57 Best NEW Games Coming To PC in 2016 and Beyond

Batman VR title image
The next year brings a wide variety of new, exciting games

With E3 all wrapped up, gamers now have a good idea of what titles to expect in the next year or so. While VR and talk of new consoles took center stage, there were still plenty of games to get excited about. Here's 57 of the most interesting ones to look forward to.

57. HUNT: Horrors of the Gilded Age

Players will match their strength against an onslaught of mythical monsters and fearsome foes.

At the dawning of the 20th century, the Gilded Age, monsters that were once thought to be myths and legends are starting to appear and terrorize people. A few brave souls are willing to join together to hunt down these dangerous supernatural creatures, and hopefully save humanity from their threat. HUNT is an upcoming 4-player third-person survival horror game blended with an action RPG where you have to face randomly generated, increasingly powerful monsters as a team of hunters.

It's being developed by many members of the now-closed Vigil Studios, who created Darksiders, another game that mixed different genres into a fun combination. HUNT's monster hunting action takes place during the 1800s, but separates itself from other games of the time period (like The Order: 1886), by striving for authenticity in its weapons and costumes, which can all be crafted and customized.

Co-op combat will be challenging, but exciting.

HUNT will be a free-to-play co-op game, featuring procedurally generated maps and a huge variety of monsters (David Adams, head of the project, wants dozens and dozens) and boss creatures to battle against. Like Darksiders, the game will incorporate fun elements from classic games, to create an arcadey 4-player feeling for the game while also using great next-gen graphics and mechanics. With a solid development team behind it and some large ambitions, it could prove to be great fun to play online with friends.

Check out the official trailer here:


56. Attack on Titan

The game promises to show off the truly enormous scale of the Titans.

Humanity lived safely behind a series of giant walls for a long time, which protected them from the dangers outside, until one day, the walls fell, and the titans came through. It will be up to you to join the fight against these enormous creatures to protect your home, and keep yourself from being eaten alive.

This new Attack on Titan game is based on the popular, ultra-violent manga and anime series about fighting giants with high-flying acrobatic steampunk gear and weapons. The game, already released in Japan, was developed by Koei Tecmo, best known for the Dynasty Warriors series and the well-received Hyrule Warriors.

The game's fluid animation style and high-flying combat will take center stage.

Similar to those games, Attack on Titan will have players fighting waves of enemies in fast-paced combat, but will also include large encounters with the powerful and dangerous titans, who can only be killed by a precise blow to the back of the neck. You'll get there using the series's iconic 3D Maneuvering Gear, which lets the characters swing around buildings and ascend to higher areas using mechanical cables, which looks and feels a lot like the Spiderman games.

If you're a fan of the series, or enjoy the quick combat of action games, definitely check this one out when it releases in August 2016.

Here's the trailer from Koei-Tecmo that was shown at E3:


55. Batman Arkham VR

Your VR headset becomes your Batman cowl in this new game.

Crime is everywhere in Gotham City, and there is only one man able to fight against it: you. Take on the role of Batman directly as you look through his eyes and fight with his hands in this new VR game.

The modern Batman games of the past few years have let us experience playing as Batman, but the upcoming VR game takes the simulation to a whole new level as you actually don the mask of the caped crusader. The demo showed players first walking down into the Batcave and putting on the suit one piece at a time, watching your own hands put on the gauntlets and belt before finally sliding the mask over.

batman vr
You'll be able to get your hands on a variety of Batman's trademark weapons and gadgets.

You then are tasked with using your high-tech gadgets at a murder scene, replicating some of the mechanics from the other Batman games, but this time you can see and interact with them directly through your first-person perspective. In fact, it looks like the majority of the gameplay will be in this detective mode, focusing on the non-combat side of Batman.

In total, the game will be about 2-3 hours long, and probably be a cheaper downloadable title. For those with a VR headset, though, this looks like a great opportunity to play out some Batman fantasies.

See the game in action with this reveal trailer from Playstation:


54. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare HD

The game's popular story will be retold in new, high-definition graphics and more realistic effects.

When a group of Russian ultranationalist terrorists are looking to start a new World War, it's up to a group of soldiers to stop them by any means necessary. Players will take on a variety of missions across several countries in pursuit of the man behind the plots, interacting with the events unfolding through the first-person perspective, which leads to some really interesting gameplay moments.

The original Modern Warfare proved to be hugely popular, and is still one of gamers' favorite online shooters. That's why there was a lot of excitement at this E3 when a longstanding rumor about a remaster was confirmed. Modern Warfare HD will feature all new next-gen graphics, with environments and character models having been redone and looking better than ever. There will also be all new particle effects, better animation, and revamped audio.

Players will get to experience Call of Duty's beloved gameplay with next-generation visuals.

The remake will be included as a digital download with the Legacy, Digital Deluxe, and Legacy Pro editions ($80, $100, and $120, respectively) of the upcoming Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Unfortunately, Activision confirmed that this will be the only way to get access to the HD remake, and that it will not be sold on its own, so if you're looking to relive the campaign from Call of Duty 4, or enjoy 10 “fan-favorite” multiplayer maps all in beautiful new graphics, you might want to pop in a preorder for Infinite Warfare.

Check out the trailer here:


53. Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 will be going to back to World War 1, which means a mix of modern and primitive warfare.

Battlefield 1 is looking to bring modern war back to its roots with their new first-person shooter set during World War 1. Joining historic battles in besieged French cities or Arabian sand dunes, players will experience the first tanks, early fighter planes, and close-up trench warfare, as well as participating in historical campaigns in Northern Africa that have never been covered by games before. To reflect the older technology, DICE is developing new mechanics for bolt-action and semi-automatic rifles to keep combat fun, as well as introducing new melee weapons including swords, trench clubs, and shovels.

The fighting in the first World War was infamously brutal and up-close, so expect to see a lot of one-on-one fights and mustard gas. Players will also be able to operate a number of historical vehicles, ranging from light and heavy tanks to battleships and biplanes. You'll even ride horses into battle, a first for the series. Great features from the series, like destructible environments and customizable weapons, will also be returning, as well as the well-loved 64-player online multiplayer.

New vehicles, like war zeppelins, can be seen in the previews.

See the action in the official trailer:


52. Conan Exiles

It's capture or be capture, kill or be killed, in the world of Conan.

The world of Conan the Barbarian is a brutal one, where only the strong survive. It will be up to players in the upcoming Conan Exiles to see how strong they are. The open-world survival game will drop players in the middle of the wasteland barehanded, with barely any clothing, and from there they will need to fight off thirst, hunger, otherworldly monsters, and other players.

There will be a lot of open world to explore, and players can stake their own claim by building up a fortress base.

The game can be played either single-player, letting you choose what to build and take over, or in a persistent multiplayer mode, where you may run into others vying for power and control and choose to team up or take them down. The game's mechanics will have players doing everything from chopping down trees to hunting animals and mining for precious metals. You can use all the resources you gather to craft weapons and armor, or to build up a fortress, and eventually your own city! You'll need the protection against raids and monsters, and if your enemies grow too powerful, you can always sacrifice them to the gods.

Rest assured, the game looks to be every bit as bloody and violent as the movies and novels its based on, but it's all incredibly beautiful to look at (particularly the advanced sand physics)!

Check out the gorgeous cinematics in this reveal trailer:


51. Sid Meier's Civilization VI

Cities will appear more diverse, and spread out over more area.

Civilization is one of the longest running game series out there, and one of the best strategy titles you can play. With Civilization, you choose one of dozens of different nations to lead, and try to guide them through military might, scientific research, economics, religion, and diplomacy to become the greatest nation on the planet.

Civilization belongs to the genre of strategy games called 4X games: eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate. Each of those offers players a different way to win beyond just destroying your enemies. You can progress in science, or win through diplomacy, for example.

With the newest game, set to release in October, Civilization is making its biggest change in a long time: cities across multiple tiles. For non-players, this might not seem like a big deal, but this one change will greatly impact the entire strategy of the game, forcing players to better consider where their cities are placed, how big they are, and whether or not they can protect them. It also makes the maps and environments a more important part of the experience, not to mention it will look so much cooler to have big, sprawling cities to reflect your power. A similar change was made in Civilization 5 in unstacking the military units and allowing for bigger armies with more options for combat.

Large structures, like Wonders, will now get their own space so they can be shown off.

The things you build will also have an impact on how you play, rather than just providing static resources. For example, building a quarry will help your research in masonry and mining, and where you place your barracks will provide additional frontline defense outside your city's center.

In addition, the culture and religion systems from the past games have been upgraded for players who want to pursue victory through those, now placing their development separately from the technology research trees, and tying happiness and problems to specific cities, rather than entire civilizations. These changes and more look to make the game even more balanced and fun for a variety of players, giving them something new to do with every map and every encounter.

Get some more information by watching the trailer below:


50. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

With higher tensions after the events of the first game, the world is a bit more violent and authoritarian.

Mankind Divided is a sequel to 2011's Human Revolution, which brought new energy into the Deus Ex series after 10 years on hiatus. Mankind Divided takes place two years after Human Revolution's story, dealing with the aftermath of that game's events, where cybernetically augmented humans suddenly became uncontrollable and violent. This spread seeds of distrust and chaos throughout the world, as anyone with implants became segregated. As a cybernetically enhanced detective, you're tasked with getting to the bottom of the conspiracy, and hopefully healing the damage done to the divided society.

Mankind Divided looks to expand on the great storytelling and gameplay that made it such a hit. Players can expect tons of great dialogue choice, customization, and darker themes from the futuristic world when the game comes out this year.

Expect lots of new gameplay and design improvements to accompany the new sequel's story.

Deus Ex has always been one of the top RPGs out there, as well as one of the most unique. With a cyberpunk setting that features body augmentation and futuristic technology, the gameplay also gives players tons of options for how they want to complete their missions. In addition to the usual cover-based shooting and attacks, players can also get skills and technology for going with a stealth approach, or gather intel and clues to talk and think their way through situations. Most players combine all three, which makes the Deus Ex series feel very open and free.

Get a feel for the game by watching the trailer here:


49. Dishonored 2

The main character from the first game, Corvo, will be joined by his daughter for the sequel.

Dishonored takes place in a medieval fantasy setting, a city called Dunwall that has been plagued with disease and corruption. Using stealth and mysterious powers, players work their way through rooftops and alleys to assassinate corrupt government targets and solve the conspiracy happening in the city. The plot for Dishonored 2 comes in 15 years after the events of the first game, where everything the players worked for becomes undone. It will be up to you to restore the rightful balance of the troubled world, and to decide how you want to morally pursue it.

The original Dishonored was a surprise hit with fans, offering a classic stealth RPG experience in an interesting medieval setting. The game was praised for giving players the choice to solve missions either through assassinations or non-lethal means (you can complete the entire game without killing a single person), and its array of supernatural powers provided great puzzle-solving gameplay and navigation through the grim environments. Players chose how to impact the world, and could even choose whether or not to accept the dark, supernatural powers they were offered. Each choice changed the next mission, and the way the entire story played out.

The game will feature new and exciting ways to pursue your goals, with more optiosn for stealth, combat, and magic.

The sequel looks to continue the good work of the first game, while raising the difficulty, adding new consequences for suspicious behavior, and breathing more life into the world with ambient animations, non-related conversations, and improved AI for enemies and townsfolk both (no longer will getting into a fight in public be met with bored stares). There are new powers to be enjoyed, such as the Shadow Walk and Far Reach, and progression is now handled with a skill tree, which will let players upgrade their abilities to be either more lethal, or increasingly non-lethal.

See what the sequel has in store here:


48. Elder Scrolls Legends

The card game brings Elder Scrolls characters and lore into a new game mechanic.

Somewhat ironically, digital card games have been becoming more and more popular with gamers over the past few years, starting with the wildly successful Hearthstone and continuing this year with titles like Elder Scrolls Legends, a collectible card game set in the (you guessed it) Elder Scrolls universe.

The game will bring several unique systems to the card game table.

The cards are based on character, monsters, and lore from the Elder Scrolls games, and players will look to get increasingly better cards as they progress through the ranks earning rewards. What will set Elder Scrolls Legends apart are its 5 game modes (story mode, solo arena, versus battle, practice mode and a versus arena) and its unique gameplay. Players place their cards on one of two sides, called Lanes. The lanes have different effects depending on the card, and you have to put an opposing card in the lane or risk being attacked directly, which may let the opposing player deploy a new card immediately and get the upper hand.

It should be interesting to see if Legends can draw away some of the players from Hearthstone, and provide a similarly addicting and fun card game experience for fans of Elder Scrolls to jump into.

Watch the cards fly in this trailer:


47. Mass Effect Andromeda

Next-generation graphics will give the new worlds and characters an incredible look.

With Mass Effect: Andromeda, BioWare is bringing players to an entirely new galaxy to discover new planets, new alien species, and new dangers. The theme of the game will be exploration, as humans are coming to the Andromeda galaxy at the outsiders, with zero knowledge of what is already living there, and what problems they'll encounter.

All this newness comes with some old, familiar things, of course. While BioWare has confirmed that no characters will be returning (aside from the great distance, the sequel takes place some 800 years later), there will be familiar species coming on the journey with you, as well as the fun mix of third-person shooting action and biotic powers players have always enjoyed. BioWare even confirmed the return (and upgrading) of the infamous Mako all-terrain vehicle for exploring their beautiful-looking planets.

The game centers on a new group of travelers who came to the Andromeda Galaxy on board an enormous ship called the Ark.

Players can look forward to exploring a new galaxy, establishing territory, engaging in deep, moralistic dialogue, and, of course, pursuing some fanciful space romances with a variety of crew members in one of the most anticipated games for early 2017, which will create a whole new story following the conclusion of the Mass Effect trilogy of games in 2012.

Get a small taste of the game in this trailer:


46. Mafia 3

Mob-based destruction has never looked so good as it will on next-generation hardware.

With Mafia III, the setting is moving to a fictionalized version of 1960s New Orleans for a look at a different sort of mob than the usual Godfather/Goodfellas sort. This time, players will be encountering the world of organized crime through the black mob via a biracial orphan who is a veteran of the Vietnam war. It goes without saying that the game will be as politically dense as it will be violent and morally gray.

As far as gameplay goes, alongside the expected gunplay using era-specific weapons, players can also go the quiet route and sneak around competing mob's bases, or get into melee combat if things get up close and personal. As you take down other mobs, you'll be able to interrogate enemies for more information for your mission, and gradually take over their territory in favor of your own. All the while, you can freely explore an in-depth and detailed recreation of 1968 New Orleans, complete with all the life, music, and culture you'd expect.

Being a mob enforcer is a dirty, violent job.

The Mafia series of games have some long periods of time between releases, with the original coming out in 2002, the sequel coming out in 2010, and this one set for 2016, but the games always deliver incredibly engaging open-world adventure set admist historical backdrops and mafia culture.

See the environments and characters in this trailer:


45. EVE Valkyrie

Looking through the cockpit in VR will offer stunning space views.

EVE Valkyrie is an upcoming VR game set in the beautiful, vast expanses of space that the EVE universe is known for. In Valkyrie, you will pilot your own ship past planets and stars as you look through the cockpit with your own eyes, watching others zoom past you. The game is being made with gorgeous triple-A visuals that will have you literally looking around in wonder. As a pilot cloned to fly for an evil organization, you break free and lead the Valkyrie's into the dark, lawless space of New Eden, hoping to settle the score with the leader of the pirate clan Guristas, who stole you and the rest of your squad from your previous lives and families.

Players will be able to join EVE's exciting space battles.

You can fly in single-player PvE modes, or get competitive with online multiplayer modes, all the while upgrading your character and ship with an ongoing progression system. You can choose to fly one of three classes: the specialized Support class, deadly Fighter class, or dominating Heavy class, all of which fit different play styles and have their own role in armadas made of dozens and dozens of ships.

The game will come bundled with all preorders of Oculus Rift, and is also coming to the HTC Vive and PlayStation VR within the next year.

Check out the trailer for some beautiful space action:


44. Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War III

Units will vary in scale and power, creating a mixed battlefield.

A weapon of unimaginable power has been discovered on the planet Acheron, and three advanced futuristic races charge through space to try and control it in Dawn of War III. Fans of this RTS series have waited 7 years for a sequel, and its announcement in May 2016 came as a wonderful surprise. This third game will combine elements of the first two—the large armies of the the original and the hero units of the second—with new giant units, non-linear maps, and more.

Battles will be filled with chaotic fire and explosions.

Players will be able to command armies from four of Warhammer's distinct races: the Blood Ravens Space Marines (who appeared in the other Dawn of War games), the Eldar, and the Orks. Like previous games, players will build bases, assemble and upgrade armies, and try to take over various control points in large-scale battles while also issuing tactical commands for squads.

You can look forward to playing out these epic engagements sometime in 2017.

See the game in action in the trailer below:


43. Everspace

You can use your ship for any mission you like, including daring pirate raids.

Taking to the vast reaches of space in your own ship, exploring and upgrading, fighting and trading, these are the kinds of science-fiction experiences that Everspace is looking to bring to gamers. First shown on Kickstarter and now in early alpha stages on Steam Greenlight, Everspace wants to bring AAA visuals and easy-to-learn controls to gamers looking for some non-linear gameplay in space, joining a handful of space exploration titles like EVE and the upcoming No Man's Sky.

The art in Everspace provides beautiful views of the galaxy as you travel and fight.

In Everspace, you travel the galaxy looking for better and better resources to upgrade your ship. Of course, space is full of danger from other explorers and unknown monters, so death is a very real possibility. Thankfully, Everspace embraces death by providing players with rewards, upgrades, and access to better gear for every time you die. All these upgrades will show on your personal ship, and should have players investing lots of time and thought into how they travel and what they choose to improve.

See the vast galaxy you'll be exploring by watching the trailer:


42. FIFA 17

Movement and ball-handling physics have all been improved thanks to the Frostbite engine.

FIFA 17 is the newest association football game from EA Sports, bringing in new and improved graphics and physics thanks to the use of the Frostbite engine for the first time. EA also announced that all 20 Premier League managers would have their real likenesses and actions represented in the game, increasing the authenticity of the matches and bringing it even closer to what you see on TV. In addition, this will be the first year that the Japanese J1 League and J.League Cup would be featured in the game.

Corner kicking and defending mechanics have been improved as well.

The big new features for FIFA 17 is the single-player story mode, called The Journey. In it, players control an aspiring young footballer named Alex Hunt as he tries to make his way in the Premier League. Players can decide which of the 20 leagues Alex joins at the start of the season, and will be responsible for directing his career through their skills on the field, and personality off the field, as The Journey will feature a decision-based dialogue wheel similar to RPG games.

This new FIFA title is set to release at the end of September this year.

See the new physics and graphics in motion in the trailer:


41. For Honor

Players will choose a historical faction and join huge fantasy battles in single and multiplayer modes.

For Honor takes players to ancient medieval battlefields, where they pick up the weapons of either a knight, a samurai, or a Viking and join the fight. Described as a “shooter with swords” sword-fighting FPS by the developers, For Honor will feature 8-on-8 multiplayer modes where players act as the heroes fighting alongside AI-controlled armies. Each successful kill will bring new upgrades and bonuses, such as calling down a barrage of arrows or healing yourself.

Although the overall structure of the game is similar to a shooter like Call of Duty, the melee weapons make the gameplay very different, with a heavy weight to the weapons, and more one-on-one duels with other players. In these duels, you have to choose where and when to swing your weapon, looking for an opening in your opponent's defense.

You can customize your warrior's colors, accessories, and weapons throughout the game.

As with many modern competitive games, players will be able to customize and upgrade their character as they go, choosing their gender and looks, changing their armor, and more. Although knights, samurai, and Vikings never encountered each other in real history, this game will give you the chance to play out some exciting fantasy battles with these legendary warriors.

Get a look at the multiplayer in this new trailer:


40. Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

Gwent will have hundreds of cards and unique gameplay improved from the version in the RPG game side quest.

Collectible card games are always popular, and The Witcher 3's Wild Hunt expansion featured a fully playable game within the world called Gwent. Many players found themselves relaxing and enjoying the game for hours, sat down at a virtual table in some inn along the road. Gwent proved so popular, that CD Projekt RED are releasing it as a standalone free-to-play title, that will surely draw in fans not only of The Witcher, but of other F2P card games like Hearthstone.

Cards from the minigame are back, along with all new and redesigned ones to make Gwent a full game.

Unlike other card games, Gwent is focused on fast, intense play where you play three rounds. In each round, you only play 3 cards, adding up their strength and abilities to try and defeat the other player. That's 9 cards per game, and you only get 10 total to use, so every single card you put down is a strategic decision. With tons of cards to collect and choose from to build your focused 10-card deck, Gwent is sure to become a fun, addicting competitive card game.

With the new standalone game, the developers are adding tons of new, beautiful art for the cards, balancing the game for online play, and improving and simplifying the UI. A closed invite-only beta starts in September, so if you're interested, sign up and see if you get lucky.

Check out the trailer for more details:


39. Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord

Castle sieges are one of the sequel's big new features, and promise enormous battles.

Following the fall of the Calradian Empire, six factions fight for power and dominance to establish their kingdoms. You can take up a sword, bow, axe, or mount a horse in large-scale battles and sieges throughout a fictional recreation of medieval Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord is a prequel to 2010's Mount & Blade: Warband, and will show how the kingdoms in that game came to be. Bannerlord looks to be a significant improvement in graphics and gameplay over previous games, having been in development for over 4 years.

Along with making strategy and giving commands, you can join the fight yourself.

Each of the six factions have different goals and stories that players can join, and each has a different way of fighting on the battlefield. The Northern, Western, and Southern Empire factions focus on traditional European warfare, using a mix of heavy cavalry, spearmen, and archers. But you also have really different factions like the desert-based Aserai, who are adept at both cavalry and infantry tactics, or the Battanians of the central woodlands, who specialize in ambushes with archers from the trees.

No matter which faction you join, Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord looks to bring fun hack-and-slash army battles in a historical setting, as well as the robust modding community for which the series has always been known.

See the new Siege gameplay mode being played in the new trailer:


38. Quake Champions

Shooting, jumping, and strafing are how you stay alive in Quake's chaotic combat.

The fast, skill-based arena combat of Quake made it one of gaming's most legendary competitive shooters, starting a culture of twitch reflexes, circle strafing, rocket jumping, and kill streaks that continues today. That all makes a return soon with id Software and Bethesda's upcoming Quake Champions, which looks to bring classic Quake gameplay back with a modern twist and style.

The first Quake release since 2005's Quake 4, this game will feature a large number of playable characters, each with their own class, skills, and abilities, which will provide for plenty of different ways to play admist all the high-speed chaos. Gamers unfamiliar with Quake will immediately notice how different it is to the team-focused Overwatch or heavier, slower games like Battlefield. Quake is all about killing as many enemies as you can as fast as you can, which makes it incredibly exciting, but also punishingly difficult.

Movement is key in Quake, and Champions will have new ways to stay ahead.

Due to how fast and precise the gameplay in Quake is, the game will be released on PC only, which is exactly what Quake's hardcore fans want. The game will also be multiplayer-only, with not story campaign. It also brings back the gothic, sci-fi style from the original Quake, which is reminiscent of Cthulu-esque Lovecraft and means tons of interesting fantasy weapons not constrained by reality.

See the fast-paced shooting combat in the official trailer:


37. Prey

The mood of the game should be similar to movie classics like Alien and The Thing.

Abducted by unknown aliens, experimented on, and now trying to escape by any means necessary—these are the core experiences that the original Prey game brought way back in 2006, which still remains one of the most memorable scenes in gaming. Although a direct sequel was planned, it was stuck in development for years before finally being canceled. This new title, simply called Prey, is a reboot from the ground up, taking what was good about the core of the first game and re-imagining it all into a psychological thriller rather than a horror-based game.

There will be plenty of times when you need to shoot and use your environment to survive.

The space shooter puts you in control of Morgan Yu, an astronaut who is kidnapped and forced into experiments on an alien spacecraft. In trying to escape, he'll have to use any weapons and tools he can find, as well as mysterious mental abilities gained from the experiments. The original game had tons of interesting puzzles to go along with the shooting, so expect to see more in this one as well. In addition, levels will be large and open to explore, similar to titles like Dishonored and the Batman series.

Check out this teaser for the plot and action of the new Prey:


36. State of Decay 2

Venturing out to get supplies and hunt is crucial to staying alive as a group.

In the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, survivors have to scrape together resources, build defenses, gather weapons, and do their best to stay alive and trust each other. The game combines third-person action with simulation features like building bases, growing food, making leadership decisions, trading with outsiders, and trying to keep your small group of survivors healthy and not dead.

Other survivors are almost always a bigger threat than the zombies, and you have to decide who to trust.

The game's main threat, the zombies, present danger every time you have to leave the safety of your base to get more resources, food, ammo, or accomplish any kind of task. You can choose to fight them directly, try to sneak past them, distract them with loud noises, or just run away. Encounters with zombies will affect the people with you, with near-death experiences or the death of comrades in the group changing their attitude and stats. You have to balance all of your resources with the people around you, resulting in a very human survival game.

State of Decay 2, set to release in 2017, adds a huge new feature to the game: co-operative multiplayer. In the new game, you can join 3 other players in your efforts to survive, scavenge, and defend yourself in the post-apocalyptic world.

Take a look at the official reveal:


35. Titanfall 2

The biggest change for the new game will be a single-player story mode.

Titanfall 2 brings back the exciting mech combat, cinematic blockbuster visuals, and multi-level wall-running multiplayer of the first game, but with tons of new weapons, Titan types, ways to move, and an all-new single-player story campaign. The original game had tons of great ideas, but felt to players as if it was unfinished, quickly running through its content.

The Titans have been made even more differentiated and specialized, and while they're no longer customizable, there are now 6 types to jump into: Ion blasts laser weapons and tripmines, Ronin swings a huge sword, and Scorch lights up the battlefield with flames. Three more titans have yet to be revealed, but will undoubtedly also feature a unique core weapon.

There will be plenty of new Titan suits to pilot, including some melee combat Titans.

The Pilots are also getting upgraded, with a new grappling hook that will let skilled players swing around corners and up buildings in addition to their wall-running, jumping, and rolling. The infamous Smart Pistol is also returning, but with some changes to make it more interesting and challenging for players. All weapons will also be changeable via mods and attachments.

With all the improvements and new features, Titanfall 2 looks to take the place as the definitive online shooter gamers are playing next year.

See what the all-new single player has in store in this preview trailer:


34. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Missions require extra planning for transport and survival in harsh environments.

As an elite special forces agent with the US Army, you'll be dropping into Bolivia to try and take down the drug cartels there that are destabilizing the region, corrupting the government, and threatening the people. Wildlands will follow the gameplay of previous Ghost Recon games, offering a tactical squad-based shooter in the third-person perspective, with plenty of gadgets and strategy to consider as you progress through missions. Unlike the past few titles, Wildlands will take place in the present day instead of the near-future, and all weapons and technology will be the ones the military is currently using.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands, like its title suggests, will take players out of urban combat settings and will instead feature open-world environments ranging from jungles and rainforests to deserts and mountains. Players will have more freedom in these large areas to pursue their objectives in a number of different ways, and as you go, you can free rebels and others captured by the cartels, who will join the fight automatically.

The open world will be lush and diverse with tons of things to explore.

You'll also have your squad fighting alongside you, which will either be 3 other real players, or 3 AI-controlled characters. Either way, everyone will have something to do in order to succeed, whether it's extracting hostages, distracting guards, driving the escape vehicle, or manning the overhead drone. The drone will give you a step-up when you go into encounters, letting you spot where enemies are coming from, and key points you can use to your tactical advantage.

From detailed graphics to strategic gameplay and a big, open world, Wildlands looks to be one of the most ambitious games in the Tom Clancy series yet.

See the tactics and strategies in action here:


33. Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor - Martyr

The Warhammer universe's mix of fantasy and technology will take center stage in the game.

Against hordes of Chaos heretics stands an Inquisitor. Armed with bolters, flamethrowers, power armor, and their signature chainsword, the Inquisitor must fight his way through an abandoned spaceship monastery and get to the mystery surrounding it.

If you've never heard of Warhammer 40K, that might all seem a little crazy, but it's pretty standard for the futuristic sci-fi/fantasy setting the games take place in. Inquisitor – Martyr is an upcoming top-down action RPG in the style of Diablo, although with your Inquisitor's huge armor and extensive use of destructible cover, the fights here will last a lot longer. Enemies will hide and flank, trying to surround you, as you use a variety of long- and short-range weapons to take them down. As you progress, you can upgrade your stats, add new abilities, and craft better weapons and items.

The Inquisitors mean business, and will fight to the very last.

In addition to the intense single-player mode, which will have a claustrophobic survival horror atmosphere, there will also be a persistent meta game in which players can join the ongoing conflict ever-present throughout the Warhammer universe, taking on randomized missions to gain favor with various factions, and building up their own fortress (which can be attacked by other players' Inquisitors).

Check out the chaotic combat in this official trailer:


32. Batman: A Telltale Series

The Telltale games will explore the balance between Batman and Bruce Wayne's lives.

Batman is many things: a stealthy caped fighter against crime, a top-notch detective, an expert martial artists, inventor of gadgets, and more. But Batman is also Bruce Wayne, a billionaire playboy and leader of an international company, always seeking to balance his secret life with his public one. Most Batman games, even the really good ones, have never shown this side of Batman's life, focusing instead on his nighttime battle against supervillains and street thugs. Telltale's new Batman game, set to release in entirety by the end of the year, is looking to bring a new look at the Batman story closer to the comics.

Familiar characters will make appearances as Batman races to discover the mystery plaguing Gotham City.

The game will be a 50/50 split between fighting and detective work at crime scenes as Batman and negotiations, politics, and research as Bruce Wayne, not to mention long chats with Alfred as you get patched up from all the cuts and bruises. These non-combat segments of the game will feature Telltale's signature dialogue and choice-driven story, and will look at the man behind the mask in more detail than we usually get. There will be plenty to do as Batman, as well, including a system where successful punching and dodging builds up a meter that lets you execute stylish finishing moves when ready.

See how it all works in the new trailer:


31. Batman: Return to Arkham

Classic scenes from the original, like the opening, have been redone in new graphics.

Across Batman's Arkham adventures, you'll delve into environments full of criminals and insane supervillains looking to take over the city. As Batman, you're the only one who can put a stop to the plans of The Joker, Scarecrow, Twoface, and more, using all the gadgets and detective skills available to you. The games give you the most complete and satisfying step into Batman's shoes ever seen in a game, and the smooth combat and special x-ray detective mode give you a huge advantage over the many bad guys looking to take you down.

The character models and environments have all been improved.

Batman: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City are the two highest rated and best-loved superhero games to have ever been made. The Return to Arkham Collection not only brings them together into the same package, but also updates them with new graphics, animations, and features for the new generation. Return to Arkham was recently delayed, but will be a great chance for fans to replay these fun games in the future.

Check out the new and improved look in this teaser trailer:


30. Call of Cthulhu (2017)

The main character will seek to unravel an increasingly bizarre puzzle beneath the gruesome murders.

When a famous artist and her family are murdered on a grim, backwater island, it will be up to you to investigate their deaths using stealth and RPG elements such as improving your skills and unlocking new abilities. Of course, gradually, you will start to uncover the dark mysteries of the Elder Gods and the impossible world beyond reality as Cthulu begins to awaken.

The setting will stay true to H.P. Lovecraft's dark, thrilling Gothic horror themes.

The game looks to bring the famous psychological horror from H.P. Lovecraft's books into its settings and gameplay, while combining with the well-known Call of Cthulu tabletop roleplaying game. It was announced in 2014, and had gone dark for a while until this year, when new screenshots and teasers were posted. There was also an announcement that Cyanide Studio (known for stealth game Styx: Master of Shadows and dark fantasy sports game Blood Bowl) would take over developing it. The game is scheduled for 2017.

Get a glimpse of the horror and mystery in the announcement trailer:


29. Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2

The intense powers and energy attacks of the Dragonball series have never looked so good.

With Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2, players will be able to create their own fighter to explore and fight throughout many different locations in the Dragon Ball universe. Players can create a character from one of five species: Saiyans, Namekians, Earthlings, Majins and Frieza's race. All of the different species have different advantages, and players can customize their looks in many different ways.

The game, a fighting RPG, will feature a story taking place two years after the events of the first Xenoverse game, and sees the player's character joining an expanded Time Patrol (a group of fighters assembled by Future Trunks to stop the Time Breakers) alongside recognizable characters from the series. Together, you're trying to stop villains from the past, and from other pasts, from destroying the timeline.

Your custom character will be included in the story and its cutscenes.

The game will feature large, open environments where you can fight on land, in the air, or under the water using the series' well-known lightning-fast combat, and you can team up and learn from various characters. The main hub world, connecting all the battle arenas, will be 7 times larger than Toki-Toki City from the first game.

See the Z Fighters in action in the new trailer:


28. Insurgency: Sandstorm

New graphics and environments will make the game more realistic than ever.

In the story for Insurgency: Sandstorm, you play as “a squad of characters as they face increasingly challenging chapters in the war, from the invasion of Iraq in 2003 through the insurrection period and leading to the present day.”

Insurgency, originally funded through Kickstarter and brought to life through Steam Green Light, is a highly tactical shooter that combines bits of other successful FPS shooter games: the realism of ARMA, the movement of CounterStrike, the large excitement of Battlefield, and more. The first game was enjoyed by fans, and saw a number of mods and changes coming from the small indie studio that created it, New World Interactive.

The Insurgency series tries to show the cost and difficulty of war alongside the action.

For their follow-up, the studio is looking for some help from a publisher to not only bring the game into the future with Unreal Engine 4, but also to bring it to consoles in addition to PCs. They are quick to reassure fans that the game will not be dumbed down or modified for consoles, and that PC is their main focus, saying they want to be the “anti-CoD.” To back that up, they're working with fans to tweak and improve the feeling of the game, in hopes it becomes a popular choice for eSports in the future.

Check out this interview with the developers, showing highlights of the new game:


27. Kingdom Come - Deliverance

Heavy, hard-hitting combat is at the heart of the game.

In 15th century medieval Bohemia, you play as a blacksmith's son drafted into the service of a noble. Along the way, you'll gain notoriety as you travel and complete tasks, gradually shaping your reputation through hard choices with lasting consequences: do you slay your enemies, or show them mercy? Do you solve your problems using violence? Or charisma?

The game presents players with an open, historical world to explore, including towns full of people to interact with, and deep forests you can actually get lost in if you're not careful. When it's time to fight, Kingdom Come features an all-new first-person sword-fighting system that will take time to master. Not only will the combat be realistic, but so will the period-accurate clothing, carefully reconstructed castles, and historically-referenced music.

The large, medieval world will be free and open to explore.

The gameplay and story will change with the player, not featuring set RPG classes, but instead emerging as you play through the game and make choices. Everything you use and wear can be customized, and clothing and armor will get dirty, worn, and bloody over time. Adding to the realism is a needs system, which will have characters getting hungry and tired over time, and requiring rest and food (which can spoil if not properly cared for).

For those who want to carve out a story in a historical version of the medieval period, Kingdom Come will give a great chance to see what it was like.

See the story and historical world in the official trailer:


26. NBA 2K17

Steph Curry, the league's current top player, will feature in the game and on its cover.

NBA 2K17 is the 18th installment of the 2K basketball franchise focusing on the National Basketball Association of America (NBA), and features this most recent year's players, teams, and stats. 2K17 looks to continue its reign as the best basketball simulation game on the market, featuring the usual graphics and gameplay updates in addition to some new features.

Chief among these new features is some new balancing that will allow for more unique players who play in non-traditional ways. Usually, the kind of shots and plays that these athletes do in real life don't make sense to the game, and so they don't work in the game the same way.

Gameplay changes have been made to reflect non-traditional players on the court.

The example the developer talked about was Golden State Warriors star player Stephen Curry, who frequently takes (and makes) half-court shots, off-dribble three-pointers, and heavily contested layups. These are all shots that the rules of the video game identifies as “bad” and “likely to fail,” but in real life these work for certain players, so 2K Sports is hoping to fairly and accurately represent that this year without breaking the game.

If successful, this should make this year's version of the game even more realistic and representative of the sport than the last, and make it that much better for fans of the sport.

Watch this trailer featuring rising superstar Stephen Curry:


25. Riders of Icarus

The game will revolve around taming, training, and riding powerful monsters into battle.

Riders of Icarus is an upcoming fantasy MMO that looks to combine power-grinding and looting alements of action RPGs with capturing and training of monsters to fight alongside you. In the game, you'll encounter dozens of epic mythical creatures, and although you'll fight them as you'd expect, once you've weakened them, you have the option to try and tame them. You can climb on top to try and use them as a mount, train them to fight alongside you, or cruelly absorb their souls to power your weapons and armor.

Aside from dragons, many other mythogical creatures will be available to tame.

The Korean-developed game will be free-to-play, with premium items available for purchase, but for fans of monster-focused RPG games, this MMO could be worth investing some time into. Curious players can look into the public beta, which starts on July 6th.

Get a look at some of the exciting monster mounts in the new trailer:


24. Sea of Thieves

You and your pirate crew can team up to sail off and explore new, player-designed islands.

Everyone loves pirates, and many gamers enjoy the experience of living out life on the high seas as a member of a pirate crew. Sea of Thieves is an upcoming action-adventure game that puts players in the buckled boots of a customized pirate in a player-generated world. This means that the players will actually be creating parts of the game for others to experience.

The game will have a big focus on original content, giving players the tools they need to create their own stories and worlds to share with others, such as level generators to make your own islands, and quest designers to create original adventures. There's no driving story to Sea of Thieves, only an open, changing world full of treasure, sea monsters, and cities to sack.

Sailing the high seas offers new adventures, and new dangers.

The online multiplayer game will let friends team up on their ships as they sail for treasure and adventure against rival crews. Similar to other persistent online games like DayZ and Destiny, you'll encounter other players as you sail around the seas, and it will be up to you and your crew to decide how to interact with them. Do you attack before they attack you? Do you trade? Do you go looking for treasure together?

The game looks colorful and fun, being developed by Rare, also known for the beloved cartoony platformer Banjo Kazooie. They hope to bring that same open sense of adventure to the world of pirates, bringing players together to encounter new and exciting places.

Watch the trailer and see some preview gameplay here:


23. Lawbreakers

Characters fight on all different levels of each map, flying, jumping, running, and shooting.

In a futuristic America following a catastrophic apocalyptic earthquake called The Shattering—which messed up gravity, destroyed the moon, and has left a lawless world full of crime behind—there are those that fight for control of what's left. As the world struggles to rebuild, players can decide to join the Law or the Breakers, and push things towards one side or the other.

This competitive first-person shooter game is being developed by Cliff Bleszinski, legendary designer of Gears of War, and his new team at Boss Key Productions. They're looking to bring that same fast-paced, action-packed shooting to their new game, but changing the way they play by introducing gravity anomalies that force you to change the direction you move and how you think. This adds all new dimensions and verticality to the maps, and provides all new opportunities for exciting gameplay.

Melee characters offer a different FPS gameplay experience.

The various player classes have abilities that impact gravity, as well, letting them fly around the map, change where the pockets of gravity are, and completely alter the rules of the match. On each side, the Law and the Breakers, there will be a representative character for each of the classes; every character will have their opposite on the other side, who has the same weapons and skills as they do.

These classes include the deadly Assassin, armed with blades and shotgun; the jetpack-equipped mini-gun toting flying Vanguard; the elite soldier Enforcer who has control of distortion fields, and more. All these elements should come together for another legendary shooter.

See the fight to come in the official trailer:

22. Sherlock Holmes The Devil's Daughter

One of classic literature's best-loved duos, Sherlock and Watson, return to solve a new mystery.

In this latest Sherlock Holmes adventure game by the award-winning developer Frogwares, the famous detective must investigate five linked cases to dig into dark family secrets. Using his extraordinary deduction skills, keen eye for detail, and scientific tools, players will guide Holmes and Watson through open environments to try and solve the cases and find out what connects them.

This newest title in Frogwares' long-running series will see a return of the unique “deduction board” gameplay mechanic, which lets players draw connections between pieces of information and evidence they've gathered through solving puzzles and investigating in order to draw conclusions and move forward with the story. However, these conclusions could be completely wrong, and whether the players are right determines how the case goes and whether the criminals face justice.

Players will need to explore to gather clues and make deductions.

The game is the eighth installment in this puzzle adventure game series of original Sherlock Holmes stories, but there are some behind-the-scenes changes: this is the first with a new publisher, and the main voice actor for Sherlock Holmes will not be returning, as the developers say they are focusing on a different incarnation of Sherlock Holmes this time around.

See what gameplay to expect and get a taste of the story in the official trailer:


21. Sniper Elite 4

The game brings you to new, challenging locations for difficult long-distance shooting.,

In Fascist-controlled Italy in 1943, a special services agent and skilled sniper is tasked with assisting the resistance against the oppressive government in hopes of ending the war. Set during World War II, the Sniper Elite series combines a unique mix of third-person stealth gameplay and challenging long-distance sniper shooting. This combination has given the series a cult following, and Sniper Elite 4, set immediately after the events of the third game, will be sure to keep fans of the series holding their breath and firing.

The game's trademark feature has always been the sniper shots. After taking a lot of time to sneak in, find the perfect place, line up the sights, and pull the trigger, players are rewarded with a highly detailed x-ray view of the shot going into the target. This system has been expanded for Sniper Elite 4 to feature shrapnel kills, melee kills, and stealth kills, all showing the same slow-motion x-ray view.

The famous "x-ray" view of damage done to enemies will now include melee attacks in addition to sniping.

The developers have also created larger maps, included new night missions, and improved enemy AI, so that they start looking for your location after the first shot is heard, and there are now officers on the field that should be taken out first to demoralize their unit. With solid, technical gameplay and tons of new features, this should be the best Sniper game in the series.

See all the long-distance shooting action in the official trailer:


20. South Park: The Fractured But Whole

The kids of South Park are putting away their fantasy costumes and exchanging them for superheroes.

In this follow-up to the successful Stick of Truth, gamers will get a chance to play a new, hilarious RPG set in the South Park universe. This time, their playfully offensive sense of humor is aimed at big superhero franchises like Batman, Superman, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When Cartman hears that a rival group is trying to set up their own blockbuster superhero franchise, the kids cast off their fantasy costumes and take up new superhero identities in order to battle for control of the film series.

The sequel will continue the customizable action RPG mechanics of the original, with your own created character.

This new superhero setting brings new gameplay and features to the already solid turn-based RPG. You'll have 4 characters in your party this time, and characters will take on traditional RPG classes such as the healer, tank, support, and damage. Players will be able to switch between comic-inspired classes on the fly, developing skills as they like in order to better battle. You'll also have new environmental tactics to use, being able to push and move enemies around to get bonuses, or take cover to defend against attacks.

Overall, the game looks to expand upon the things that made Stick of Truth a fun game, while introducing welcome new ideas (players can now create a girl for the “new kid” character!), bigger environments, and plenty more jokes and satire.

Get a taste of the humor and superhero aesthetic in the official trailer:


19. Space Hulk: Deathwing

Over-the-top weapons and insane sci-fi enemies are the name of the game with Deathwing.

You are a Librarian from the Dark Angels' Deathwing company, sent with a squad of Space Marine Terminators to investigate a twisted, destroyed mass of abandoned space ships, called “space hulks.” Librarians in the Imperium don't lend out books, though. They are 8-foot-tall space wizards with giant guns. As the player, you'll be taking that gun and all your powers into the mystery of the space hulk.

Space Hulk: Deathwing is another upcoming Games Workshop adaptation of the sci-fi fantasy world of the Warhammer 40K universe. This time it's an FPS RPG based on the strategy board game Space Hulk, which threw players into cramped corridors to fight enemy Tyranid Genestealer aliens, nightmarish Warp Demons, and more.

What kind of librarian doesn't carry a giant energy sword?

Players will join up with a squad of co-op players or AI-controlled allies as they get sent into random missions to recover valuable technology and clear out alien threats. You'll have tactics besides shooting available to you as well, including locking doors to give you some time to breathe and heal. Players will do all while looking at gorgeously detailed ship environments and intricate space marine armor, all designed with that crazy gothic flair that Warhammer 40K is known for.

Deathwing isn't the first video game adaptation of Space Hulk; two games based on the board game came out in the 1990s, one of which played similar to Doom, but with real-time squad commands and strategy elements; and the other was a recreation of the board game. This upcoming 2016 release looks to balance the two, with solid tactics and exciting gunplay.

See the Librarians getting to work in the new trailer:

18. Spellforce 3

Long-time fans of the series will be excited to see beloved old features join exciting new ones.

Spellforce 3 takes place 500 years before the main event of the first game: the powerful spell called The Convocation. After it was cast, the world split into pieces and left humans, orcs, elves, dwarves, trolls and more factions all fighting over what little remained. The realm of Eo is one of powerful magic, which you as the player will have access to as you control and customize not only your character, but also an entire party of heroes and several cities' worth of armies.

Players will need to get resources by gathering, trading, making, and traveling throughout the world.

The Spellforce series are not only RPGs, but also real-time strategy (RTS) games. You'll build cities and bases, manage resources, and command large-scale battles as you play through the story, but inside those battles will be your main character and their companions. You'll control them on a smaller scale, building up their skills and fighting with them directly as you go on missions. It's a unique combination of gameplay that will appeal to fans of both genres.

The new game, which comes more than 10 years after Spellforce 2 released, and is being developed by Grimlore Games, the European branch of Nordic Games. Spellforce 3 will include a 30+ hour story campaign, cooperative and competitive multiplayer, and more realistic RTS management, such as the need to physically transport resources from base to base.

See the developer's "mood video" from E3:


17. The Dwarves

The story will focus on the often overlooked fantasy race that is the Dwarves.

Featuring “the coolest fantasy race out there” as described by the developers on Kickstarter, The Dwarves is a new fantasy action RPG that looks to focus on (you guessed it) dwarves! This tactical RPG will feature large-scale battles with hundreds of units fighting at the same time, including some brand-new crowd mechanics that allow for attacks to affect multiple units, or for groups of enemies to move and react independently. The developers are also promising an advanced physics system that will gives fights weight, and let you do things like knock orcs off a bridge with a swing of your heavy warhammer.

Group fights will feel more realistic as combatants jostle and push for position and their movements affects those around them.

The game's story will present the players with important choices, and is based on the first novel in the international best-seller fantasy series, The Dwarves by Markus Heitz. The author is even writing original quests and storylines for the game! Your character will explore the five kingdoms of the dwarves, coming across allies and enemies throughout the world, taking on quests, trading, and chatting. The developers have already produced two successful Kickstarter games, so you can expect to see a solid fantasy game released from them this year.

See the story and battle systems in action in the new trailer:


16. The Technomancer

Combat mixes magic and technology, letting players choose their style of play.

200 years after humans colonize the red planet of Mars, resources are growing scarce, greedily taken by large, corrupt corporations, and secret police control civilization. As the War of Water breaks out, a rookie Technomancer is on the run and trying to get to the bottom of the twisted web of power he finds himself in. Players will explore the amazing cities of Mars, with stark black skyscrapers and secret underground civilizations.

The alien creatures are as unique and interesting as the world of Mars itself.

The Technomancer is a science-fiction RPG focused on a type of warrior called a technomancer. Technomancers combine magic and technology to do incredible things and gain power, and the game allows you to upgrade and develop these skills along four different skill trees as you go through the game. You can also fight with either a staff, blade, gun, or shield. This allows players to combine and customize their combat style, with plenty of great designs for dropped loot, and a crafting system for weapons and armor.

You'll need every weapon, armor, and ally you can get, as you try to escape capture by the secret police, and find your way back to Earth.

Visit the Red Planet in the new gameplay trailer:


15. Watch Dogs 2

Using a combination of tech skills and violence, you'll oppose the government.

Wrongly framed by a new high-tech surveillance system, a young, intelligent hacker named Marcus joins up with a resistance group fighting against an oppressive government. In Watch Dogs 2, players will be headed to the city of San Francisco, which follows Chicago from the first game in installing a city-wide computer system called ctOS, connecting everyone and everything to a central network. The government uses this network to watch people and prevent crime, but as a hacker joining the group DedSec, you can take over the system to change and steal people's personal information, manipulate cars and mobile phones, control traffic lights, and more.

Almost anything in the world with electronics in it--lights, cars, phones--can be hacked and controlled.

Along with the new setting, Ubisoft is making a number of gameplay improvements to their third-person action-stealth game. Melee and gun combat have more options, including Marcus's personal weapon, the thunderball (a billiard ball on a bungee cord). There are more items to assist your missions, as well, like a remote-controlled car, a quadcopter drone, and taser. Driving controls are also being improved to be more accessible to better let you explore the story and side missions in the open world's six areas.

Watchdogs 2 will also introduce a cooperative multiplayer mode, where players can meet and interact with random players and complete missions together. It can be played either online or offline. Competitive multiplayer modes are also returning, including an asymmetric hacking invasion mode, where you have to log on and check in to make sure your assets aren't being stolen.

See the new character and setting in the official reveal trailer:


14. WWE 2K17

Brock Lesner will be one of the headline stars of the game.

Featuring superstar Brock Lesnar for the cover, WWE 2K17 is the 18th game in this professional wrestling simulator. Along with Lesnar, seven other wrestlers were announced to be in the game: John Cena, The Ultimate Warrior, Sasha Banks, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and AJ Styles. It will be Banks and Styles's first time appearing in the game series, which will give players an exciting new chance to control them in the ring. Recently, the legendary Bill Goldberg was confirmed as a special bonus for those who preorder.

Extreme damage is one of the new features recently announced for this year's title.

While gameplay details are scarce at the moment, the game is sure to further improve on the huge changes made in 2K16, including better character models, new minigames during special matches, a great story mode, and more natural interactions like interrupting a rival's interview to throw down.

See the game in action, and learn more about the collector's edition, in the newest trailer:


13. World Rally Championship 6

New city courses reflect real world rally race locations.

After receiving plenty of feedback from the 2015 version, the newest World Rally Championship game promises to be tighter and more challenging for die-hard fans of the racing genre. The game has been confirmed to continue featuring the main WRC, WRC2 and Junior WRC classes, featuring 14 real rally events, including the return of the China rally.

You'll be able to progress through the races in a customized S2000 rally car, choosing from a number of makers and features to get the perfect driving experience you want, including the Citroën DS3 WRC, Ford Fiesta RS WRC, Hyundai i20 WRC and Volkswagen Polo R WRC.

New models of cars will be included, with new ways to customize them and tweak performance.

The developer says there will be significant upgrades to the races' format and features, but details are still being kept secret for the moment. What Kylotonn Racing Games is talking about, though, are more challenging tracks based on rally fans' feedback. Roads felt too wide and smooth so they're getting smaller and bumpier to challenge drivers' steering control. Some tracks felt too short, so they're getting extended for more time.

World Rally Championship's official games have been facing competition from other rally games which feature more hardcore simulation, but WRC is the only game with real-world licensing, cars, drivers, and stages. So, for people who have to have things 100% authentic, this will hopefully be what they want.

See some gameplay and listen to the developers chat in this new trailer:


12. The Surge

The exosuit will give the main character superhuman abilities and combat options.

The Surge takes place in a dystopian future based on a worst-case scenario for where Earth is currently heading right now. Mega corporations and robotics join together to preserve what's left of the planet's fragile climate, but at the expense of people's freedom, and sometimes their safety.

After their successful Dark Souls-inspired game, Lords of the Fallen, developers Deck13 are looking to bring that same challenging hack-and-slash combat into a dark sci-fi atmosphere. However, as the main character, you are not a mighty warrior or combat-trained soldier, but rather a normal person thrown into the middle of chaos. Thankfully, you will have a biomechanical exosuit that will augment your movement, speed, strength, and more, which you'll need in the face of killer robots and enemy forces.

The settings and enemies will be dark and futuristic sci-fi.

Speaking of combat, things will be up close and personal, with fights using industrial equipment that has been repurposed into unique weaponry. This will obviously mean a very deep crafting system for making your own weapons and augmenting your exosuit using what you can find. In fact, customizing the exosuit will allow players to pursue some different styles for how they want to fight and interact with the environment, offering some interesting choice. Taking your weapons to fight your way through robots, your focus will have to be on dismemberment, seeking to disable and remove the most dangerous parts of your attackers.

The game is still in really early stages—only concept art was shown at E3—but the studio is hard at work bringing this world of 60-70 years into a dark future to life, and letting players fight their way through.

Check out some early cinematic and gameplay footage here:


11. Halo Wars 2

You can see all the action of the Halo games from a strategic overhead perspective, managing entire armies.

Shooting your way through aliens with a variety of weapons as sci-fi super soldier Master Chief is one of gaming's best-loved experiences, and the combat-torn universe his missions took place in carries a lot of interesting opportunity for larger battles than Master Chief alone can take on. In Halo Wars 2, you take command of entire armies on the battlefield, building bases, upgrading units, and planning strategy. Players will choose to either join the side of the United Nations Space Command (UNSC) or the Banished, a new, dangerous alien faction that split off from the Covenant.

Factions and units from throughout the Halo series will be playable in the game.

Halo Wars 2, like the first game, is a real-time strategy title offering a campaign mode with thirteen missions, as well as a variety of online multiplayer modes like Deathmatch, Domination, and an all new “Blitz” mode. As with other RTS games, you'll have a variety of units available to you inspired by the world of Halo, so expect to see old favorites like tanks and Warthogs alongside new units like the Jackrabbit, a fast-moving scout vehicle with a grenade launcher. The famous Mjolnir power armor will, of course, be making an appearance as well.

Players can look forward to balancing resources and fighting for control when the game comes out later this year.

See Microsoft's official trailer here:


10. The Guild 3

The new game will feature the same living, breathing cities as the first two, but with much better visuals and bigger.

In the middle of Europe in the year 1400, a family starts trying to make a name for themselves. Through trading, crafting, socializing, and navigating the politics of the area, you can establish a long-lasting dynasty of power. The Guild 3 combines historical economic simulation with choice-driven gameplay and long-term strategy. You will need to decide how to make money (farming, trade, business), and work your way up the social ladder by talking to other characters, making new deals, expanding your home and business, and more. Players will go through one of 12 unique scenario maps based on real-world locations and events, making their way through love, intrigue, and danger.

The rich 3D world has citizens that live their own lives and make their own decisions, neighborhoods where your influence will change based on your actions, as well as natural features like day and night cycles and changing seasons to account for. Changing environments after things like droughts will also let cities change and grow.

There will be plenty of business and social opportunities as you manage your family's business and legacy.

As with the first two Guild titles, The Guild 3 will feature many tools for the community to mod the base version of the game, using the set mechanics as a starting point for more advanced scenarios and settings.

Starting small with a modest shop or farm, you'll gradually work your way up over successive generations. If you play and plan well, you might become a lord of the land. Up to 32 players can also join in, if you'd like to all compete to win power and influence in the world of 15th-century Europe. In this medieval life simulation game, the choice will be up to you!

Only a short teaser for the game's music is currently out, but you can listen here:


9. Tekken 7

The newest Tekken will continue the family rivalry with exciting, powered up combat.

Put on your jaguar mask, practice your Bruce Lee impression, and get ready to get back into the fight with Tekken 7. This entry in the fighting game series will bring in exciting new mechanics, like Rage Drive (which lets you power up attacks by sacrificing some of your rage meter), Screw Attack (which spins enemies in the air, preventing them from landing on their feet), and Power Crush (which lets you continue your attack even while being hit).

Kazuya's mother Kazumi will feature in the games for the first time ever.

Tekken 7 also will introduce seven new characters to accompany 22 returning ones. These new characters include Lucky Chloe, a blonde “otaku” who wears cat ears while she dance-fights; Shaheen, a Saudi-Arabian man who uses a military self-defense style of fighting; and the first appearance of Kazumi Mishima, mother of main protagonist Kazuya and wife of main antagonist Heihachi. The game will also include Akuma, from the Street Fighter universe. All characters will be customizable in appearance and dress, using items unlocked by battling or the all-new practice mode.

See the classic versus action here:


8. Styx: Shards of Darkness

The game promises new stealth gameplay with the skilled assassin Styx.

Set before the events of 2012's Of Orcs and Men, Shards of Darkness focuses on the stealthy character Styx, a centuries-old Goblin assassin. Having toppled the Tower of Akenash in the first game, stealing the heart of a World-Tree to learn about his origins, Styx now sets his eyes on the unbreakable defenses of an enormous underground city full of Dark Elves: Korrangar. The Dark Elves, unlike the Humans and Elves, have locked themselves away for a long time, growing powerful with a new source of energy. Their hatred for Humans and Elves is only outweighed by their hatred for “greenskins,” but a diplomatic summit in the city gives Styx a chance to maybe sneak in undetected.

In the first game, Styx made use of all his sneaking skills to stick to the shadows, as well as some arcane magic to see in the darkness, turn invisible, and even make clones of himself for distractions. Shards of Darkness brings new gameplay and free movement mechanics, including grappling around corners and using his trusty knife as a zip-wire. With these, the city of Korrangar ought to be even more open for players to freely explore.

There will be all new ways to navigate and explore the environments.

He'll need all the new skills he can get, as not only Dark Elves, but Dwarves trained in Goblin hunting will be coming after him, intelligently flushing him out of the shadows and tracking his every move. Players will put their stealth skills to the test when the game releases next year.

Until then, check out the official trailer:


7. Pro Evolution Soccer 2017

Dribbling and ball control will be greatly improved.

Konami's football mega-hit Pro Evolution Soccer is getting a new 2017 release for the upcoming season. The series has been getting faster and faster over the years, but 2017 looks to bring a heavier, more realistic feel to the controls to make players consider their movement and actions on the field. Better goalie AI, advanced team strategies, and corner kicking mechanics will also increase the realism of the physics during play.

A slower pace means more strategy and thought going into your play, and PES 2017 offers the ability to switch between 4 types of attack and defense on the fly. This should allow for more individuality between different athletes and give players lots of choice and challenge. The system is being called Real Touch, and should have passes and shots alike flying more realistically and in unique ways, giving great satisfaction when done correctly.

More realistic weather effects and stronger goaltending AI will also be new improvements for the game.

Konami is also promising a day-one roster update along with weekly updates for both online and offline play; the franchise had been criticized for outdated stats and slow roster updates in previous releases. Players will see how it all comes together at the end of this year.

See the new trailer, focusing on FC Barcelona, here:


6. Kenshi

How you interact with others is key to the world of Kenshi.

Kenshi is an upcoming single-player RPG set in a “sword-punk” setting, which combines samurai and steampunk tropes into a unique, post-apocalyptic atmosphere. Gameplay is open-ended and free-roaming, allowing players to decide how they want to survive and gain power in the world. You can be a lone warrior, a wandering mercenary, or a warlord commanding a whole squad of fighters in battle. If you prefer not to fight your way through, you can also become a trader, a doctor, a businessman, or an explorer. The choice is yours.

Squad-based combat will help you survive the more difficult fights.

Things will not be easy though, as you are no one special in this game. After you customize your character, you're plopped into a dangerous, unforgiving world where everyone is stronger than you. You'll have to use your wits to survive and improve, or otherwise form alliances. Over time, you can train your skills in robotics, thievery, engineering, medicine, weaponsmithing and more. You can even build a desert fortress from scratch, slowly upgrading it with new tech and setting up trade.

Kenshi is currently in Alpha, has been for years, so a lot of the features are being developed and changed, but this unique world of survival and freedom of choice looks very promising for fans of open-world RPGs like Fallout and Elder Scrolls.

Check out some gameplay in the newest version of the beta:



Both enemies and the weapons you shoot with are huge and crazy.

Pick up the biggest gun you can get your hands on and blast your way through the terrifying demons of Hell, which are running rampant on the planet of Mars. Doom is one of the original FPS shooting games, and this reboot delivers some intense shooting action with beautiful new graphics and improved gameplay. Unlike the survival horror feeling of Doom 3, DOOM looks to return to the fast pace and open environments of the first two games from the '90s.

Big science-fiction weapons (and the classic chainsaw), dangerous demons, and arcade game speed are at the center of the new DOOM, with new features like environmental traversal in a variety of vehicles, character upgrades, and special cinematic kills called “glory kills,” which grant bonuses in addition to beautiful carnage. DOOM's combat is described by the developers as “push-forward,” meaning players are always moving forward and shooting, rather than taking cover and waiting for health to regenerate.

Every moment of the game involves some new giant action sequence.

Every kill will grant ammunition and experience towards bonuses to your weapons and character. You can boost your movement speed, weapon capacity, and more. Runes and research projects you pick up along the way will give you tasks to complete to become even more powerful, until you're an unstoppable killing machine.

The single-player game promises around 13 hours of nonstop action, as well as a hardcore “Ultra-Nightmare” difficulty, which has permadeath. The game also features online multiplayer and a level-editor for making your own arenas, offering players plenty of ways to do some slaying.

See the core components of the game: guns, demons, and speed, in this trailer:

4. Dead by Daylight

Players are stalked by supernatural horrors bent on killing them all.

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical (4 vs 1) multiplayer horror game, where up to 4 players are locked in an enclosed area with 1 player controlling a dangerous killer. As the killer stalks and murders them, the other players must work together to try and survive so they can escape.

The Survivors play in third-person, and have greater awareness of their surroundings and movement in the environment, while the Killer plays in first-person, focused on their prey. The Survivors are four normal people with distinct personalities, while the Killer takes many forms inspired by decades of horror movies. You can play as everything from a classic slasher to a supernatural creature, all with unique powers to master. Both the Killer and Survivors have access to a customizable progression system, which will let them change how they play as they get better at the game.

Survivors must work together if they want to see daylight and escape.

Each level, known as a “killing ground,” is procedurally generated to have a new layout and features every time you play, so finding the escape point before being captured and killed will not be easy. Tense music, dark lighting, fog, and the reactions of other players will all contribute to a terrifying but exciting experience that's fresh every time.

Check out the gruesome horror gameplay in the official trailer:


3. Lost Ark

Gameplay is played from overhead, with action RPG combat and upgrades.

A free online MMORPG inspired by the hack-and-slash action of the Diablo series, Lost Ark is a promising and beautiful upcoming title from Smilegate, a Korean game company that also produced CrossFire, the world's top online FPS.

Set in a vast fantasy universe being invaded by demons, Lost Ark will have players fighting through as one of a number of distinct classes including the Battle Master, Devil Hunter, Arcana or the Berserker. Each has a different way of fighting, from powerful magic to up-close sword-fighting. The combat introduces a new “tripod” system, which will let you attack multiple enemies and build up combos.

There are different character classes for players to try out and customize.

As one of these heroes, you will have to track down the pieces of the Lost Ark to defeat the powerful forces flooding through the Chaos Gate. As you follow the main story, you'll also be faced with life-or-death moral choices, and pick up quests through conversation or eavesdropping. There will also be random “World Class Crisis” event, which require all players in the area to work together to repel the demons. In addition, challenging “Guardian Raids,” will pit teams of players against huge, strong monsters.

Not everything will be so serious and hardcore, though. Players will also be able to spend their time fishing, crafting, mining, drinking and card games in their down time between important missions, earning unique rewards for the game.

Overall, Lost Ark looks to take popular ideas from several successful games and combine them into an exciting online experience that you can enjoy for free.

See the game in action in this gameplay trailer:


2. Lineage Eternal

The newest title will offer fans an all-new story and experience in the Lineage universe.

Announced way back in 2011 as a sequel to the first Lineage game, news from developer NCSoft had been pretty quiet until this year. Finally, details about the action MMORPG are emerging, and beta testing has started. The game will be set in the same fantasy world as the first games, with an all-new “drag action” system for combat. Special attacks will be performed by quickly drawing mouse gestures on the screen, combined with strategic use of the terrain around you and fast-paced hack-and-slash fighting.

NCSoft's unique character and world design will be getting even better.

NCSoft, who also created the free MMORPG series Guild Wars and popular , is also promising large, epic battles where players can command allied troops into siege warfare against other players. Outside of that, there's no much information available, but with the closed beta now in progress, the game should be nearing release soon.


1. Vampyr

If you choose to fight, things will get very bloody.

In 20th-century London, a plague is spreading, and Jonathan Reid, a doctor working to save lives, finds himself fallen victim to it. He does not die, though, but instead resurrects as a vampire, thirsty for the blood of the innocent, but conflicted by his former commitment to helping and saving others.

Vampyr looks to explore the two sides to the main character, as players can decide to stalk, hunt, and kill any character in the town. In keeping with vampire mythology, you'll need to be invited into homes before entering, and are vulnerable to daylight and religious items. Each character will have their own life and relationships, and each death will have an impact on the city and people around. Every victim the player kills, however, will also lead to new, stronger abilities for Reid in addition to replenishing health and power. These new abilities including powerful superhuman leaps and influencing people's minds.

You'll need to upgrade your supernatural powers to defeat the powerful beasts that threaten the town.

It is possible to complete the game without killing anyway, keeping your cover as a doctor and saving innocent lives, but this will leave you weaker and vulnerable to the rising threat of Skulls (deformed, feral vampires) and vampire slayers, who are unsympathetic to your efforts. You will have weapons at your side to protect yourself, and can improve and customize them as you go, but every fight will leave you weaker, and any special powers you use will require you to feed to recharge. It will be up to players to balance the morality of how Jonathan Reid progresses through the story.

The game is being developed by Dontnod Entertainment, who previously released the surprise hit Life is Strange. Vampyr seems like a big change from the psychological nature of 1950s America, but we'll have to see how the story plays out when the game releases in 2017.

Watch the mysterious powers unfold in the gameplay trailer:


From the list, it looks like new graphics, VR displays, big, open worlds, and more awesome next-generation gaming awaits us in 2016 and 2017. Of course, there's even more than just 57 titles to come in the next year, so make sure to keep watching our news as we hear and talk about new, exciting PC games!

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