[Top 10] Animal Crossing: New Horizons Best Craftable Items to Sell!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Best Craftable Items to Sell
This is where the crafting magic begins for you.

Crafting in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a great way to make tools and cool customized furniture pieces.

What many players don’t realize is that crafting items is also a great way to earn bells and free up precious inventory space at the same time.

While it may not seem like it when you first start playing New Horizons, once you settle in, your inventory will be overrun with iron, clay, weeds, hardwood, and other crafting supplies.

You could sell these supplies at Nook’s Cranny, but if you want to make a bigger bell profit, you should use these supplies to craft items to sell instead.

While you can sell the items you make any time you like, you can get even more bells if the item you are selling is one of the Hot Items of the day. Each day, Nook’s Cranny will feature two different items that can be sold to them for twice the normal amount.

With all of the DIY recipes available, how do you know which ones will get you the most profit?

In this list, we explore the top 10 items you should craft to make the most bells from your supplies.

10. Leaf Umbrella

When it’s done raining, you can sell this umbrella for a tidy profit.

The Leaf umbrella is one of the simplest DIY recipes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons because it only takes one ingredient to make, and that is clumps of weeds.

Weeds grow plentifully around your island, especially when you are just starting out and your island is growing wild. If you keep your island well maintained and you don’t have enough weeds for crafting, you can always go to a Mystery Island, where weeds are plentiful.

Even later in the game, if you have enough trees and open ground space, you will find yourself needing to clear weeds frequently. This is especially true if you are trying to earn or keep a five-star island rating, as weeds count against this score.

Why the Leaf umbrella is great for selling:

  • This DIY only requires one component to make
  • Weeds are readily available on your island and on Mystery islands
  • Selling the clumps of weeds on their own will only net you 150 bells, while using them to make and sell the Leaf umbrella will earn you 300 bells

How to get the Leaf umbrella:

  • Once you learn the DIY recipe for the Leaf umbrella, collect 15 clumps of weeds to craft the item at a DIY table

9.  Coconut Juice

Craft this tropical-looking drink to create a fun atmosphere on the island.

It doesn’t get any easier than crafting a Coconut juice, as this DIY has only one simple ingredient: a coconut.

Coconut trees naturally grow along your beach, and they are also easily found on Mystery islands.

While it would be easy enough to simply collect a bunch of coconuts and sell them at Nook’s Cranny, taking the extra step to turn them into Coconut juice will double the selling price.

The Coconut juice DIY recipe is usually acquired early in the game either through villagers or balloon prizes

Why Coconut juice is great for selling:

  • It only takes one ingredient to craft
  • Coconuts are readily available on your island and on Mystery islands
  • A coconut will sell for 250 bells, but a Coconut juice sells for 500 bells

How to get Coconut juice:

  • After learning the Coconut juice DIY recipe, take one coconut to craft at a DIY table

8. Flimsy Fishing Rod

The Flimsy net is another beginner DIY that you can easily profit from.

The Flimsy net is another DIY you will acquire in the very beginning of the game. It is used to hunt bugs, and it the first step to making a sturdier bug net.

However, much like the Flimsy fishing rod, few players think to make the Flimsy net to sell. It actually has the same exact recipe as the Flimsy fishing rod, and you can also sell the Flimsy net for 100 bells vs. the 25 bells you could sell the 5 tree branches for.

The Flimsy net works on the same premise as the Flimsy fishing rod, and the two recipes are interchangeable, which is great if you are just starting and you don’t know both recipes yet.

Why the Flimsy net is great for selling:

  • Only takes one component to make: tree branches
  • It is one of the earliest recipes you will learn, so it’s great for gaining bells early on
  • Sell the Flimsy net for 100 bells, whereas the five tree branches will only sell for 25 bells total

How to get the Flimsy net:

  • After you learn the Flimsy net DIY recipe, collect 5 tree branches and craft at a DIY table

6. Hanging Terrarium

This simple Hanging terrarium will get you a nice pile of bells.

The Hanging terrarium is a little more involved, but it is still simple with only two crafting ingredients required.

Once you have settled into your island and you start hitting rocks on a daily basis for crafting items, you will find yourself with quite a surplus of iron.

To make the most of your crafting materials, crafting DIYs with more ingredients will get you more money, in general. This is not true for every DIY recipe, mainly the ones involving gold.

However, since materials such as iron, stone, and clay are worth more than clumps of weeds or tree branches, it stands to reason that items made with these materials are worth more.

Why the Hanging terrarium is great for selling:

  • Only requires two ingredients: clumps of weeds and iron nuggets
  • Weeds and iron nuggets are easily found on your island and Mystery islands
  • A Hanging terrarium sells for 3,240 bells rather than the 1,620 bells for the raw materials used to craft it

How to get the Hanging terrarium:

  • When you have learned the DIY recipe either from villagers or balloons, gather 12 weeds and 4 iron nuggets to craft at a DIY table

5. Shell Partition

This stylish and profitable Shell partition is made from materials you find on the beach.

Seashells can be found along your beach at any time of the day, and they can be sold at Nook’s Cranny or used to craft various items.

One of the most profitable DIY recipes to make with these shells is the Shell partition, and it only requires two types of shells, the Venus comb and the conch shell.

Why the Shell partition is great for selling:

  • Shells are abundantly available on your beach and on the beaches of Mystery Islands
  • This recipe only requires two different kinds of shells
  • The shells on their own will sell for 3,400 bells, but the Shell partition will sell for 8,000 bells

How to get the Shell partition:

  • After learning the DIY recipe for the Shell partition, gather 4 Venus combs and 4 conch shells from your beach and craft at a DIY table

4. Shell Arch

While the Shell arch is a bit more complicated than other recipes, the selling price is worth it.

The Shell arch takes considerably more materials than most of the other DIYs on this list, but I felt that it was worth a mention simply for the number of bells you gain for little effort.

I found that I naturally acquired a large number of different shells early on in the game because I wasn’t yet sure what I would need so I just grabbed everything.

In addition to the shell series, the Mermaid series also uses seashells for crafting, so it is worth it to grab all of the shells you can when you are first starting out.

Why the Shell arch is great for selling:

  • There are lots of shells along your beach and the beaches of Mystery islands, so the materials are easily acquired
  • Picking up shells doesn’t require the use of any tools, so you can grab as many as you would like without having to worry about the cost of a tool
  • The shells in this recipe sell for 5,930 bells, but the completed Shell arch sells for 12,360 bells

How to get the Shell partition:

  • When you learn the Shell partition DIY recipe, you will need to gather 3 each of sea snails, Venus combs, sand dollars, coral, giant clams, and cowries
  • Take these materials to a DIY table to craft

3. Crest Doorplate

This regal Crest doorplate will fetch you plenty of bells.

Generally, when iron nuggets are used in a DIY recipe, the finished product is worth more.

The Crest doorplate only uses iron nuggets to craft in a small amount, so this is a great project to make a lot of if you want to rake in those bells. The deal gets even sweeter if the Crest doorplate happens to be the Hot Item of the day.

Iron piles up in your inventory when you strike rocks every day, so you might as well use it to put some bells in your pocket.

Why the Crest doorplate is great for selling:

  • Only requires four iron nuggets to craft
  • Iron is easily acquired from rocks on your island or on Mystery islands
  • The iron used in this recipe sells for 1,125 bells, while the finished Crest doorplate sells for 3,000 bells

How to get the Crest doorplate:

  • After you learn the DIY for the Crest doorplate, collect 4 iron nuggets from rocks and craft at a DIY table

2. Floral Swag

Use this Floral swag to put some bells in your bank account.

This is another great recipe that allows you to make a decent amount of money from clumps of weeds that ultimately accumulate in your inventory.

While you won’t become a millionaire from making and selling Floral swags, it’s a very easy way to earn a bit of bells and clear your inventory of weeds at the same time.

In fact, you can make four times the amount from the Floral swag that you would make from selling the same number of weeds alone.

Why the Floral swag is great for selling:

  • It’s a great way to clear your inventory from an overabundance of weeds
  • This recipe only uses one material for crafting
  • Make 200 bells from the Floral swag vs 50 bells for the weeds

How to get the Floral swag:

  • After you have learned the DIY recipe for Floral swag, collect 10 clumps of weeds to craft at a DIY table

1. Barbell

This barbell won’t give you muscles, but it will pump up your bank account.

Remember when I said earlier that recipes with materials like iron will ultimately get you more bells?
This simple DIY recipe only uses iron nuggets to craft, which are abundant in the rocks on your island and Mystery islands.

While iron may seem like a precious commodity early in the game, you will find your inventory overloaded with it after some time.

Instead of selling the iron nuggets directly to Nook’s Cranny, craft this Barbell to make even more of a profit.

Why the Barbell is great for selling:

  • It only uses one material to craft
  • You can easily obtain iron from rocks, either on your island or on Mystery islands
  • The iron nuggets will sell for 3,750 bells, but the Barbell sells for 7,500 bells

How to get the Barbell:

  • Once you have learned the Barbell DIY recipe, strike rocks with your shovel until you collect 10 iron nuggets, and craft at a DIY table


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