[Top 10] Animal Crossing: New Horizons Best Sisterly Villagers

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Best Sisterly Villagers, ACNH Best Sisterly Villagers
An assortment of different types of sisterly vilagers you can have.

In Animal Crossing, you can get eight different types of random personality traits with each villager, split into whether they are boys or girls. With girl villagers, one of the personalities you can obtain is 'sisterly.'

Sisterly personalities are one of the nicest villagers you can receive among all of them. They are extremely caring towards your villager, and are much less vain than the snooty or peppy villagers. They will give you some of the best gifts.

However, they are so real with you – which means that sometimes they may come across as rude. They genuinely do think of the best for you and your life.

That's why this will break down the best sisterly villagers you can get in your game – and why they are truly remarkable.

10. Renee

Renee talking to a villager.

An oldie, but a goodie, Renee, will always stay by your side. She's:

  • She is the only rhino villager who is sisterly.
  • Has a super cool coloring scheme (who doesn't love a pink and purple rhino?)
  • And has a different house from her usual style. While she's bright and vibrant, her home has darker colors and black wallpaper.

9. Frita

Frita in her home.

She is another older character that will stay by your side no matter what. Frita:

  • Has one of the best villager designs in the whole game (she looks like a hamburger. Who doesn't want a villager that looks like a hamburger?)
  • Her body is lowkey made out of French fries too (maybe that's where the name Frita comes from?)
  • Her horns are red and yellow, which refers to ketchup and mustard, continuing the fast food theme. Honestly, this character is all-around unique. It'll be great to have someone like this on your island.

8. Flo

Flo taking a picture with a villager.

I've always personally loved Flo because she's a normal-looking penguin to an extent, but has exciting eyes and sings all the time.

  • Her name Flo is a reference to the way that ice flows across the water.
  • She loves music, and she always listens to K.K. Sliders' Space K.K.' She'll sing for hours if you don't stop her.
  • Her house is pretty cool (pun intended). Her walls are covered in icy wallpaper and flooring, further pushing that ice narrative that she has.

7. Tammy

Tammy speaking with a villager.

It took me a while to grow with Tammy because her eyelashes always seemed to freak me out a little, but she's honestly one of the best sisterly villagers.

  • Her hobby is that she likes to play, which naturally makes her even more fun to be around.
  • Her home is super simple compared to some of the other villagers – block furniture is evident, and she even still has a sleeping bag on the ground.

6. Plucky

Plucky laughing with a villager.

Plucky is an old character – all the way from the original Animal Crossing back on the GameCube. She didn't start as a Sisterly villager – she was initially a Peppy one - but ended up changing to Sisterly in New Leaf.

  • Plucky has brown feathers and grey hair, making her feel like a loving grandma who always loves to laugh with you.
  • Her house references her old home on an island back in the original Animal Crossing, with surfboards and even a Popsicle stand.
  • She calls you "chicky-poo." Who doesn't want to be called that cute little nickname?

5. Reneigh

Reneigh in her home with a villager.

Not only is her name the best pun in the world (Re-neigh, get it?), her eyelashes are on point.

  • She's one of the brand-new characters to New Horizons, so she's unique.
  • She's one of the few characters with pink hair and piercings, showing how stylish this horse truly is. 
  • Her house has rattan furniture and a homey feeling, quite a contrast to some of the other homes you can visit (cough, Diana's, cough).

4. Pashmina

Pashmina posing for a picture with a villager.

Another villager with some great winged liner is a New Leaf original who has moved to New Horizons.

  • Her nickname for you is "kidders," a reference to the term "kid" for baby goat since her character style is a goat.
  • Her house is incredibly exciting and is in the style of an old retro diner with bright red accents along the walls.

3. Phoebe

Phoebe in her home with a villager.

A New Leaf original, Phoebe is one of the brighter villagers out there who will always be by your side, but is extremely interesting and has a continuous theme. Also, her blue eyelashes slay all the other villagers in town.

  • Phoebe is listed as an ostrich character, but her colors come from the style of phoenixes, colored in orange, yellow, and purple.
  • She calls your villager sparky, another reference to her phoenix-like nature.
  • Her home is filled with volcano flooring and wallpaper, moving along with the fire theme. 

2. Shari

Shari speaking with a villager.

My only favorite monkey character in the whole game, Shari, is another debut from New Leaf that has followed the fandom into New Horizons.

  • Her cheeks are a bright pink, which goes along with the nickname she gives the villager you create – "cheeky!"
  • Shari likes cute things – literally from the furniture set that is entitled 'cute bed, cute tea table, etc.' Even her bed is a rose bed, further pushing that cute theme.

1. Mira

Mira in her home with a villager.

I had Mira on my island for a long time, and I have to say she is one of my favorite Sisterly villagers. Not only is she popular among regular Animal Crossing players, but she has also made appearances in every spin-off and sequel since her debut in New Leaf.

  • Her design is meant to look like a superhero, with markings that look like a red mask covering her eyes. She also has boots and gloves on her hands and feet.
  • She calls you "cottontail," not only a cute nickname but a reference to her being a rabbit.
  • Her home is painted as a stage. It's filled with cut-outs of trees and standees and a backdrop wallpaper of curtains, almost as if she is continually acting each day. 

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