Best Point and Click Games

best point and click games
Telltale Games: responsible for bringing the point and click genre to the mainstream.

Looking for the best point and click games on the PC?

Point and click games are a timeless genre that have found a recent resurgence among the indie game scene. These casual games forgo complicated controls and high-paced action in favor of storytelling, puzzles, and a unique art style. If you are in the mood for a game with engaging characters and simple exploration, this list is some of the best the point and click genre has to offer.

1) The Walking Dead – A Telltale Games Series

Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead has been credited with revitalizing the adventure game genre. Based on the original comic book series but with original characters, you play as Lee, a convicted criminal thrust into the middle of the zombie apocalypse. Early on you rescue a little girl named Clementine who you take under your wing, vowing to protect her in this strange and deadly world.

Lee and Clementine. Will he succeed in keeping her safe in this zombie-filled world?

Unlike most games in its genre, The Walking Dead focuses less on puzzles and more on player decisions, in the form of dialogue choices and quick time events. These decisions can affect how characters respond to Lee throughout the game, and can even determine who lives and who dies. Play consists of action sequences where you must press a series of buttons within a time limit and choosing what to say to the multiple characters you encounter on your journey.

Beloved characters from the comics make special guest appearances in Lee’s quest to survive.

The Walking Dead has won numerous awards for Game of the Year and sold over 8.5 million units the year of its release. The game comes in two 5-episode seasons, with a third season rumored to release this fall.

2) Grim Fandango Remastered

The classic LucasArts game puts you in the skeletal shoes of Manny Calavera, a travel agent at the Department of Death. Your job is to escort the recently deceased to the Land of the Dead, through which all souls must travel before reaching their ultimate destination: the Land of Eternal Rest.

Manny: just your ordinary skeletal businessman.

Grim Fandango combines elements of film noir with Mexican folklore, the characters resembling those you would see during the Day of the Dead. As Manny travels through the Land of the Dead you collect objects that can be used to advance the story and solve puzzles throughout the game. Grim Fandango is best known for its witty script and memorable characters, brought to life by what is considered by many to be the best voice acting ever heard in a video game.  

Explore a variety of environments in the Land of the Dead.

Originally released in 1998, Grim Fandango took several Game of the Year awards and is included in GameSpot’s list of greatest games of all time. The remastered version includes high-resolution character textures, new lighting, improved controls, and a re-recording of the iconic score with a live orchestra.

3) The Journey Down

In The Journey Down, you play as Bwana, a struggling gas station owner who is compelled to help a mysterious woman named Lina reach the mysterious Underland. The game follows traditional point and click mechanics, with items to collect and puzzles to solve, but featuring a unique Afro-Caribbean twist. The art style makes the game a delight to look at, featuring a blend of hand painted 2D and 3D graphics with a notable score that mixes elements of Jazz and Reggae.

Bwana, Kito, and Lina.

Travel across the unique and stylized world of The Journey Down.

The Journey Down was created as a result of a successful kickstarter campaign. The game currently has two chapters, with the third and final part expected to be released September of this year.

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