's 6 villagers when players move in. 15 animal villagers are the max and during play will ask to move out and be replaced by a new friend. 

Each animal character has their own likes and dislikes. Lazy, jock, cranky, and smug are the traits given to the male villagers while females can be normal, peppy, big sister, or snooty. Island dwellers' hobbies and styles can differ from their personality traits. 

As you industrialize your town further, new business characters and stores can be built. Nook's Cranny is owned by raccoons brother Timmy and Tommy. Tools, furniture, diy recipes, and miscellaneous home-good items are available to buy in exchange for bells. 

Blathers owns the museum where bugs, fish, artifacts, and fossils can be handed in and assessed. Within the museum Brewster opens a small cafe where you can stop by for some delightful coffee.

Isabelle is Mayor of Resident Service office guiding players on projects and town status. As the town expands, a furniture store owned by Labelle can be added letting players try on and sport some unique threads! 

Characters can expand their houses reaching up to 6 rooms in total. Tom Nook has you covered in payment investment to do so. 


3. Tools and Bells

Craft nifty tools and earn Bells that will help you contruct and model you're paradise

Let’s dig right into the possibility of creation in Animal Crossing for all you, “tools.” Shovel, fishing rod, net, slingshot, ax, ladder, and vault pole are essential tools to construct your island. These can be crafted using sticks, clay, and iron nuggets. The workbench in Resident Services allows crafts to be conjured up using the island's resources. 

Resident Services is home to the Nook Stop kiosk . This is your alibi to redeem Nook Miles and DIY craft recipes. You can expand your skills and make even more elaborate items and customizations. 

Tools and DIY recipes are for sale at Nook's Cranny too if players would rather buy instead of crafting. Inventory upgrades give you more pocket space. DIY recipes range from beginner to advanced, allowing you to upgrade your skills little by little. 

Keep those tools on hand at all times! DIY recipes are hidden everywhere throughout the island. Bottles will occasionally wash up on the ocean shore containing new recipes for awesome crafts to whip up. 

Bells are the island's currency and are abundant everywhere you go. Find them by hitting rocks, shaking trees, and selling fish and bugs. If your pockets are feeling light, earning bells is beyond easy as you can essentially sell anything you find or catch on the island. 

Brilliantly colored insects and scaly bugs crawl and float around the island. Cast your line into the ocean for fish and fly your net at buzzing bugs to sell them for bells at the shop. Fruit, weeds, sticks, and stones can be sold to rack up the cash too. 

Nook Miles is a fun new currency added to Animal Crossing. At arrival on your island you’re given a phone which has numerous functions including a Nook Miles reward option. Miles will be rewarded by completing certain tasks like catching bugs and customizing your home. 


4. Multiplayer and Online Play

With quite a few multiplayer options to select from, you'll never feel alone 

Animal villagers are a hoot to be around, but sometimes human interaction is a nice break. Animal Crossing New Horizons has a massive multiplayer section. Playing with friends adds numerous possibilities, guaranteeing hours of fun!

Via local network play or online network play are the two multiplayer choices. These can be accessed at Dodo airlines when speaking with Orville. By clicking on “I want visitors,” gamers will be promoted to select multiplayer preference. 

To play locally, no internet is required. A Dodo code will then be given to you. 

This code can be shared with other users enabling local connection. Visiting players can’t change your island or bring any items except fallen fruit with them, so don’t worry. 

Any player whose Nintendo Switch is linked and on your friends list can join the game and freely wander your island. Nook Phones “Call Islander” app can be clicked on to invite other residents of the island for Party Play. 

Eight characters can build houses on the island, living lavishly. Though, Party Play restricts four people to play at one time. Whoever initiated the invite leads while the others are merely the followers. Followers' abilities only go as far as helping collect shells, fish, and bugs. 

Whenever you’ve had enough human interaction, Orville will close the airport games. Friends will be kindly asked to exit the island, flying them back to their native land. 

Nintendo Online play is another super cool way to play with others. Tapping Online Play opens the gates allowing anyone participating in New Horizons to connect. A Nintendo Online subscription and internet are needed for use of this option. 

Orville will wonder who characters want to invite. Selecting “All My Friends” unbolted the gates in anticipation for the arrival of friends. A pretty neat benefit is that you can use the keyboard to shoot a message and summon friends for a play date. 

You can always request to visit a friend's island. The same guidelines apply in the airport, instead of “invite” you will tap “visit someone.” 

Choose your buddies wisely as there’s a best friends list that gives free range to anyone on it. Best friends can take items and use your tools, so beware of thieves! Friends can not use tools or pocket items other than fruits, bugs, and fish. 


5. Extras and Rewards

During night, look up to the sky and wish upon a shooting star!

Anxiety and worries will melt away as you god of your island. Creation, color, and layout combinations exist beyond the heavens. One day characters may want to merely mosey around the island sniffing flowers while another day they’re up for difficult tasks and construction duties. 

Whatever you choose to do, there is always some sort of reward or newly discovered element. There’s no rush to finish the game, though there’s really no indication of game completion. You can reach a 5 star rating with progression of Island and character development. 

The game surely does not stop once you’ve achieved maximum level rating. Everyday the boat tour glides you away to a new island with the possibility of discovering new items. Sometimes the island does not gesture any new articles and the boat can be ridden the following day. 

Dodo airlines allows you to visit a remote island as many times a day as you fancy. It does cost 2,000 Nook Miles, so fulfilling tasks will aid in building this currency. Some islands bloom with new goodies whilst another may offer nothing original. 

You really never know what you stumble upon when awakening to a new day. You can always sell already acquired items like fossils and DIY recipes for bells at Nook's Cranny. If you’re already loaded on the bells, your furry neighbors can be gifted items you don’t want or need. 

Your island is always showing love by gifting new items or presenting a new fish or bug. Keep your head up! Balloons can be spotted floating with presents in midair. They can be popped using a slingshot revealing a cool prize or money. 

Nook Miles will be rewarded for collecting certain amounts of fish and bugs. Even by capturing the same creepy crawly, Nook Miles will be built up until the limit is reached. Also, shooting stars can be wished upon at night, leaving behind star fragments for DIY recipes!

It takes much exploration and time to completely design and develop everything. From flower spawns to rare animals and items, seekers and searchers will enjoy this challenge of the game. Again, there’s no rush to get anything done. 


6. Aesthetic Graphics and Themes

Bloom all sorts of fantastic flowers that pop brilliantly out of the screen with color!

Invention of the Nintendo Switch and Switch light has majorly impacted graphic quality. The island truly is awake and buzzing with life and light. Movement, color, and overall visual composition are certainly at their finest. 

The island is teeming with vivid flora and fauna. Flowers are dressed in every color imaginable and closely replicate real life species. Tulips, roses, hyacinths, windflowers, lilies, pansies, mums, and cosmos cover open fields displaying spectacular color schemes.  

The game does not lack when it comes to brilliant colored characters and visually enticing nature hues. Quite a lot of thought was put into the design of each and every little element. 

Villagers are made up of a mixture of pinks, blues, orange, yellow, and every other color of the rainbow. This makes for aesthetically pleasing and engaging gameplay for users. Wacky and flamboyant outfits cloth the settlers and often change their outfits every few days. 

Animal residents also communicate and participate in dancing and musical events. They can be found swaying to the rhythm of the beat or chatting and laughing with fellow citizens. Players have a feature allowing them to express certain expressions such as “joy” or “surprise.” This awesome feature brings characters to life even further, making the game surreal. 

Vast green plains, blue infused water, and brown sandy beaches are candy for gamers eyes. Shrubbery and plants have detailed line work, mimicking real life nature. Oceans and rivers flow with soul as if you can jump into the game and swim happily. 

Shadows and light are casted depending on the time of day. Palm and cedar trees shed their silhouettes upon the grassy land. When nighttime makes way, sparkly stars and a big beaming moon take their place in the sky. You can also wish on shooting stars as they stream across the sky. 

Bugs and fish are beautifully sketched with each of them maintaining unique patterns. Striking color combinations dress all our insects and ocean dwellers. The game gives unique and thorough markings for each of them, adding lots of depth to New Horizons graphic effects. 

Animals Crossing: New Horizons, did a stellar job at including as much detail to characters, wildlife, and 3D effects. Players will be tempted to try and jump into their console to enjoy their fantastical, enchanting island. 


7. New Features and Possibilities

The Nook Phone is filled with different apps to aid your character in their architectural adventure!

The real world is evolving everyday. It wouldn’t make sense not to keep our beloved games up to date as well! New Horizons has boatloads of new content, add on games, and refreshing new features. 

The Nook Phone has a variety of apps that offer easy access for users. Photos can be taken, islanders can be called, Nook Mile tasks can be redeemed, and you can look up DIY projects. Island Designer app, Critterpedia, Rescue Services, and Happy Home Network can be unlocked with further play. 

An Island Designer app opens an array of helpful and quirky landscape options. Cliffs of grass and stone can be built to easily climb different platform levels. 

Players can build bridges in the blink of an eye to cross rivers and streams. Layout scheme of the island can be completely redecorated as well. Pathways of wood, brick, and sand leading up to buildings are constructible! 

Quite a myriad of new DIY recipes and customizations are discoverable along your leisure journey. Trucks, Ferris wheels, ponds, and even giant robots can be made or redeemed. Placement of these objects have no right or wrong place. Beds and toilets can be placed in the center of the town square if the player wishes! 

Colors and patterns of certain objects can be customized at the workbench. Some items can’t be customized on your island and must be flown to Harvs Island at the airport. 

Dodo airlines is the place to go to visit other players' islands, take tours, and access Harvs Island. 

Back at the Nook Stop, nook miles tickets are redeemable for 2,000 miles. From there the plane will fly you to a random island with new fruit, DIY recipes, and seasonal objects. You never know if winter, fall, spring, or summer is taking place on this foreign island until you arrive. Snowflakes, acorns, cherry blossoms, and mushrooms await to be collected. 

Dodo Airlines allows visitation to Harvs Island. The island is bare once arriving, but various vendors can be invited to inhabit his island. Saharah, Katrina, Harriet, Cyrus and Reese, Leif, Redd, and Kicks make up the shopping plaza vendors. You can buy wallpapers, rugs, clothing items, and produce items. 

Cyrus and Reese own a customization shop where items that aren’t customizable on your home island can be tailored here. Redd auctions artwork pieces, Leif grows produce, and Kick has some rad fashion items up for grabs. Harriet can style up a new hairdo and grant the DIY for easy access on your own island. 


8. Happy Home Paradise

Build clients dream houses with the radical, Happy Homes Paradise extension game!

Eternity is the length of gameplay in Animal Crossing New Horizons. It’s quite impressive how many DIY recipes exist as some require a lot of searching for a certain material. Redecoration of your home and island can be done until contentment of heart. 

Nook Miles does not lack on its insane inventory. Some items are costly too, so players must complete daily tasks to build rack up miles for purchase. 

New flowers can be spawned by planting two of the same breed next to each other. It’s never guaranteed, so you’ll have to harvest a lot of them until a lovely new flora forms. 

Rare fish and bugs are buried deep in the system and it takes lots of searching to finally come across them. Also wet suits and goggles allow users to dive into the ocean and discover all sorts of deep sea critters! Dedication and patience are key when on the hunt for rare species. 

Everyday the clothing store updates their fashion line with irresistible attire. Fossils await to be dug up as new ones pop up everyday around the island. 

Another yummy feature puts the whisks in players hands. DIY recipes can be redeemed allowing mouth watering dishes to be baked. In order to craft them you’ll need to harvest various vegetation and catch fish. Plant life can be bought from Leif on Harvs Island, or they can be found on boat tours and by visiting random islands at the airport. 

A DLC extension was released called Happy Homes Paradise. It’s up for sale via online or can be invested in along with the main game. Decorators and creatives can unleash their imagination by furnishing homes for villagers. 

Clients propose their dream house idea then it’s up to you to use related items that fit their wants and needs. Outside and inside embellishments are provided. From indoor lighting ambience to outside greenhouses- combinations have no end. 

New clients arrive everyday with oddball traits and personas. Depending if gamers are in a more laid back or spunky mood, they have multiple villagers to choose from. Hours upon hours can be played away in this extension. 


9. Silly Sounds and Voices

Leap into the ocean with a splash while being carried away by its crashing waves

Silence is not golden within the New Horizons world. Windy wisps and thundering waterfalls echo throughout the island. Musical symphonies and tunes follow players wherever they venture. 

There's nothing like the sound of sweet crashing ocean waves and trickling streams. From waterfalls fiercely flowing to the simple “swish” of a butterfly net, the island has sounds galore! Trees whoosh when they are shaken and hum along with the breeze of the wind. 

You can bang, chop, and smash your tools , confirming your target with their loud noises. Everything is given an individually unique sound. There is not one living creature, action or resident that isn’t making some sort of clamor. 

Jump into the ocean making a great big splash! Run around your island leaving crunching sounds in the grass! Listen to bees and dragonflies zip around your head! You can flaunt a dazzling smile or release sounds of gloom by frowning. 

K.K Slider makes an appearance on the island from time to time as well. Once your island receives a 3 star rating, he’ll come and play his songs for the villagers. Songs of his can be purchased in the shop and played on any radio at any time. 

Let’s not forget the iconic animals crossing theme song. New tunes and songs have been added to the game too. 

One of the most special parts of the game is the residents native language. Sentences of gibberish are thrown together in high and low pitch voices. Your screen translates their foreign tongue so you’re in the loop of what’s going on. 

Comical and amusing vocals and orchestra keep your head entertained and inside the magic of your island. With each beep, splash, and bark; gamers will be humming and swaying along to the enchanting island tunes.  


10. Timeless Fun for Everyone

Animal Crossing New Horizons offers leisure fun and a creative outlet to people of all ages!

Fantasy, fun, and freedom are the three components that Animal Crossing guarantees. Imagination has absolutely zero limits. Users have free reign to roam anywhere their heart desires. 

Plenty new features can be unlocked and discovered with endless creative possibilities. Characters can set off on quests to find materials to craft insane DIY recipes. 

The game is laid back as there’s no rush or consequence if a task is not fulfilled. Animal Crossing New Horizons is an open ended console game, so relax! If players step away for a few weeks, they can return right where they left off, continuing their adventure with ease. 

After three years, I’m still discovering new recipes, materials, and hidden secrets around the islands. There is always a new species to be caught or specimens of floral life to be grown. 

Players can be entertained for weeks, even months, by redecorating and switching around their homes and island layout. New Horizons is one of those games you pick up after a stressful day. 

Its melodious tunes and spunky residents keep the island teeming with life. New characters are always being introduced to reside in your town. 

The Nintendo Switch game is exquisitely pieced together. The 3D graphic structure draws users into the world of animation while musical hymns soothe the soul. Blue winged butterflies and rainbow trout will bring a sense of victory to their catchers. 

Animal Crossing New Horizon does not disappoint. If adventure, exploration, and crafts are your niche, this game will do you justice. 


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