10 Hidden Gems On Steam

Best unknown games on steam
What treasures await you?

Here Are 10 Good Games On Steam You've Probably Not Heard About

Hunting treasure on Steam? Let us be your map.

Steam, a platform where any game has a chance to see the light of day. Yet, even those that do don't always see as much light as the games around them, even with a better experience to offer.

With that in mind, here are some hidden gems on Steam for you treasure hunters out there.

Happy hunting!

1. Air Brawl

Dog fighting in the sky, done right!

If you're a fan of aerial combat and mid-air dogfighting, Air Brawl is waiting for you. A simple game that relies on the reaction of the player to both other players and the environment, all the mechanics are smooth and responsive.

With bright, simple graphics, tight controls and simple environments, this one is a must for strategy combat fans.

2. Cloudbuilt

Jet Set Radio -In the clouds

A parkour platformer with a unique art style? Jet Set Radio, right? No, Cloudbuilt is a Steam gem that looks as gorgeous and lets speedrunning be as fun as it should.

Players must use their wits and response to escape the ruins of Cloudbuilt. The traps, sentries and pitfalls will not make it that simple, however. For fans of speedrunning or platforms, Cloudbuilt is a beautiful foray into the sky.

Just watch out for turrets – those are the worst.

3. EYE: Divine Cybermancy

A struggle for independence in a Cyberpunk dystopia.

This nifty little multi-player is an interesting blend of FPS / RPG with a Cyberpunk twist. Baring some pretty interesting combat and weapons, and a simple story, EYE is a lot of fun.

With gritty atmosphere, multi-player that works as it should and hundreds of hours of gameplay, this one is a must for RPG or FPS fans.

You can block bullets with swords too. In case you needed more motivation.

4. Eldritch

Someone made H.P Lovecraft adorable!

A cute rogue-like simulation that takes players into the Lovecraftian depths of madness. With levels generating at random, players will find themselves able to do all sorts of silly things. Pray to an old god, punch a fish-person and even meet Cthulhu while he wears a monocle.

Everyone should play this game – it's one of the cutest horror tributes ever.

Monocles for all!

5. Nidhogg

Swordfight ALL the things!

Before this game exploded, Nidhogg was one heck of a find on Steam. For many people out there, it still isn't a name often mentioned despite its popularity. The premise is essentially sword-play, acrobatics and jousting in pixel-land against opponents that range from normal to ridiculous.

Touting some amazing controls and multi-player, anyone looking for some good fighting will enjoy this bizarre game.

Giant worms will rain from the sky.

6. One Finger Death Punch

Everybody was Kung Fu fighting

If you're a fan of cinematic fighting, Kung Fu and stick figures, this is the game for you. A quirky, fast-paced side-scrolling death match, One Finger Death Punch is super fun. The longer you play, the more the combos and moves become hilarious and over-the-top.

For fighting fans, One Finger Death Punch is a must. Funny, fast and violent – this game has a lot to love.

Enjoy the slow-motion kills!

7. Rymdkapsel

Civilization in spaaaacceeeee!

A truly well-hidden gem on Steam, in this game players take over a space station and manage it to their best ability. Simple graphics with immaculate gameplay and lovely music, any fans of strategy or simulation will find a lot of joy here.

With pleasant surprises, clever strategems and minions to boss around (no, not the yellow ones), loving this game is easy.

Just don't be a bad boss – or do, it's your call.


Bullet-cutting mosh guns!

If Crypt of the Necrodancer isn't your scene, UBERMOSH might be a bit more metal. An arcade style bullet-hell, UBERMOSH features an amazing soundtrack as well. It is also set in a Cyberpunk dystopia – a running theme of the day, no?

The songs are great, the combat is fun and the main protagonist is a blast (pun intended).

Rock out with your gun out!

9 .Arcane Worlds

Strange worlds on a magic carpet ride.

Admittedly, this game isn't for everyone. There's room for improvement and mixed reviews abound. Still, if you enjoy adventure game from a unique perspective and some interesting mechanics, Arcane Worlds can be a blast.

Creature battles, gathering mana and traversing worlds all from the air is pretty fun. Almost makes me wonder what it'd look like on the Oculus.

It can show you the world – you may not like it, though.

10. Maia

Colonize the galaxy.

Set a stone's throw in the future, Maia is a game about colonization and protecting people looking to settle. A combination of simulation, strategy and dark sci-fi, it is another mixed bag for players.

The gameplay and time investment is interesting, though it will not be for every simulation fan out there, for sure. Still, this nifty little hidden gem is worth checking out if you're a fan of space.

Make sure your colonists don't die. They really like to do that.

What are some of your treasures on Steam? What are your opinions on the games we listed? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below!

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