Animal Crossing: New Horizons How To Plant Crops

Crops were first introduced in the 2020 Halloween update of New Horizons during the real-life festivity with a considerable variety of pumpkins. This event made a lot of fans expecting of what could come next now that we were able to plant some extra stuff aside from fruit trees; but it wasn’t until a year later during the 2.0 update that we were introduced to wheat, carrots, sugar cane, and potatoes crops.


Getting the initial crops isn’t as easy as anticipated; the only thing you need to do is wait for Leif’s visit to your island every week and get all four during a few weeks. If you’re not patient enough, you can help him open his store in Harv’s island by the tiny amount of 100,000 bells. Once you’ve got yourself the crops you want, you just have to dig up a hole in the ground, bury the crops, water carefully, and wait a couple of days until your crops are ready!



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