Animal Crossing New Horizons Fruit and Their Applications

Animal Crossing New Horizons fruits
Delicious, crisp and lucrative too.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons our island's native fruit is our first lifeline for Bell making that we have. As many players know, there are many other methods to getting more fruit trees from other islands, be it from your friend's islands or the Nook Miles Tours. In this list we’ll look at all the fruits, some fun real world trivia, and some DIY recipes. In New Horizons, your starting fruit is sold for 100 Bells, while the Coconuts are sold for 250 Bells, and the remainder are sold for 500 Bells. 

1. Apple 

The first fruit up on our list is the crisp and juicy Apple - and no, not the hamster villager by the same name, though she is adorable by all means.

Here’s What’s Great About The Apple:

  • The apple is the second most common starting fruit in New Horizons.
  • Some of the villagers who would appreciate the apple the most are the horses, rabbits and pigs!
  • Apple DIY recipes have sharp red accents with soft yellow bodies, and are complimented best by wooden furniture, flooring and walls.

2. Pear

Pears are up next, the soft and succulent dastards that they are. In my opinion, they are the most underrated fruit in the game.

Here’s What’s Great About The Pear:

  • Pears are one of the rarest starting fruits in New Horizons. 
  • Villagers who would be most fond of pears are the deer, birds and squirrels. 
  • Pear DIY recipes are a very soft green and would be best brought out by other complementary furniture of a darker green palette.

3. Orange

The orange rolls into third place. These beautiful round bois grow much more commonly in the Southern Hemisphere.

Here’s What’s Great About The Orange:

  • The orange is the rarest starting fruit in all of New Horizons - consider yourself lucky if you have it right out the gate!
  • Because of their high acidity, not many animals eat oranges in the wild. Though the bird villagers are your best bet.
  • The orange DIY recipes have some of the bolder colors, and would be best offset by a dark blue, green, or black for more Halloween vibe.

4. Coconut

Coconuts kick off the latter part of our list. Coconut trees will only grow on the beach sand on your island's beach.

Here’s What’s Great About The Coconut:

  • Coconuts are always present on Nook Miles Tours - they are incredibly easy to obtain!
  • Monkeys and Gorillas are most fond of the coconut's fibourious fruit.
  • Coconuts have very few DIY recipes, being the Juice, Wall Hanger and Palm-Tree Lamp. With these you could make some smashing bonfire or tiki lounge accessories.

5. Cherry

Here’s What’s Great About The Cherry:

  • Cherries fall smack in the middle in terms of rarity, they shouldn’t be too hard to obtain. 
  • Cherries are enjoyed best by cubs, squirrels, birds and mice.
  • The Cherry DIY recipes are bright red with green accents, and are complemented by similar color palettes.

6. Peach

The sweet and juicy peach ends off our list of fruit. 

Here’s What’s Great About The Peach:

  • The Peach is the most common starting fruit in New Horizons!
  • The villagers who would appreciate the Peach the most are the mice and squirrels. 
  • The Peach DIY recipes are some of my favorite - soft pastel pinks and gradient whites. Best paired with complimentary yellow or contrasting black furniture.

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