[Top 10] Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Best Weapons (Ranked)

Will The Master Sword Make The Cut?

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is the largest Hyrulian sandbox ever made. The game’s armor sets, iconic shields, and extensive list of weaponry are just the tip of the iceberg. Fused materials, Fairy Fountains, and a clothing dye shop give players the ability to mix, match, and expand on the game’s inventory system to their heart’s content. The sheer volume of weapons alone is enough to intimidate any casual gamers hoping to jump into TOTK and start defending Hyrule with the best of the best Zelda gear. Fortunately, Gamer’s Decide is here with a guide so players don’t run the risk of attacking the Demon King with the Sword of the Hero when what they really need is the Master Sword.


10. Royal Guard’s Claymore

Royal Guard's Claymore _ The Legend of Zelda _ TOTK

Link finds his first decayed Royal Guard's Claymore

While the Biggoron Sword deserves an honorable mention for its incredible durability, the Royal Guard’s Claymore is able to keep it off this list with its incredible base damage and vulnerability damage buff. Thanks to the weapon’s awful durability, the Royal Guard’s Claymore has a double damage buff for 3 out of every 10 hits. For players more worried about chopping through leagues of moblins than their weapon’s durability, the Royal Guard’s Claymore won’t disappoint.

  •  A strategic swordsman will make sure the last three hits with the Royal Guard’s Claymore count.
  • When the Royal Guard’s Claymore breaks, the  enemy breaks with it.
  • Carry a handful of Royal Guard’s Claymores and its low durability won’t be an issue.
  • 34 Base Damage.
  • Damage doubles when the weapon is vulnerable.

Where to Find it: Can be found in the ruins of Hyrule Castle

9. Sea-Breeze Boomerang

Sea Breeze Boomerang _ The Legend of Zelda _ Tears of the Kingdom

The Hero of Wind Waker returns in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The one-handed boomerang is an incredibly useful weapon thanks to its versatility in ranged and close-quarter combat. Upgrade the original one-handed boomerang with increased damage, durability, and fan-fare and you will find yourself with a top tier weapon known in TOTK as the Sea-Breeze Boomerang. 

The Sea-Breeze Boomerang hits for a solid 16 damage and has four meaningful hitboxes while in flight. If you are looking to toy with Moblins or disrupt a Lizalfos’ ranged attacks, pick up the Sea-Breeze Boomerang asap.

  •  Multiple hits per throw make its above average base damage stack up.
  • The Sea-Breeze Boomerang brings the magic of the Wind Waker into the modern era.
  •  Balances ranged and close quarters combat that can be paired with a shield.
  • 16 base damage

Where to Find it: Inside a chest near the Hebra Canyon Mine.


8. White Sword of the Sky

White Sword of the Sky _ The Legend of Zelda _ Tears of the Kingdom

A hero from the sky? Sounds familiar. . .

The White Sword of the Sky is a close contender for best weapon design in TOTK, but how does it fare in the field? To find out, fans will have to work through an arduous side quest that will more than likely lead them directly to the Master Sword. Fortunately, for those looking for a reliable one handed weapon with decent damage and incredible durability, the White Sword of the Sky will fit in as a great substitute while the Master Sword is charging.

  • High Durability brings the most out of fused materials.
  • The  bright white blade can be paired with a stout blue shield to maximize Link’s potential.
  • 24 base damage

Where to Find it: Complete the “Mother Goddess Statue” Quest


7. Eightfold Longblade

Eightfold Longblade _ The Legend of Zelda _ Tears of the Kingdom

Still waiting to meet a proficient fighter from the Yiga Clan.

The two-handed variation of the Yiga clan’s infamous Eight-Fold Blade is a big step up from its one-handed peer. The Eightfold Longblade trades the spin-to-win strategy attached to most two-handed weapons for a crowd control charged attack known as the Wind Razor. If players haven’t unlocked the Master Sword, the Eightfold Longblade is the best weapon for players looking to keep foes at bay without sheathing their sword. When paired with a bow, the Yiga’s two-handed weapon is a true force to be reckoned with.

  •  Wind Razor can be used as a powerful knockback tool.
  • The two-handed blade offers powerful close-quarters and ranged combat options.
  •  Can be fused with elemental materials for powerful ranged attacks.
  •  23 Base Damage

Where to Find it: Looted off of Yiga Blademaster in the Hyrule Ridge or the Gerudo Highlands


6. Dusk Claymore

Dusk Claymore _ The Legend of Zelda _ Tears of the Kingdom

Ganon's Blade from Twilight Princess Returns in Tears of the Kingdom

With a stunning in-game model and a whopping 32 base damage, the Dusk Claymore is easily one of the best weapons returning in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Originally introduced in Twilight Princess as the Sword of the Six Sages, the Dusk Claymore is best used in dark areas where its lengthy two-handed blade has room to fly freely.

  • Bright white blade is useful when scouring the depths of Hyrule
  • Calling back to the lore of the Six Sages from Twilight Princess adds depth to the plot of TOTK.
  • Its bright white handle makes for a stylish fused weapon as well as having an incredible base model.
  • 32 Base Damage.

Where to Find it: Complete the riddles built into the Typhlo Ruins


5. Gloom Sword

Gloom Sword _ The Legend of Zelda _ Tears of the Kingdom

They say war cuts deep on both sides of the battlefield. The Gloom Sword agrees.

Though it may seem strange to put a weapon that works best as a fused material on this list, the Gloom Sword’s base damage is way too high to ignore. Of course, the weapon’s high damage output comes at a cost. With every swing, the Gloom Sword will eat at its wielder’s life force and reduce their max hearts with the gloom debuff. 

To balance out this incredible piece of lore-bait, the developers gave the Gloom Sword the highest base damage of every one-handed weapon outside of the Master Sword. Use this weapon when you have little patience and a few extra hearts to spare.

  • Counter the gloom debuff by fusing the Gloom Sword onto a different weapon.
  • Fuse with Light Dragon materials to counter the gloom debuff.
  • High damage makes it possible to end a fight quickly.
  • 41 base damage

Where to Find It: Looted off of Gloom Hands.


4. Light Scale Trident

Light Scale Trident _ The Legend of Zelda _ Tears of the Kingdom

Some say the Zora have the best gear in the game. Some might be right about that. 

The Light Scale Trident is the strongest Spear in the game solely because it inherits the status buff granted to all Zora weapon types. The Water Warrior buff doubles the damage done by Zora weapon types when they are wet. While this may sound too situational to be useful, players that make liberal use of Sidon’s blessing will come to believe that the Light Scale Trident’s base damage is twice what it actually is.

  • Double the Trident's damage by applying Sidon’s blessing.
  • Keep foes at a distance with the Spears extra reach.
  • Become an honorary Zora by pairing the Zora Armor Set with the Light Scale Trident.
  • 22 Base Damage
  • Water Warrior Passive Buff

Where to Find it: Complete the “Glory of the Zora” Quest


3. Fierce Deity Sword

Fierce Deity Sword _ The Legend of Zelda _ Tears of the Kingdom

It's a set that makes Link look like a god.

The Fierce Deity Sword is a two handed weapon with a high damage output and a link to Zelda’s original blockbuster sequel. The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask introduced fans of the series to the Fierce Deity and his iconic great sword. Players of TOTK looking for a weapon to do massive damage and complete their Fierce Deity Set should look no further than the Fierce Deity Sword.

  • High Base Damage makes it a formidable weapon without fused materials.
  • Pair with attack damage buff found on Fierce Deity Armor Set for a heavier swing.
  • Link two great Zelda games with an iconic look and a powerful collectible.
  • 38 Base Damage

Where to Find it: Complete the "Misko's Treasure" Quest


2. Scimitar of the Seven

Scimitar of the Seven _ The Legend of Zelda _ Tears of the Kingdom

Those who say the Zora have the best gear haven't fused a Gloom Sword to a Scimitar of the Seven

The Gerudo weapons that can be found in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom stand in a world of their own thanks to  a buff that takes advantage of the game’s new Fuse ability. Of all the weapons that fall under this umbrella, the Scimitar of the Seven is by far the best. 

The powerful one-handed scimitar is able to double the power of any fused material, making it an incredibly powerful weapon when crafted appropriately. Players looking for a weapon to maximize the potential of their Lynel Materials should track down the Scimitar of the Seven immediately.

  • The powerful one-handed weapon can be paired with a shield to maximize combat ability.
  • Double the power of fused materials to maximize the potential of rare materials.
  • Fuse with a Gloom Sword for a long reaching one-handed weapon that packs a punch.
  •  28 Base Damage

Where to Find It: Complete “The Missing Owner” Quest


1. Master Sword

The Master Sword _ The Legend of Zelda _ Tears of the Kingdom

It's called the Master Sword for a reason

The sword that the Hero of Hyrule was destined to carry reaches new heights in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. After charging for thousands of years between the eyes of a dragon, the Master Sword was rewoven to continue its reign as the best sword in the Zelda franchise. This weapon should be used by players looking for a long-reaching one-handed sword with high base damage, a 10-minute durability recharge, and a ranged attack when at full health. So, pretty much anyone interested in maximizing Link’s combat potential. The Master Sword can do everything other than win the fight for you.

  • The Master Sword is the only weapon that will never break.
  • Pair the Master Sword with the Hylian Shield for a classic look that will tear through enemies.
  • When at full health, use R1 to launch an energy projectile from the Master Sword.
  • 30 Base Damage
  • 10-minute recharge when broken

Where to Find it: Between the eyes of the Light Dragon

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