[Top 10] ACNH Best Cranky Villagers

Best ACNH Cranky Villagers
A fierce-looking feline with a warm smile.

The Animal Crossing Series is notorious for its loveable characters and gameplay. The "Cranky" personality villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons are no different. If that personality may not sound appealing to you, stick around - there's more than meets the eye with these old-timers!

New Horizons features 418 villagers, of which 66 are in the Cranky category. Similar to how the “Sisterly” type is all females, all Cranky villagers are males. They also feature some of the deepest voices in the game.

Villagers in this group love to complain about unhealthy food, technology, and trends. In their own way, they often say, "Things aren't the way they used to be." They do like to indulge in a bit of gossip, though. 

Animal Crossing loves to encourage variety and well-roundedness. Part of this comes into play with the villager types living on your island. Having multiple personality types will create special interactions as you go through your day. 

Cranky animals get along most with fellow Cranky types who they can share their complaints with. The greatest difference is between those with a "Peppy" demeanor. This is because they’re exactly what the cranky types dislike: They’re upbeat, and love using technology and being trendy.

Additionally, if you visit their house while they're crafting, Cranky villagers provide exclusive DIY recipes like most Zen-style furniture. As you befriend them, you might also unlock exclusive reactions like agreement, sheepishness, bewilderment, worry, and inspiration.

Beyond unlocking game features, many with this rough personality may reveal a tender side to themselves. One of these grouchy souls might just become your favorite villager!



The classy hamster Marlo relaxing at the beach.

Only being added in the New Horizons 2.0 update in 2021, this gruff hamster also displays sophistication and confidence. 

With an undeniably classy tuxedo and small round glasses, he seems to be a movie star. In fact, Marlo's name and color scheme may be a reference to actor Marlon Brando, who played in The Godfather. Marlo's Japanese name is also Don-chan - an endearing term for someone with mafia ties.

Even with his supposed tough-guy roots, he ends up more like a caring uncle. Marlo expresses his appreciation for gifts from your player openly. He’s willing to admit he needs help when talking with another villager about learning to use the Nook Phone.

Despite being labeled cranky, it may not be as effective as Nintendo planned for. How could you avoid such an adorable, round, and kind hamster?



The intense stare of a fiery French Frog named Croque.

First thing's first: Croque is a standout character with a distinct appearance to match his personality. He sports a perpetually grumpy expression through his frown with short, upturned eyebrows and mustache to match. He's even all fiery red with his body, clothes, and house.

But don't let that deter you! Getting closer to this frog may seem like a task at first. His catchphrase of "As if" may feel like blowing you off. In reality, he's just getting a little dated. 

Croque brings that cranky charm to a whole new level. He'll quickly warm up to you with just a few conversations. Soon you'll be learning about his hobby for nature and being invited for ramen.

Sure, he might seem a bit gruff at first, but deep down, he's got a heart of gold. He's full of candid conversations and witty one-liners. Plus, who can forget that adorable froggy frown?



Dobie enjoying his relaxing years in a bamboo house.

There's absolutely no way we can pass up ranking Dobie in this list. He's a fan favorite with a long history truly reflected by his appearance.

There's something comforting in his gray fur, squinted eyes, furrowed brows, and that classic old-man wrinkles. He looks like he's been around the block a few times – and trust me, he has. 

He first appeared in an expansion for the very first Animal Crossing game, all the way back in 2001. He's only appeared again in recent installments since New Leaf. No wonder he's a cranky veteran!

He's also one of the best villagers at making you a little sentimental. Dobie isn't one to sugarcoat things. When he talks, it's like getting advice from your sassy but lovable grandpa. 

And to top it off, his catchphrase is, "Old longings never truly fade." If you didn't have a soft spot for him, it's too late now. His soft spikes make you want to sit and relax under a tree to think about good times.

He's the wise elder who's seen it all and isn't afraid to drop some truth bombs, but in a grumpy, yet endearing way.



The studious bear Murphy poses for a pondering picture.

Dobie is far from the only veteran on this list today. Our bear cub Murphy has more years to him than he might look. With his short, round body and bright green fur, he feels quite cheerful! 

However, being green doesn't mean he's new. And it certainly doesn't mean he likes money. He says, "More money, more problems!" 

Is that surprising for someone who misses the old times? He's got plenty of energy to complain about material issues. Murphy's not one to get along with lavish lifestyles like that of "Snooty" villagers.

This doesn't mean you can't be his friend if you wear a crown and like to shop though. Murphy welcomes a true friend - as long as you can accept his stubbornness!



Poor Octavian is in a tense conversation with another islander.

As one of only four (Can you believe it?) octopi in all of ACNH, it's not a surprise he's a standout. But that's not the only reason he's in the top 10 - he's beloved for his demeanor and cuteness.

While some residents of the virtual island paradise exude warmth and friendliness, Octavian's gruff exterior hides a character that adds a dash of spunk to the tranquil atmosphere. His bright red skin and huge puckered mouth make him easy to spot (and photograph)!

While you're outside with him near the sea, you might get lucky for being on his good side. Octavian might just comment about his early days with his parents. You could be one of the few to learn the true depth of this old octopus's personality!



Smug Cyd enjoying a fresh coffee at The Roost Cafe.

Now Cyd is one of the most decked-out cranky villagers around. As a tall, bold red elephant with black accents, he's already off to a great start. But he tops it off with purple hair and a slick tiger jacket.

New Horizons is Cyd's first appearance. He didn't get overlooked by players, though, so don't let the cranky label fool you! While it normally applies to elderly personalities, he seems the most youthful.

Cyd is often sought out for "Kidcore" themed islands - a theme containing all things childish, joyful, and bright. He's a perfect fit since he acts full of life. He loves to sing and says, "Do what you want, but do it loud!"

With narrowed eyes and a sly, knowing smile, he makes you feel like he's secretly got maturity you don't know. This deceptive punk style ends up suiting his cranky ways. 



The dark, edgy horse Roscoe actually quite enjoys bright flowers.

Roscoe will definitely catch your eye with his own bright red one! You'll find him donning all black with a leather jacket to boot. He exudes mystery and a secret past.

This is possibly the most fitting look for such a grumpy villager. All black can be intimidating. But think twice about avoiding this secret gem!

One of the defining features of Roscoe's cranky personality is his tendency to be rather blunt and straightforward. When interacting, he may often express dissatisfaction with various aspects of island life or share his skepticism about the other villagers.

As horses are often described, though, he becomes a reliable friend to you after time. Roscoe's exactly the type you need for trustworthy advice. And he'll absolutely love to give it to you!



The tenured Camofrog giving encouragement to the player.

Camofrog's name doesn't steer you wrong - his skin is covered in bright yellow and teal camo. Even his saying is the military's classic for calling attention, "Ten-hut!"

This organized amphibian may use that phrase since he's been in Animal Crossing since the very first game. Even more fitting for his cranky, sentimental ways is the fact that he hasn't changed that saying at all.

Singing is one of Camofrog's favorite past-times. You can witness this at any hour of the day with him. Is it too much to think that's also a habit from his military days of singing marches?

He's got a strong history to back up his grumpiness, so give him a little time to get comfortable. Camofrog may be upfront and wish for changes to those he doesn't get along with, but he makes a great companion.

He'll tell you tales from his past, and drop some good-old-fashioned wisdom on you. Give that curly smile an invite to your house every so often.



Avery living peacefully as he deserves with an unusual hat.

Now Avery is an overlooked diamond-in-the-rough. His big, round eyes with eyeliner, Native American markings, and gray neck shawl are like no other.

Even though he's been around since the first Animal Crossing expansion, he deserves quite a bit more love. He's got a reserved air about him, but it's full of knowledge to share.

He likes to think, "What goes around, comes around." I, for one, trust the judgment of a seasoned eagle like himself. His wide eyes look like he's seen the dawn of Animal Crossing itself.

Through his abrasive exterior you'll find Avery's a blast to be around. He can even crack a few jokes to make you laugh. Cheers to Avery, the unsung icon of crankiness! 



The stylish Kabuki with theatre makeup and traditional housing.

If there's one signature cranky animal most think of, it's absolutely Kabuki. It's like having your own sensei roaming around your island. Kabuki has been here since the very beginning, and adored every step of the way.

The face paint and intense eyes make him look like he's about to drop other-worldly wisdom on you. He was created in the image of the Kabuki Theatre style, which features his red markings.

But despite one of the scariest faces in the series, he's all about sharing words of advice. He'll even mention patrolling the island to keep everyone safe. How can you not see how kind he is underneath?

So, if you're looking to add a dash of wisdom, humor, and an iconic flair to your Animal Crossing experiences, Kabuki's your go-to cranky villager. This feline philosopher is not someone you'll forget about!

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