ACNH: How To Add Custom Design Codes

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Mable may leave you alone long enough to be able to access the kiosk.

With the ability to add custom design codes, the customization possibilities are endless. 

How to add custom design codes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Something that most Animal Crossings: New Horizons players have in common is that they have spent many hours on various social media looking at pictures of uber-aesthetic, perfectly picturesque islands. Islands where everything somehow seems to have the same chic beige color scheme. Islands that are brimming with cafes, swimming areas, reading nooks, and beach clubs. After spending hours obsessing over these islands, going back to your own is like coming home after vacation and having to face reality again. The secret is that the decoration on these islands is so cohesive because the Creator has used Custom Design Codes, which can be used on everything from Custom Paths to Furniture and Clothes. 

How To Add Custom Design Codes In ACNH:

  • You have to have Able Sisters unlocked. To do this, buy 5,000 worth of items from Mable’s pop-up shop. 
  • Go to Able Sisters and head to the kiosk at the back of the store. 
  • You’re able to search by Creator ID and Design ID. Creator ID allows you to see every custom design that a Creator has made. Design ID only allows you to see the design that the ID belongs to. 
  • Enter the ID. 
  • Download the Custom Design.

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