[Top 5] Animal Crossing New Horizons Best Kitchens

5 Best ACNH Kitchens
Abdallah displays his collection of ironwood furniture.

The kitchen is where you spend your time eating. That is unless you prefer eating on the couch. Even if you don’t like eating at the table, you still need to gather food from the fridge. For those looking for the best kitchens created by the community, this is the place to be.

5. Adelaide Gaming’s Cozy Kitchen


This kitchen design is reminiscent of a 1940’s household. The wood panels have light colors. Barely any technology rests here. 
Decorating the edges are potted plants with mild colors. Their pots have bland patterns that add to the kitchen’s soft feel.


  • Antique feel.
  • Atmospheric plants.
  • Little technology.
  • Light wood colors.

4. Ironwood Kitchen


The ironwood series is a selection of wooden furniture and decorations that give a rustic yet modern look to any house. All of the items together made a great kitchen. AbdallahSmash026 made a great video showcasing the furniture set.


  • A good set.
  • Rustic yet modern look.
  • Ideal kitchen furniture.

3. “Gorgeous Kitchen” by: PIE


This is the kitchen suitable for an upper-class studio apartment. It has a black and white color scheme along with dark oak cabinets. A slick aisle rests in the middle of the room. 

In one corner, there’s a television surrounded by an angled, white couch.


  • Television.
  • Ritzy kitchen.
  • Dark oak cabinets.
  • Slick aisle.

2. Fleur’s Blue Kitchen


The color blue is the main theme of this kitchen. A striking, bluebell rug underlies several counters holding kitchen appliances. Beautiful paintings line the walls.

All of the wooden furniture pieces are cream in color. Small decorations like candles and a coat hanger add to the charm.


  • Blue theme.
  • Varied decorations.
  • Bluebell rug.

1. Jenna Rose’s Modern Kitchen


This kitchen is simple in concept. What sets it apart is its versatility and use of windows. This kitchen design can work with many housing plans. 


  • Jack of all trades.
  • Versatile.
  • Simple.

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