10 Amazing Adventure Games To Play in 2015

A band of adventurers in Tales from the Borderlands facing a suspenseful moment.
What's adventure without a little uncertainty?

It's Easy To Get Lost In The Adventure Genre; Let This List Be Your Map. 

As you make your way out of a thick section of woods, rays from a late afternoon sun send a warmth cascading across your entire body. As you bask in the radiance of the sun, you notice a blood-stained piece of paper in the grass, it's a list, this list. The intention of whoever wrote this list was to expose you to amazing adventure games that you could check out in 2015. You decide against using your walkie-talkie to call for backup since there is no sign of a corpse and instead inspect the list.

After a quick glance at the paper, you decide to:

  • Continue reading as a tribute to the unknown author.
  • Pocket the list, you don't have time for this right now.
  • Tear the list into shreds and toss it to the wind.

Well then, it looks like you have made your choice. Let's get started!

10. Life is Strange

Nothing symbolizes adventure better than traintracks.

At its core, Life is Strange is an episodic adventure game that places you in the shoes of Max. As Max, you attend Blackwell Academy, a prestigious school strictly for seniors, as a photography student. Seems like a relatively normal setup so far. However, the line between typical and strange is quickly crossed when Max saves her friend by turning back the hands of time.

This game features a heavy script and many tough choices for players to make. There are multiple endings that unfurl as you step back in time to make your augmentations, each of which echoes consequences. These consequences manifest as changes in the present as well as the future; you are simultaneously opening new doors and slamming others shut.

Episodes 1 & 2 have been released, with Episode 3 scheduled for release on May 19th, 2015. That’s not even a week away, folks! With all the praise this game has received, adventure fans wouldn’t be adventure fans if they didn't at least look into one of the best adventure games available.


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