Top 15 Ultimate Best Free Steam Games to Play in 2019

Best Free Steam Games
Fight like Gandalf and defend that bridge!

Which are the best free Steam games?

These games are on the “free” list, but are well worth your time.

15. Cuisine Royale

Cuisine Royale Gameplay

Your avatar begins in the game with nothing more than boxer shorts. From then on, it is a PvP battle royale with the option to go in teams or take your chances alone. Face off in battlefields that contain 36 opponents and become the top dog! Find the nearest refrigerator to collect loot… but here’s the catch: nearly everything you find is kitchen related. Use a colander as a helmet and strap a frying pan over your buns for ultimate protection.

The zone through which you travel is always shrinking, so there is sure to be a last man standing. Move continuously into the center and keep your wits about you. Outside of battle, craft items and gestures to become the envy of all; these have no combat value, but sure are fun!

Behold the majestic Pizza Blossoms.

Shocking deleted scenes from “Tangled.”

14. Endless Sky

Endless Sky Gameplay

Have you ever watched Star Wars as a child and wish you could traverse that wide array of planets and stars? Explore a 2-dimensional universe with a rocketship you can customize or build. With several different ships and thousands of modifications, both developer and player created, it is nearly impossible to run out of options.

While the storyline to the game is fewer than 20 hours, the game is packed to the brim with content from players and developers. Endless Sky has its own galaxy editor to add new and complex solar systems. Use the plugin to craft ships, missions, alien species and more! These utilities add hours more to the potential gameplay!

Keep your game lighthearted and easy with a small number of ships.

Or challenge yourself and the entire galaxy to a showdown.

13. Call to Arms

Call to Arms Gameplay

Immerse yourself in the challenging atmosphere of this real-time-strategy game set in the postmodern era. Your choices are vast: play head-to-head against robotic AIs or against other players; hover above in third person mode or come to the ground in first person. Find cover against your enemies, command dozens of units and be the last man (or men) standing.

Nearly any scenario of combat is possible in this free-to-play diversion. The Campaigns for those anti-socials are filled with smooth FPS rates and realistic sound effects within challenging and well thought-out scenarios. Play “Capture the Flag” in multiplayer with realistic tanks, weapons and helicopters. The fact that players are consistently cranking out new content on Steamworks makes exploration half the fun.

Dive on in and see what this game can do: create your own plots within Steamworks and/or crawl, run and drive through the landscapes created by developers and players alike. Oh, and did I mention there are helicopters?

Take your opponents .

Set up a defensive position and lie in wait.


BRAIN / OUT Gameplay

Watch 8-bit brains fly as you prove your timing, luck and mettle amongst the mighty and the weak. This 2-dimensional post-Soviet inspired battle royale is a multiplayer third-person shooter in which any have a chance at victory. There are no hit points-- certain items such as bulletproof vests and helmets can extend your life, but if you’re not quick and careful, you will still get taken out with a clean shot.

Work with a small group to clash with another in the middle of a randomly generated map or become the last man standing out of 10 in a true free-for-all. Each kill drops money to buy weapons and earn rank. There are significant incentives to rank, beginning with earning a place in the Top 100 where you receive a unique weapon set.

Escape is futile-- embrace your fate.

Gotta catch them all!

11. Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter Gameplay

Direct your Dwellers to build the most defensible, aesthetically pleasing, confusing and/or cruel underground bunker you can dream. Play as Overseer and ensure your Vault is the most defensible, survivable place in the post-apocalyptic world. As a personal fan of the Fallout lore and system, I will admit to having my own Vault(s) going.

Manage your resources and your Dwellers’ happiness as each person has different jobs based on their stats. Send explorers to collect crafting materials and legendary weapons. Upgrade rooms and build training centers to improve your defenses. Just beware of invaders: molerats, raiders, ghouls and even dreaded Yao Guai will burst through. Armor and weapons, both crafted and found, will be vital in eliminating these threats.

Burrow deeper through the bedrock, make your colony as large and sustainable as possible.

No one can die from happiness deprivation… right? Right?

Codsworth: “Oh, I do so hate the messes these pesky invasions cause!”

10. Brawlhalla

Brawlhalla Gameplay

Face off against the greatest fighters through all time! These historical heroes are known in Valhalla as Legends. Discover the strength and skills of these mighty warriors by utilizing the weapons they own or by finding weapons and gizmos within the arena. Each Legend has their own fighting style and special abilities with new Legends being added all the time-- there are currently 44 champions with more to come.

The options for gameplay allow for up to eight players to go head-to-head. Fight in teams of two to four or make it an eight person free-for-all. There are also options to fight against the game’s AIs in single-player mode, however this will not count towards your ranking. Scratch, claw, jump and kick your way to the coveted Diamond rank and earn the highest score against all opponents.

Aerial battles never looked so good!

Embrace the chaos!

9. Deceit

Deceit Gameplay

The game begins with your avatar waking up, face-down on the ground among 5 others and you must work as a team to find a way out. Work with the others to accomplish goals and keep an eye on everyone-- anyone could be Infected. This first-person multiplayer shooting game gives players individual missions based on zone factors and whether or not the player has the virus.

No one knows who the Infected are because everyone has a motive showing directly on their individual screens. When your back is turned, anyone could grab those bags of blood lying around. The Infected survivors drink blood to activate their monstrous forms and steal fuses to keep the Innocents in the dark. Innocents: root out the Infected within a group of six and eliminate them; Infected: kill the four Innocents using strategy and deception.

Judging by his face, one of the Kardashians got him.

Light is your friend. Your only friend.

8. Unturned

Unturned Gameplay

You are one of the few remaining survivors of the zombie apocalypse in one of six open sandbox worlds, inspired by real-life areas. Move your pixelated avatar through different environments to face off against zombies, players and nature Herself. Progress through the story elements of the single-player mode, survive with a band of friends in cooperative play or make the streets red in a chaotic free-for-all.

Unturned players are encouraged to mod their own vehicles, weapons and fortresses. Download the creations of other players, upgrade your gear and survive the cruel weather. Watch your back in third person or get close in first person view. Learn the dark secrets of the game and most importantly… survive.

Scope out the competition.

Burn it all down!

7. SCP: Secret Laboratory

SCP: Secret Laboratory Gameplay

There have been several breaches of security in the underground lab known as the Foundation and it is the prisoners’ only chance for escape… it is a chance for the surviving experiments to escape as well. Begin as either a Scientist or a D-Class Prisoner and work your way through the randomly generated maps to escape. Fight in first-person mode, keep that gun handy and be ready to bolt at any moment.

Support your faction at the higher levels: the Nine-Tailed Foxes have equipment to take out the SCP monstrosities and agents of Chaos have the power to kill Scientists, NTFs and the SCPs. Some SCPs have the power to make other anomalies or take players to another plane of existence, so it is best to look out, be ready to run and use the element of stealth. Escape the Foundation by any means necessary.

Learn the weaknesses of each SCP and use the to your advantage.

Rise through the Lab and never look back.

6. Atlas Reactor

Atlas Reactor Gameplay

Team up with your fellow Freelancers and take down the opposing force in this 4v4 battle arena. This is a turn-based tactical game where the rules are a little different. The battle begins with thirty seconds on the clock; you need to decide upon your first tactical position in this time, this turn also allows you to place down traps. These actions are hidden to give everyone equal footing.

From there, another thirty-second timer begins and all players must decide upon an action and/or attack. Once the time is up, the round is broken into two phases: Dash and Blast. Dash will always come first to allow players to avoid nasty AOE attacks. The actions taken during Dash and Blast are not hidden, though it is up to the player to guess their opponents’ actions. To summarize, each turn is broken into phases: Prep, Dash and Blast; they always move in this respective order..

Each character comes with their own lore and playstyle. Play solo against bots, play some friendly PvP with or without rank or fight in a Custom battle. Find your niche and become the ultimate strategist, whether it be with one Freelancer or all of them.

Destroy them with lasers.

Decisions, decisions…

5. Path of Exile

Path of Exile Gameplay

You play an Exile; someone in power has sent you to the dark continent of Wraeclast and it is up to you to survive. Choose one of the seven classes provided and build your character through kills, where you earn experience and equipment. Every choice along the passive skill tree and the weapons you equip can help or hurt your character. No two Exiles are alike, even when they begin with similar skills.

Explore the game without interference in single player mode or jump online and embrace the madness within multiplayer mode. Complete challenging missions from shady lords to earn incentives such as equipment, favor and eventually your own hideout. Complete enough missions on Wraeclast to earn access to Maps, PoE’s endgame content. Enter the dungeons of mysterious, powerful entities and work alone or with friends to kill the final boss in each Map.

Harness the power of Shadows.

Use the right tool for the right job.

4. War Thunder

War Thunder Gameplay

Take down your enemies in World War II and the Cold War by land, by sea and by air. Compete against people from around the world by choosing a nation and a vehicle, both of which will give you certain skills, capabilities, advantages and disadvantages. The most popular sect of players choose the aerial battles for the impressive graphics and unique forms of attack. You also have the option of supporting the fight with Ground Forces, or take the war to the sea and show them who’s boss.

With over 1,000 vehicles from which to choose and seven nations within which one can play, the combinations and possibilities are nearly endless. There are options to play single-player PvE content and rise through the ranks within War Thunder. Rewrite history and work with your team to win.

Support your team on the ground.

Demolish your opponents from the sky.

3. Heroes & Generals

Heroes & Generals Gameplay

Conquer cities and crush your enemies in the name of your nation. Fight on behalf of the U.S., Germany or the Soviet Union; these decide your style of play. Choose between over 60 weapons and more than 70 vehicles, both land and air. Challenge ranked opponents to earn the ability to face more difficult foes and earn better equipment.

Be one to make an impact on the war-- everything you do matters. Earn your way to the rank of General. Conquer 15 cities and win the game.

Watch your enemies flee before you.

Be vewy, vewy quiet. I’m hunting soldiers.

2. Warframe

Warframe Gameplay

You choose from many different Warframes unlocked through events and in-game credits and customize them with mods and abilities. Fight through single player, group up in co-op with a party of four or dive into the multiplayer atmosphere and get to know new people. Take your liset out and about to explore 18 massive sandbox zones filled with possibility.

Enjoy the seamless, fast-paced combat as you leap, slide and dive over multiple surfaces and scenes. Who you play depends on how you want to play. Each mission you pick up requires a different set of skills, so tactics and adaptability are essential to success. Collect new Warframes, seek out a reliable crew and make your avatar the ultimate killing machine.

Enjoy the shocking graphics.

Some missions will require you to race the clock.

1. DOTA 2

DOTA 2 Gameplay

Well deserving of the number one spot, DOTA 2 is a strategic battle map game where you pit yourself against either other players, or if you are new, the DOTA 2 robotic AI. Each side chooses 5 champions, though none can be the same as the opposing side. Each champion comes with their own benefits and advantages as well as handicaps.

Along the three paths of the map lie different towers with increasing strength; they function as defenses for your side of the map. From the opposite side swarm in minor monsters known as “creeps.” There are several options for moving along the map, including cutting through the forests to move along another path for tactical purposes. It is up to you to use your heroes to their full utility. With so many options available and new patches changing things all the time, players both new and old always learn something new.

In order to win the game, you must destroy all of the opponent’s towers and then kill their Ancient. Once the Ancient is defeated, the game is over and a winner is declared.

Witness clashing titans.

It's Electric! Boogey-woogey-woogey!

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