[Top 15] Best Puzzle Games for PC

15. Project Kat  (PC)

Get in the shoes of Kat, a young lady who received a mysterious golden letter. Your goal is to discover the truth hiding behind this strange letter. 

Project Kat is a story-based horror RPG puzzle game with multiple endings. Puzzles have different solutions which makes this game highly replayable. Each scenario can change according to your choices. This one is a short 2D game with a very creative design. 


14. TOEM (PC / PS5 / XBOX / macOS / Linux / Nintendo Switch)

Enter this charming hand-drawn black-and-white adventure. 

Explore and discover the world of TOEM. Use your camera and photography skills to uncover the mysteries hiding in this place. Solve puzzles. Warm yourself with a beautiful soundtrack and character design. Meet great characters and wholesome landscapes. 

TOEM is made for your entire joy. Just chill and play this relaxing short game.


13. Ib (PC / Nintendo Switch / Android)

Meet Ib, a girl who visits an art gallery with her parents. Ib suddenly finds herself alone. There’s no trace of her parents. Now she’s trapped in this weird creepy place. Help Ib find her way out while exploring the gallery.

This title offers seven different endings according to your choices. Ib has a great story, beautiful artwork, and loving characters to keep you smiling through a horror experience.  


12. Portal 2 (PC / PS3 / XBOX / macOS / Linux / Nintendo Switch)

Use your logic and Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device to complete this puzzle game. Go through a series of challenging puzzles made by the wicked GLaDOS. Help Chell escape the ruined Aperture Science Lab. Discover the story of the lab while going through the craziest chaotic adventure. 

Portal 2 has a cooperative mode completely different from the solo gameplay. It offers a new campaign with its own story, characters, and puzzles. 

This title has incredible physics but the best part is the story and GLaDOS. Portal 2 is a game that you must play at least once in your life.   


11. OneShot (PC / PS4 / XBOX / macOS / Linux / Nintendo Switch)

OneShot is a witty surrealistic adventure where all you have to do is guide a kid to his goal. The task gets complicated when you learn that this kid is trying to save the world. 

The sun is gone, and you have to bring it back. Maybe an impossible quest. You have just one shot. Will you help Niko save his world? 

OneShot is an exciting emotional experience that will probably make you cry. Simply spectacular. 


10. The Room 4: Old Sins (PC / iOS / Android)

This title is an escape-the-room game but with quite an original plot and design. Something happened with a once wealthy couple: Edward and Abigail. 

You’re led to a dollhouse in the attic of the couple’s house. You’ll have to uncover a series of mysteries surrounding Waldegrave Manor. Everything seems to point to the dollhouse. Explore the disturbing dollhouse and solve the puzzles to find out what happened to Edward and Abigail.  


9. Tales of the Black Forest (PC)

Return to the Heisei era and immerse yourself in this Japanese adventure. Tales of the Black Forest is a 2D game that revolves around storytelling. 

You will be playing in Kuromori-cho. A place filled with Yokai spirits. Here is where the stories begin. The storytelling is heartwarming and will satisfy you if you love reading good stories. 

You can also explore this interesting world and its secrets, have infinite chatting with the NPCs, and have fun with lots of cats! 


8. Gravitas (PC)

Enter the Refined Gravity Gallery (GORG) and use your skills to become worthy of the Gallery’s Curator approval. Explore the excentric exhibitions in the Gallery while enjoying the Curator’s guide. A simple glove will allow you to control gravity and the entire gallery to solve each puzzle. 

This game reminds me of Portal but in its unique style. It’s an entertaining and funny game to play. The best part? It’s free!    


7. The Supper (PC)

The Supper is an unsettling adventure. One where you must help Ms. Appleton serve her special meals. This old lady has been hearing a voice in her head. Now her once delicious meals have become diabolical… and something else. 

This title is a very short horror adventure where your kindness will be put under the table. 

The Supper is a free game with a great atmosphere and a bittersweet taste. Recommended to those who like point-and-click visual adventures.  


6. Smile for Me (PC / XBOX / PS4 / Nintendo Switch)

If there’s a bizarre game, that one is Smile for Me. 

Explore a peculiar world with peculiar characters. Help them solve their issues and take away their sadness. 

This point-and-click adventure offers unique gameplay. Nod and shake your head to chat with your new special friends. Each character is filled with gossip that will lead you to uncover a sinister secret. Choose who to speak with and who to help, or help everybody. Maybe you’ll find the solution to your own sadness and in the end, you’ll be smiling for yourself.


5. Tinykin (PC / PS4 / PS5 / XBOX / Project xCloud / Nintendo Switch)

Set on a distant planet in the year 2748. Tinykin follows the story of Milodane. An archeologist who’s on an intergalactic mission. His goal is to uncover the secrets behind humanity’s origin. On his journey, he finds little critters called tinykin. These creatures can help him in different ways to reach his objectives. 

You must find a way back home while discovering Earth from a very different perspective. 

Tinykin offers a beautiful platformer system to chill for a while. Forget about everything while enjoying the cutest adventure.


4. Inscryption (PC / PS4 / PS5 / XBOX / macOS / Nintendo Switch)

Inscryption is a mix of roguelike; card-based; puzzles; and psychological horror genres. This game must played as blind as possible. Try not to see or read anything about it. The game’s adventure is mind-blowing. 

To sum up, you will be playing a mysterious card game called Inscryption. As with any other card game, you have to build your deck of cards as you move forward. That’s everything you need to know. 

Even if you dislike card games, this one is still worth a try!


3. The Room Two (PC / iOS / Android / Nintendo Switch)

The Room Two is an ambitious title that offers creative atmospheric puzzles. It continues the time-traveling story of the previous game. You’re trapped in a crypt and the only clues come from a scientist known as AS. These clues talk about something called “Null”. Explore this mysterious and challenging place filled with smart puzzles to solve. 

The Room Two is an excellent game that will keep you interested till the end. 


2. Gunpoint (PC / LINUX / macOS)

Get in the shoes of Richard Conway. A freelance spy who takes an infiltration job. All you have to do is bypass and break the building’s security. Use your stealth and tricks to complete each level successfully. Be clever. Take what you need and get out safe and sound. 

Choose your playstyle and enjoy a noir investigation story. Use your creativity to solve each puzzle while listening to a great soundtrack. 

Gunpoint is a short game but has multiple endings that make it replayable. Come back at any time to enjoy a great immersive experience.


1. The Pedestrian (PC / PS4 / PS5 / XBOX / LINUX / macOS / Nintendo Switch) 

This title is a unique side-scrolling puzzle platformer. 

You are a 2D pedestrian in a 3D world. Rearrange and reconnect public signs to explore and move forward through each environment. 

The Pedestrian has smooth gameplay with a great atmospheric soundtrack. You won’t be stuck at any level but is still challenging. It’s a game that requires you to be fully focused. It will probably make your brain tired after finishing it. 

The puzzles are very creative and although is a short game, each hour feels like an exciting immersive adventure! If you made it this far, you can’t miss this game.  

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