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With all the money that is spent on upgrading houses in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, of course, it is worth expanding to design and decorate to your heart's desire. From different aesthetics and vibes, the home is a wonderful place to showcase furniture and decorations that have been created and collected. Here are 10 incredible houses that may possibly give some wonderful inspiration to your own island.


10. Summer's Autumn Cabin

Celebrating the first day of Fall, this home is a tribute to a beautiful Autumn cabin home. The wallpaper and flooring, along with the decorations throughout the house has a really rustic and lovely cabin in the woods feel to it. The kitchen is filled with wood furniture and a really simple but stunning design process. The Bedroom is shared with a library area that has a tranquil atmosphere.

  • This video was the Creator's before and after so you can definitely see the differences in themes and aesthetics which now is prominently Autumn-themed! The final reveal is time-stamped at 11:03 minutes.
  • The outdoor area within the smaller room has a quaint ambiance with a bench and a relaxing Cyprus bathtub to relax in.


9. Bojangles

Without a specific theme or aesthetic, the rooms in Bojangles bring off different and unique vibes within. The white and gold exterior gives Bojangles a lavish appearance from the outside. The living room is quite quaint and has a lounge area with a cat tower. The guest room is absolutely stunning with gorgeous city views.

  • The indoor spa has charming greenery and everything you may need for a much-needed relaxing spa day.
  • The bedroom is super cute and cozy with stars, plush dolls, and a record player!


8. Risa's Rosebuds house

Walking into Risa's Rosebud house is like an elegant dream of whites, gold, and sophisticated elements. The bedroom is absolutely jaw-dropping with its white wedding wallpaper and white iron-parquet flooring and grand piano. The kitchen and dining room is tremendous with placemats for 8 guests.

  • A gorgeous and huge walk-in closet is incredible with dresses, shoes, hats, and accessories organized beautifully!
  • The office room is simply luxurious with floral, art pieces, and statue decorations surrounding the computer desk.


7. Cottagecore 

Starting off with this gorgeous rustic cottagecore home is the living room with such a simple yet peaceful design. The bathroom is quite grand with a clawfoot tub and a cypress bathtub and even a laundry area. The office and the bedroom both have a lovely cozy vibe with intricate details on decor and items displayed with the lights on and off.

  • The kitchen has a fairytale atmosphere with a brick oven, and a table with pastries, tea, and a fruit basket.
  • A plant nursery, woodworking station, and a fruit stand are absolutely stunning within the basement making it feel like you waltzed right into a cottage farmers market.


6. Isabelle's House

Isabelle, our loveable Residents Service friend, never had a home in Animal Crossing until now. Isabelle's living room is very charming with a lounging area, a table with her puzzle, cute decorations, and a toybox. Her bedroom is very cute but also filled with outfits of Isabelle's wardrobe from other games. Isabelle's Gym room signifies her Super Smash training! 

  • There are adorable photos of Isabelle and her family around her home!
  • A Doom hat is displayed representing Animal Crossing: New Horizon's same-day release as Doom: Eternal and all the memes that were created for that glorious day!


5. Manda3104's House

  With hues of pink, ultimate kawaii decor, and pastel furniture, Manda's house was a real treat to explore! Waltzing in the living room, with teddy bears and flower bouquet wall decor, makes the room such a cute display to look at. The bedroom is very adorable too with a cute bed and pink- crown wall. Even the bathroom is very cute, with a pink toilet and pink bathtub.

  • The basement is a really cute arcade room with a giant teddy bear!
  • The kitchen has two photos of Reese and Cyrus' which were obtained by scanning amiibos cards at Harvey's island.


4) i'mAnnaMolly's Japanese-modern Aesthetic House


  • One of the smaller rooms is more of a traditional Japanese-inspired house setting from the flooring, wallpaper, and decorations. 
  • The bedroom has clothing displayed that is inspired by fashion and luxury brands.  


3) Rich DG's House Tour 

Rich DG's house is quite a fantastic little place. The living room is simple yet charming with different living areas and photos of villagers. The bedroom is absolutely mindblowing for any Sanrio fans with all the Sanrio furniture and decorations. The bathroom and laundry area have a pretty chill atmosphere with the lights off. There is a room with a bar and lounging area that is really gorgeous and has a very calming environment. The Gym has many attributes to it like a rock climbing wall, a locker room, and a spa area.

  • Hello Kitty and Little Twins Stars rugs cover the bedroom's flooring with matching Sanrio decor from floor to ceiling. The Hello Kitty and My Melody chairs are super adorable!
  • The kitchen is gorgeous with cityscape views and separated by a beautiful dining area.


2) S Rank House 

The exterior home of Pokipuff's S Rank House is impressive with pastel hues and it definitely remains just as beautiful inside. The main room is a gorgeous outdoor spa with a koi fish, cypress bathtub, and an outdoor bath that is beautifully surrounded by cherry blossom trees and plants. A magnificent bright and lovely bedroom with all hues of yellow furniture and decorations. Another bedroom is filled with pink and white cute furniture with a piano and crafting table. The kitchen is pink and white-themed as well with the adorable ambiance of furniture and decorations.

  • The master bedroom is absolutely gorgeous with blues and purples filled with cute furniture. Sanrio photos and cute decorations cover the walls. 
  • The attic is filled with princess dresses, magical dresses, and shoes in a stunning rainbow closet display.


1) Chellyland: Pink Castle/House Tour

A gorgeous kingdom awaits on the island of Chellyland because the house is designed as an actual impressive castle. The living room is covered in cherry blossom petals and beautiful furniture like a kotatsu in the center for tea time. The Study room has walls of bookshelves cascading the entire area along with a workspace desk and a pink cute piano. The bathroom is adorable with a vanity area, laundry area, and of course the pink clawfoot tub. With a bakery ambiance, the kitchen is filled with pink flowers, cute furniture, and lovely vibes.

  • The Mermaid Quarter is absolutely stunning with blues, purples, and pink hues and mermaid furniture that looks simply beautiful with lights on and off.
  • A super kawaii bedroom in the attic has a charming and lovely atmosphere with cute furniture, a giant teddy bear, and My Melody decorated all over.


Does your house have a specific theme or aesthetic? Let us know in the comments!

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