[Top 5] Zelda: Breath of the Wild Best Shield (And How To Get Them)

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A good defense is the best offense

5. Guardian Shield

You can't shoot what you can't see.

Guardian Shields are Ancient Technology defensive weapons carried by Guardian Scouts. Link can collect these shields by defeating Guardians defending Shrines. These shields are available in three levels of strength. 

Shield Stats 

  • Standard Guardian Shields have a Strength Level of 18 and a Durability Level of 10
  • Guardian Shields+ have a Strength Level of 30 and a Durability Level of 13
  • Guardian Shields++ have a Strength Level of 42 and a Durability Level of 20

Why Guardian Shields are great 

  • Guardian Shields are made with Ancient Technology. They contain neither metal nor wood, therefore they resist fire, don’t attract lightning, and they float..
  • Guardian Shields can deflect Guardian beams without parrying, although this will speed their deterioration and destruction.
  • Guardian Shields++ have more combat strength than metal shields.

How To Get Guardian Shield

  • Guardian Shields can be won by defeating Guardian Scouts at the Minor, Moderate, and Major Test of Strength Shrines.
  • The strong guardians defending Major Tests of Strength will hold the strongest shields.

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4. Daybreaker

Jewels for battle.

Daybreaker is the prize shield of the Gerudo Champion Urbosa. It is famed among the desert warriors for its durability and lightweight build as well as its beautiful gold and jewel inlay. Daybreaker is gifted to Link from Lady Riju upon defeating Divine Beast Vah Naboris.

Shield Stats 

  • Daybreaker’s Strength is 48
  • Daybreaker’s Durability is 60

Why Daybreaker is great 

  • Daybreaker is a valuable piece of Gerudo mythology and it is so famous that Gerudo villagers will mention seeing the shield in their dreams.
  • If broken, Daybreaker can be remade by Buliaria in Gerudo Town for one diamond, five pieces of flint, and, and one Gerudo shield.
  • While Daybreaker does attract lightning and sink, it will not burn when subjected to fire or scorching climates.

How To Get Daybreaker: 

  • Daybreaker is only available by completing the Scourge of Divine Beast Vah Naboris trial and defeating Thunderblight Ganon.
  • Once Link has defeated Thunderblight Ganon, return to Lady Riju in Gerudo City and she will reward you with Daybreaker as well as the Scimitar of the Seven.

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3. Ancient Shield

Glowing for goodness.

Ancient Shields are made out of Ancient Technology and specifically designed and built at Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. They are an updated version of Guardian Shields, designed specifically to battle Guardians. The Ancient Shield can be used to effectively deflect against Guardian lasers.

Ancient Shield Stats 

  • Ancient Shield Strength is 70
  • Ancient Shield Durability is 32

Why Ancient Shield is great 

  • Ancient Shields are created using Guardian parts in the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab.
  • Ancient Shields can deflect Guardian lasers without perfect deflection, although doing so will reduce their durability.
  • The Ancient Shield has a low friction, so it is very durable for shield surfing.

How To Get Ancient Shields

  • Ancient Shields can only be procured from Akkala Ancient Tech Lab
  • The “Robbie’s Research” side quest must be finished and the Tech Lab oven must be lit before the shield can be produced.
  • Once the oven has been started, the Ancient Shield costs 1000 Rupees, 10 Ancient Gears, 1 Giant Ancient Core, and 15 Ancient Springs.

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2. Lynel Shield

Blades for closeness

Lynel Shields are impressive defensive and offensive weapons held by Lynels, one of the fiercest bosses in Hyrule. Lynel Shields canbe collected only by defeating a Lynel. Lynel Shields can be Standard, Mighty, or Savage. 

Lynel Shield Stats

  • Standard Lynel Shields have a Strength of 30 and a Durability of 12
  • Mighty Lynel Shields have a Strength of 44 and a Durability of 15
  • Savage Lynel Shields have a Strength of 62 and a Durability of 20

Why Lynel Shield is great

  • Lynel Shields are rimmed with sharp metal blades. They can be used to offensively cut through enemies while deflecting as well as standard defensive maneuvers.
  • Mighty and Savage Lynel Shields have more sharp edges and are aggressively more capable as offensive weapons.

How To Get a Lynel Shield Name

  • Lynel Shields can only be obtained by defeating Lynels.
  • Regular Lynels hold Standard Lynel Shields.
  • Blue-Maned Lynels hold Mighty Lynel Shields.
  • White, Silver, and Golden-Maned Lynels hold Savage Lynel Shields.


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