ACNH: How To Build A Bridge

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Now you don't have to impale any fish to get across your river.

Bridges are such a sought-after design aspect in ACNH that players are shelling out hundreds of thousands of bells per bridge. 

How to craft a bridge in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Your first week on your Animal Crossing: New Horizons island is an exciting one. At first, you’re only going to be able to access a small portion of your island. Much of it will be inaccessible due to the river that runs through it. That is until you get your first vaulting pole. As fun as it may be to vault your way across your island, bridges are slightly more refined. There are many bridge options available in ACNH, and they vary greatly in price. To find out how to build a bridge, keep reading. 

How To Build A Bridge In ACNH: 

  • Once you invite three villagers to live on your island, Tom Nook will point out that there needs to be a way for everyone to reach other parts of the island easily. He’ll send you the DIY recipe for a bridge construction kit. 
  • Now it’s time to gather your materials. You’ll need 4 log stakes, 4 pieces of clay, and 4 stones. You’re going to need to craft the log stakes, but don’t worry because you already have the recipe. However, you’re going to need to have 12 pieces of wood in total. 
  • After you craft your bridge construction kit, you’re going to need to find a portion of the river that is even on both sides. Bridges are four spaces wide, and the river must be even on both sides. 
  • Once you think you’ve located the perfect spot, access your inventory, select the bridge construction kit and select “Build Here.” 
  • A blueprint for the bridge will appear. From here, you’re able to imagine the bridge to see exactly what it will look like. If you’re dissatisfied and want to choose a new location, you can back out at this step. However, if you’re pleased with the bridge, select the option “This is the spot!” 
  • Like all construction projects on the island, the bridge will be ready the following day! 

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