Animal Crossing: New Horizons Best Ways to Make Money

ACNH Best Ways to Make Money
Tips and tricks to make tons of money really fast.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Best Ways To Make Money

Collecting bells in Animal Crossing is one of the most important day-to-day tasks that you do.

You have to have bells in order to do most things in the game, like buy furniture, clothes, gifts, or even pay off the loan for your house.

It can sometimes seem like a hassle, but there are several ways to gain a lot of money very quickly, so you’ll never run out and always have enough to enjoy the game to its fullest.

5. Catch fish!

How To Catch & Hunt Rare Fish (In-Depth)! Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide!

This is easily one of the best and fastest ways to make a lot of bells. No matter when you start the game, you always have the chance of catching a fish that is worth 5,000 bells or more. Not only this but fish spawn fast, so you can catch lots of fish and end up with up to 100,000 bells.

How It Works:

  • Grab your fishing rod and head down to your beach. The beach has a lot more rare fish than the river, though anywhere with water will do you good. 
  • Catch everything you see. You never know what you’ll get, so go for whatever is in front of you. Be careful, though. Rarer fish can be more difficult to catch. 
  • After your pockets are full of fish, go to Timmy and Tommy and sell everything you have. If you have the storefront in your town, make sure you go inside to sell instead of putting it all in the box outside, which drastically marks down the selling price of the fish. 

TIP: Don’t forget to donate to Blathers!


4. Sell Turnips!

Turnips for Dummies

Now if you want to make some serious money, this is the best method. The only thing is that selling and buying turnips are time-sensitive and can be expensive. You can only buy turnips on Sunday morning until noon, so you have to be there early 1`to get them or set your time back if you missed it. Also, you’ll have to front yourself a good amount of bells in order to have a big payout by the end. But it is so worth it. You can easily make up to 3,000,000 bells in one day.

How It Works:

  • Buy turnips from Daisy before noon on Sunday.
  • Once you have these turnips, you only have the week to get rid of them. If you aren’t lucky enough to have good turnip prices in your store, you’ll have to go onto to find a town that has the best price. 
  • Sell all your turnips and make bank. 

TIP: Make sure to get rid of all the turnips or else they will go bad, and they won’t be worth anything. 


3. Sell Fruit! 

How to get most Money selling Fruits | Animal Crossing New Horizons Quick Guide 13

This truly is the easiest way to make lots of bells. All you have to do is sell fruit to Timmy and Tommy, though to get even more money, make sure that the fruit that you are selling is not native to your island. Now, don’t worry if you are just starting and you only have one type of fruit in your town. You can travel to other people’s towns to get their fruit, or grab a Nook Miles Ticket and go to a mystery island. This island will most likely have fruit that you don’t, and you’ll be able to take some and plant it in your town. A bundle of 10 of your native fruit brings in 1,000 bells. Bundles of 10 of foreign fruits can sell for up to 2,500 bells.

How It Works:

  • Go to mystery islands and get all the foreign fruit.
  • Plant these trees in your town.
  • Every three days after shaking each tree, more fruit will grow back for you to bundle and sell to Timmy and Tommy. 

TIP: Don’t just stop at 10 bundles! You can easily make up to 100,000 bells or more by simply selling lots and lots of foreign fruits.


2. Sell Fossils! 

COMPLETE FOSSIL GUIDE with WALKTHROUGH! Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Every day, your town generates at least four fossils for you to dig up and collect. All you have to do is take these fossils to Blathers to get them assessed and donate any that your museum doesn’t have. It is always important to put the fossils in your museum before you sell them. Having a complete fossil section brings you a step closer to finishing your entire museum, which is a huge milestone for your town. If your museum already has certain fossils, take these and sell them for a huge profit. You can make up to 20,000 bells a day!

How It Works:

  • Dig up all the fossils in your town. 
  • Take these to Blathers and donate any that your museum does not already have.
  • The rest of the fossils should go directly to Timmy and Tommy for some fast cash.

TIP: Put your museum first! Don’t just start selling all your assessed fossils because you’ll never finish your museum.


1. Sell the "Hot Item" of the Day!

Animal Crossing Great Hot Items to Sell - Animal Crossing New Horizons

Once you get the Nook storefront in your town, you should be able to see a sign that is sitting right outside. The sign will tell you what “hot item” Timmy and Tommy are buying that day. This item is always a simple DIY that is easy to make and accessible to even beginners. Make several of them then sell them all to Timmy and Tommy for lots of bells. You can typically make up to 10,000 bells or more if you make several items and sell them all in bulk. 

How It Works:

  • Go to the Nook’s Cranny and see what the “hot item” of the day is.
  • Make several of these items.
  • Go back to the store and sell, sell, sell!

TIP: To make sure that you always have the materials for DIYs, keep extras in your storage or have a designated DIY place somewhere in your town.

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