ACNH Treasure Island Guide (Top 25 Important Tips for Players)

It's time to strike gold.

Treasure islands are customized islands hosted by other players or even online communities, typically done with the help of game modification and a hacked Nintendo Switch. Treasure islands tend to be completely flat islands filled with dropped items that visitors can take. These treasure islands offer endless possibilities and players should attempt to visit one at least once. If you need more convincing, consider the following:

Rare Items

  • Treasure islands are a great way to find all sorts of resources and collectibles. Players may stumble across DIY recipes, 99k bell bags, seasonal items, Nook Miles tickets, furniture, and clothing.


  • The creation of treasure islands gives players more outlets to showcase their creativity. Just like with regular islands, players can make and visit treasure islands with unique themes and layouts.

Fast & Easy

  • If you want a fast way to collect items in New Horizons, you should see what treasure islands are all about. Visiting treasure islands allows you to skip the daily grind of New Horizons. Going to these islands is also an easy process and can be done at any time.


1. Nintendo Switch Online

If you want to visit a treasure island, then the first thing you'll need is a Nintendo Switch Online membership. An online membership is necessary for online features such as multiplayer, cloud games, and exclusive DLC. It is a must-have if you're looking to visit other players’ islands.


2. Strong Internet Connection

Now that you have an online membership, you'll want to make sure your internet connection is fast and powerful. Having strong internet connectivity is essential for traveling to treasure islands due to the high traffic of other players wanting to access these islands. If your internet connection is poor or spotty, then it is highly recommended that you don't attempt to visit a treasure island.


3. Finding A Treasure Island

With the first two steps out of the way, you're free to start searching for treasure islands. The best way to do this is to find one on YouTube or Twitch. Simply type ‘treasure islands’ in the search bar and you will have a list of video results or livestreams to choose from. In case you're using Twitch, you may be prompted to enter a livestream chat and type in a set of commands before you are given a Dodo Code for the island you wish to visit. Alternatively, you can find an active livestream on Twitch that displays a ready-to-use Dodo Code on-screen for your convenience.


4. Airport

You're almost on your way to a treasure island. Now, you need to head over to Dodo Airlines on your island and speak to Orville. You'll need to select the option to play online, then select the “Search via Dodo Code” option that pops up in the menu. Next, input the Dodo Code you received for the treasure island you wish to visit and confirm the selection to travel to your desired island.


5. Picking Up & Disposing Items

After following the steps above, you will have successfully made it to a treasure island. While you're on the island you'll see tons of items that are free to pick up and take home. In case you grab something by mistake, do not drop it out of your pockets. Instead, it is strongly advised that you dispose of unwanted items through trash cans placed on the island. But most importantly, make sure you clear your pockets before going to a treasure island. You'll want to bring back as many items as you can carry.


6. Villagers

Another great thing about treasure islands is that you can hunt for villagers you want to add to your island. As long as you have an open plot of land back home, all you need to do is talk to the villagers in boxes on the island. But don't give up if the treasure island you visit doesn't have your favorite villagers, just keep searching on other islands.


7. Leave Through The Airport

Once you're ready to leave the treasure island, you must leave the same way you arrived. Fellow players can't stress enough that you must leave a treasure island through the airport instead of the (-) menu. Using the (-) menu will cause the game to crash, forcing everyone off the island. Players ask that you don't do this because it is highly inconsiderate to other players visiting the islands.


8. Maximum Bells

While on a treasure island, you can obtain maximum bells. The easiest way to do this is to pick up the bell bags lying around on the island, but another common method involves turnips. Many of these islands will have a set of turnips in front of Nook’s Cranny. You can either take the turnips inside and sell them or leave them inside the drop-off box so the funds will be deposited in your bank account and will be available when you return home.


9. Subscriptions

Treasure islands are always busy, especially during evenings and weekends. If you want to avoid the crowds, think about getting a subscription. Players who own a treasure island may offer subscription services to visitors through Discord. Here you can access exclusive features that will make your exploration of treasure islands much smoother.


10. Navigation

Once you've joined the Discord server for a treasure island, you'll be able to navigate the island much easier.  Treasure island servers will have organized channels and maps that show where you can find what you're looking for. Some islands even have a rotation of villagers. You can use the server to stay updated or suggest villagers to appear on the island.


11. Time Limits

When you're on an exclusive island, time limits are normally put into place to ensure a fast visitation process. For example, you may be given 30 minutes on one island to explore and collect, but it's enough time to accomplish plenty. You can always come back if you run out of time. There will also be a queue of members waiting in the discord and a limited number of visitors who can be on the island at a time. That way, everyone has a fair chance of visiting the treasure island.


12. Follow The Rules

If you subscribe to a treasure island server, you must follow the rules. The biggest thing you shouldn't do is share Dodo Codes. It is frowned upon and could result in you getting banned from the server. As stated before, you should also leave through the airport and properly dispose of any unwanted items (don't use the pocket menu to drop anything). If you plan on returning to an island, you'll need to re-enter the queue so others can have their turn.


13. Ordering Services

If you are subscribed to a treasure island, you might stumble across various services. One example is the Redd’s Express channel from the Treasure Island discord. Using Redd's Express allows you to order up to 40 items at a time. You can place an order in the channel where you enter a prompt for the item you want. Then, you'll receive a code allowing you to customize the item even further. Once you're finished, you'll need to wait for another message before you can grab your items on the island. You're only given 80 seconds to do this, so be ready to enter the Dodo Code.


14. Subscription Tiers


Some  services offered in a treasure island discord may require you to upgrade your subscription tier. The higher the tier, the greater the features. Going back to the Treasure Island discord, they offer a tier called “Comets.” If subscribed to Comets, you can collect from a wider range of items, as well as place orders while on the island. It can also be used to order villagers. However, it's best to order villagers before coming to the Island rather than later. This could be because the items you order appear in real-time and are dropped via a villager player.


15. Errors & Troubleshooting

Visiting a treasure island is relatively simple, but it isn't without hiccups. You may run into technical issues early on as you try to visit a treasure island. If you're having trouble accessing an island, it could be due to several reasons, such as a long queue, a full island, or even your internet connection. If you're unable to connect to an island right out the gate, then your internet connection may be too weak to handle treasure islands.


16. Donations To Streamers

If you're unable to get a treasure island subscription, you have the option to donate to the hosts instead. The Twitch streamers and communities who run these islands put a lot of work into the services they offer. Some may host multiple islands at once and even manage their islands 24/7. Consider showing your support for their efforts with a donation.


17. Hacked Console

So now that you know all the perks of treasure islands, you may be interested in making one yourself. To get started, first, you'll need to hack your Nintendo Switch console so you'll be able to modify the game as needed. But successful hacking of a Switch only works on older models released during the Switch’s initial launch, so you'll need to acquire one before you can continue. You can search for tutorials online and on YouTube that give step-by-step instructions on how to hack your console. But beware of the risks associated with hacking your console. When using a modified console you run the risk of voiding any warranties on your device, compromised security, losing data, and even online service restrictions.


18. NHSE

A key component for making a treasure island is NHSE, a Save Editor for New Horizons. To use it, you’ll need to extract your save file for use with NHSE! Because ACNH uses device saves and checkpoints, you will also need to use JKSV. Currently, it is the only homebrew app that is capable of extracting save files.

Before extracting your save, try finishing most of New Horizons. Plenty of errors can arise if you heavily rely on NHSE to cheat through the game. These errors can completely prevent you from loading your save. You should at least make a backup of your save if you choose not to do this.


19. Choose A Theme

Once you're done with the setup, you can now make a treasure island. But you may be wondering how you should go about it. It's best to incorporate a theme for your treasure island so it can stand out. Just as you would with your home island, pick a theme for your island to showcase your imagination.


20. Customized Items

Next, you'll need to figure out what items should be put on the treasure island. You can include standard things like bells, furniture, clothing, etc. However, if you want to keep in line with your theme, consider adding customized items that players won't find anywhere else.


21. Visit Other Islands For Inspiration

It's also a good idea to visit other treasure islands as you create your own. You may be stumped for ideas or you want to compare how other hosts are running their islands. Take what you see and use those observations to make your island even more unique!


22. Start Creating!

Now, it's time to get to work! Using the NHSE editor, you can take what you've learned and lay out your island however you wish. Soon you'll be ready to share your treasure island with the world.


23. Online Safety & Etiquette

Treasure islands are centered around online play. While these islands offer a great way to stock up on items and villagers, you should exercise caution when you're online. With the involvement of donations and subscription services, you need to be wary of scams. Use your best judgment before making any online transaction and remember to be courteous to other players and subscribers visiting treasure islands.


24. Nintendo’s Stance

While Nintendo hasn't cracked down or given any official statement regarding the nature of treasure islands, that doesn't mean they support piracy. Players who hack their consoles typically use it to modify or emulate games and homebrew software, most notably older games that aren’t available on modern consoles. Nintendo on the other hand views emulation as a security risk and infringement of copyright. They have even gone as far as to take certain emulator devs to court. 

But herein lies a gray area between emulation and piracy. While the legality of emulation is greatly debated, the fact remains that using, copying, or distributing games is  illegal. While the intentions behind treasure islands are generally harmless, you should keep in mind the pitfalls if you choose to hack your Switch.


25. Profit!

Now that you know how to visit and manage treasure islands, you can make the most out of New Horizons. Whether it be picking up goods or making money in the real world, there are always opportunities for players to profit from the game. The risks may be high, but it's a venture many players are willing to take.


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