ACNH Best Ways To Get DIY Recipes [Top 3 Ways]

Craft Up A Storm

The ability to craft is arguably one of the best things to happen to the Animal Crossing franchise. While breakable tools can be annoying, the amount of items available to craft more than makes up for it. There are DIYs for all manner of things, from simple pieces of furniture to rare seasonal decor. Since the 2.0 update and the introduction of cooking, there are over 1800 recipes available! Here are three of the best ways to collect DIYs for all you completionists out there.


3. Bottles

Bottles are a great source of early-game recipes, especially before you have a full roster of villagers. They spawn twice daily on your beach, and can also be found on Nook Miles islands and Kapp’n islands.

How to find bottles:

  • Check your beach twice daily, at 6AM and 6PM. If you have more than one player on your island, each player will have their own bottle spawns. 
  • If you have tickets to spare, speak to Orville to take mystery tours. Mystery tours have a 50% chance of spawning a bottle.
  • Every day, take a boat tour with Kapp’n. Each tour has a guaranteed DIY recipe, and if you’re lucky you may get a rare seasonal island, with a seasonal DIY!


2. Balloons

Balloons can be a pretty steady source of DIY recipes if you have the time to invest. They spawn every fourth and ninth minute, and will either float to the left or to the right, depending on the time of day. Balloons also contain various other items such as furniture, bells and crafting materials, which makes this method of farming rather RNG-based. If you’re feeling lucky, go for it!

How to farm balloons:

  • First, find out which way your balloons are traveling. If they’re floating left to right during the day, they will switch sides at 6PM, and switch back at 5AM.
  • Stay along the beach and keep an eye on the time. Every five minutes a new balloon will spawn. Grab your slingshot and pop that sucker!
  • If you have the space on your island, use tall items such as the climbing wall alongside your beach to force the balloons to float their way to you.


1. Villagers

The best way to farm DIYs in Animal Crossing is through villager crafting. Different villagers will craft or cook three times a day, and all you have to do is talk to them to receive a recipe. If you have friends who play, you can collect recipes from their villagers, too!

How to collect villager recipes:

  • Walk around your island and check in on villagers who are home.
  • Once you’ve found the villager who is crafting or cooking, talk to them to receive that DIY.
  • Approximately three hours later, do it again. If the same villager is still crafting, wait a little longer, or time travel.
  • Once another three hours have passed, repeat the step above!
  • (Optional) visit your friends’ islands and talk to their crafting villagers to receive even more recipes.


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