[Top 10] Best Puzzle Games To Play On Switch

best puzzle games for switch
Is finding a fun game to play on your Switch puzzling?

From Tetris to 1010, puzzle games have remained popular from their origin. Puzzle games aren’t only fun, but they also provide stimulation for your brain, creating new pathways for you to practice the best way to organize groceries in the trunk of your car or how to put them away in your kitchen pantry. 

Nintendo has capitalized on the addictive nature of these games. Today, let’s take a look at the top 10 puzzle games to play on Switch. 

10. Human: Fall Flat

Human: Fall Flat Gameplay Trailer and Overview

If you’re looking for a low-stakes, hilarious and creative logic puzzle, Human: Fall Flat is the game for you. A quirky approach to interactive landscape exploration, this puzzle game will leave you wondering if flat-earthers might actually be on to something. 

The goal of this game is to achieve the solutions to physics-based puzzles. Put that big brain of yours to good use in Human: Fall Flat and innovate to your heart’s content with a wide range of tools and intuitive controls. 

Don’t fall! Use a steady grip and kinetic energy to swing over to the next platform.


9. Tetris 99

Tetris 99 Gameplay Trailer and Overview

Do you love to win? This battle royale version of the classic Tetris game will leave you glowing in victory. 

Participate in points-based events and complete matches to advance your status. 

Nostalgia is strong, but the drive to win is stronger. 

Be the first to clear the rows and take first place! But watch out–don’t let the blocks pile up to the top or it’s Game Over. 


8. Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain

Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain Gameplay Trailer and Overview

For you brainiacs out there, Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain will be an exciting new challenge. Practice in single player mode to prepare for going up against your friends in competitions. Find out who among you has the biggest brain! 

Who can complete the addition problem faster? Smarts and speed are on the line. 


7. Unpacking

Unpacking Gameplay Trailer and Overview

Build the storyline of your life from childhood through becoming an adult as you unpack in different settings. As you go away to college, move back home with your parents after a breakup, and finally get your own place, you’ll uncover secret easter eggs and collect keepsakes. 

Satisfying and simple, Unpacking is the sweet and cozy game you’ve been searching for.

Unpack in your new apartment and make choices about where each trinket and toy will go. 


6. Baba is You

Baba is You Gameplay Trailer and Overview

Take charge and change the game in Baba is You. During this puzzle game, you get to make the rules. Reorder blocks to dictate how the story will play out. 

Discover passageways, levitate elements, and even try your hand at transformation with this exhilarating new power. 

Can you rearrange the rules to unlock the doors? Capture the flag to win the level!


5. Undertale

Undertale Gameplay Trailer and Overview

Are you up for an adventure? 

Work your way through the puzzle-locked levels of Undertale. Fight monsters, win battles, and figure out mazes to win…you might even make some friends along the way. Everything is not as it seems in the world of Undertale.

Who wouldn’t want to make witty banter with a skeleton? Maybe you can buy something from his shop while you’re at it!


4. FaeFarm

FaeFarm Gameplay Trailer and Overview

For the lovers of cozy farming simulations and all things fairy, FaeFarm is the ultimate blend of customizable and quest-based fun. Gather produce, cook recipes, and work your way through jobs around town. 

You may even fall in love! 

Are your crops getting enough water? Be sure to tend to them each day so they grow in time!


3. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Gameplay Trailer and Overview

For fans of Mario and Luigi, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is an exciting spinoff adventure. 

Figure out unique strategies to avoid falling into dangerous traps–and remember to avoid the volcanoes! 

You’re almost there…just don’t fall! 


2. Picross S7

Picross S7 Gameplay Trailer and Overview

Ready for a feature that’s a bit more relaxing? Picross S7, the first Picross expansion to support touchscreen usage, offers you hundreds of opportunities to leave complexities behind and chill out with a nice, classic puzzle game.  

Fill in each square correctly to complete the Picross! 


1. Maquette

Maquette Gameplay Trailer and Overview

For lovers of the curious and mind-boggling, Maquette takes you on the first-person adventure of a lifetime. Work your way through puzzles that demand your full attention and fall into the romance of situations where the small is big and the big is small.

Step into the glowing garden and find your way through it.

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