The 15 Best PC Games for Girls (Games Every Girl Should Play)

games for girls
Female gamers, rejoice! Here are 15 games you're going to love.

15 of The Best PC Games for Girls

Ladies, ladies, ladies! This one is for you. Female gamers are always on the hunt for a good game that appeals to us. Your search is now over. Here are the 15 Best PC Games for Girls that will help you fill all your free time with hours of ridiculously great gameplay.

15. Undertale

Undertale Gameplay

Oh, Undertale.

You came into the gaming world years ago and took it by storm. Toby Fox's Undertale had kids and adults alike dressing up like lazy skeletons and quoting talking flowers to the point where even if you hadn't played the game, you had a notion of how popular it was. 

The popularity is well-deserved. Undertale brings back the old-school, 8-bit style of RPG video games that many of us grew up with. You know the type: pop-up box dialogues, random monster encounters, and the silent hero. However, Undertale takes this golden formula and gives it a new twist. Instead of killing enemies to gain EXP and strengthen your hero, you have the option of “Mercy” or to let the monster run away from you. This new battle system will not only affect your character, but the outcome of the game’s story.

Play as Frisk, the child who has fallen underground into a realm of monsters and help her get back up to the surface. 

Take this mysterious, sleepy child on the adventure of a lifetime. Around every corner lurks mystery and monsters. Do you have the determination to make it through?

Each battle can end differently. It all depends on your actions. Will you fight to the end by dodging attacks and fighting back or have mercy on these monsters?

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