Miitopia Best Teams That Are Great!

You can tell a lot about a player by what combination of Jobs they use. And clearly the folks at Nintendo are playing it very safe.

We’ve already gone over each Job and Personality to be found in Miitopia, and what each one can do. Now it’s time to judge the former in action, specifically while teamed up in a group of four. When you start up the game, you’ll have one player-controlled Mii that will always be a part of the party, and gain three new computer-controlled teammates after certain checkpoints in the story campaign, resulting in a group of ten by the end of the game. Why, during the postgame, you can create up to 100 party members and swap them out with each other, ensuring you’ll have ten at your fingertips at all times.

Once you have at least ten party members, you unlock the ability to send any combination of up to four into battle, even an all-CPU team if you really want to. This guide assumes that all party members have unlocked their full movesets. The exact level at which a Mii gains access to all its maneuvers depends on its Job, though all but two of them reach this point between Levels 30 and 40, the ideal place to be in order to brave most of the postgame content.

These results were determined by pitting the teams against the unlockable Tower of Despair, a postgame locale that contains a gauntlet of the game’s toughest enemies, including the secret final boss. We'll try not to spoil much about that, but if your team can prevail against them, then surely it can steamroll the rest of the game, right?

#5. Vampire + Scientist + Warrior + Cleric

Magic and logic working together? What malarkey is this? Simply put, it’s a healthy mix between early and late-game Jobs. This team setup is ideal for anyone who favors damage output, but also wants to be more pragmatic and have as much of an added safety net as possible.

Why This Team is Great:

  • Three-fourths of the team can rid party members of status effects or even prevent them outright.
  • Half the team can revive fallen teammates; combined with the Warrior’s high defense, and the Vampire’s ability to self-resurrect and pass that power onto its teammates, it ensures Miis will keel over less frequently.
  • Most of the party has a high attack stat, and can heavily damage multiple foes at once.
  • The Vampire’s ability to sap away the health of its enemies in multiple ways can work well alongside its heavy-hitting comrades, giving their strongest attacks just a bit more oomph in terms of taking them out.
  • The Scientist can restore the MP and HP of anyone in its party, not only allowing the Cleric to share the burden of keeping the team alive, but also allowing its teammates to use their most MP-intensive attacks more often.

#4. Princess + Pop Star + Vampire + Warrior

What, you thought every single team would include a Cleric? After all, there might be some players who want to be hardcore and take more of a risk in the heat of things, sending in a unit that behaves like a glass cannon and focuses more on endurance than strategy. So here you go… ya’ filthy masochists.

Why This Team is Great:

  • Half of the team can revive fallen party members, albeit with a lower probability of success than the Cleric or Flower.
  • Combined with the Vampire’s ability to heal and revive itself (and even grant its teammates the ability to revive themselves too), this can somewhat soften the blow.
  • Half of the team can recover each other’s MP, enabling more frequent use of the strongest special attacks.
  • The Pop Star can heal itself and resolve quarrels among teammates, which tend to disrupt the flow of combat.
  • In addition, because they unlock their whole moveset sooner than most other Jobs (Level 27, tied with the Tank), they’ll likely be a lot stronger by the time the rest of the team catches up.
  • The Princess’ ability to slip away from danger can prevent it and a party member from tanking too many hits.
    • They can also distract the enemy and lower their defense, which can make things a little less stressful, especially against tougher enemies.

#3. Tank + Chef + Warrior + Pop Star

Same idea as the #4 choice, but it’s more of a middle-ground, better for those who want to play things a little safer while still getting a challenge out of the game’s combat.

Why This Team is Great:

  • Due to the Pop Star’s ability to end quarrels, grant extra turns, and restore MP, the Tank and the Chef can make use of their strongest moves in a more risk-free environment, and they can even spam them more often.
  • The Pop Star can also aid the Tank, whose moveset is notoriously MP consuming.
  • Half of the team can revive fallen party members, and their lower success rate is less of an issue, due to the Warrior and Tank’s high defense.
  • Like the Pop Star, The Tank unlocks its full moveset earlier than most Jobs, meaning it will be a little stronger once its party members catch up. Having both of them on the team will thus double the advantage.

#2. Thief + Cleric + Warrior + Mage

Sometimes it’s best to go back to where you started. These four Jobs are among the first ones available to you at the start of the game, but Miitopia isn’t like other games, where some will become obsolete over time. Once you have the full movesets unlocked for these bad boys (or girls), they won’t even look like starter classes anymore, and the way they complement each other remains intact even hundreds of hours into the game.

Why This Team is Great:

  • Half the team is capable of reviving fallen teammates and removing emotion-based status effects.
  • High damage output across the board.
  • The Thief can protect itself and its party members, meaning they won’t have to rely on the Cleric quite as much.
  • The Thief’s sneak attack can also let them avoid some incredibly powerful attacks, lessening the odds of having the entire team knocked out and inducing a game over.
    • Furthermore, the Thief’s ability to steal recovery items from enemies can improve its longevity as the tougher fights wear on, not needing to rely quite as much on the Cleric.

#1. Imp + Cleric + Cat + Mage

A team that gives the mid-game Jobs some love, this one is without a doubt the most ideal combination to bring onto the battlefield, with countless ways to weaken the enemy and plow through them. If you’re a player who wants to enjoy yourself, focus on offensive play, get a good challenge, and also complete said challenges efficiently, then this is your go-to quartet.

Why This Team is Great:

  • Almost all teammates can hit multiple targets at once.
  • Three out of four party members can heal themselves, while the Cleric has the ability to heal or revive anyone.
  • The Cat’s MP-restoring ability compliments the Mage quite well, as the latter’s moveset costs a lot of it.
  • Both the Cat and the Mage are also complimented by having an Imp around, as the latter can trick the others into performing stronger attacks. This is especially helpful since they both have among the highest attack stats in the game.
  • The Imp can restore its own HP and MP, weakening the enemy in the process, and can also strengthen the attacks of its party members. Combining this with the team’s already high attack power can make the tougher foes go down more quickly.

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Gamer_Cob 1 year 10 months ago

Can i replace cleric or warrior with cat?

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Can i replace cleric with cat?

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