ACNH Best Ways To Make Money [Top 5 Ways]

Money, money, money, money. MONEY!

Much like Nintendo aims to maximize its profits in the real world, your top priority in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is accumulating BELLS. Bells are your golden ticket to turning your simple tent into a grand mansion. Those shiny little devils allow you to live the best Animal Crossing life imaginable. Fancy a new raccoon-designed couture wardrobe? Bells. Want to build a bridge because you’re tired of having to pole-vault every time you want to visit your Cranky neighbor? Bells. Are you dying to get that cute guitar you saw at Nook’s Cranny? You guessed it…more bells. In ACNH, Mayor Tom Nook runs a bell-based empire, and you’re just living in it. In the name of dominating pixilated capitalism, I’ve compiled the top 5 best ways to accumulate bells so you can escape Nook’s prison of debt.

5. Sell Crafted Items, Especially The Hot Item

T & T offering a bomb price for campfires. 

You may be tempted to sell every shell, stick, or piece of wood straight to Timmy and Tommy, as you’ll find your pockets fill quickly. Well, don’t! Even if you need to use island space where you dump your collected resources until you have time to craft, it’s better to craft items in bulk and sell them. You’ll likely earn 2-3 times as many Bells with this method. For example:

  • Weeds sell for 10 bells each.
  • Collect a bunch from your island, friends, and mystery islands. 
  • Craft them into the Leaf Umbrella and make 300 bells per umbrella!
  • That’s double what you’d make on the 15 weeds required to craft the umbrella, and it doesn’t use any tools.

Crafting Hot Items will make the value of your base resources worth 4 times as much. Timmy & Tommy offer a premium bell price for Hot Items that change daily. Hot items with a base material of something like iron will be even more valuable. For example:

  • Check Nook’s Cranny and ask Timmy or Tommy what the hot item of the day is.
  • You can also check the sign outside of Nook’s Cranny, but you’ll have to go inside if you don’t already know what everything is worth. 
  • Choosing Hot Items selling for 2,000-3,000 bells each that use a mix of materials you have on hand is a good rule of thumb.
  • But, Hot Items always sell for 4 times the value of their base materials, so if you use this trick every day, regardless of the item…you’ll be swimming in bells like Scrooge McDuck before you know it.

4. Lucky Money Rock

Strike it rich with your luck money rock. 

Every island has six rocks. Five rocks will give you resources, and one will give you bells. If you strike it the full 8 times, you can get up to 16,100 bells every day. At the beginning of your game, you may not be able to find it because it’s on a part of your island that you can’t reach, but once you have access, it’s a good chore to add to your daily tasks. The tricky part is making sure you get the 8 strikes. Here’s how to guarantee you’ll get the 8 strikes: 

  • Stand directly in front of or to the side of your money rock.
  • If you don’t destroy the rock (make sure you haven’t eaten anything before striking), it will be in the same place daily.
  • Dig holes directly behind you and to the left and right to ensure you stay close to the rock. You can also use the bamboo door stops or something similar to keep you in place. 
  • Hit your rock as quickly as possible, and you should get all 8 strikes. 
  • Collect your bells!

3. Plant A Money Tree

See, mom! Money does grow on trees. 

In ACNH, one shining spot will appear on your island daily. You will get 1,000 bells and one chance to plant a bell tree. With money actually growing on trees, why wouldn’t you take advantage of this bell-making opportunity? There are strict rules to how much you’ll get in return on your money tree investment. 

  • If you plant 100-1,000 bells, you’ll get a tree with three, 1,000 bell bundles, or 3,000 bells total. 
  • If you decide to bury 2,000 to 9,000 bells, there’s a 70% chance of getting three bundles of 1,000 bells and a 30% chance of getting triple of whatever you buried. 
  • Finally, if you bury 10,000 to 99,999 bells, you have a 70% chance of getting three bundles of 10,000 (30,000 bells total) and a 30% chance of getting triple what you buried. 
  • If you’re one of those lucky people, maybe try to bury larger amounts of bells. If not, your best option is described below:


  • The most sensible option is to bury 10,000 bells each day (200,000 bells in 10 days)
  • Before you look for your shiny spot, be sure you have 10,000 bells in your pockets. 
  • Once you have your 10,000 bells, make sure it’s in a bundle in your inventory by selecting your total bells and pressing A.
  • Find your shiny spot and dig it up.
  • Be careful not to fill in the hole with your shovel or foot.
  • Stay by the hole and open your inventory.
  • Click on the 10,000 and choose the option “Bury in Hole.”
  • Wait 4-5 days or time travel forward 4-5 days.
  • Go to your tree and give it a shake!

2. Sell Foreign Fruit

The fruit business is booming!

There are six different types of fruit in ACNH, but you only get one growing natively on your island. You can check your character passport or Nook’s Cranny to find out your native fruit. Foreign fruit has a selling price 5 times higher than native fruit (500 bells per piece of foreign fruit), except coconuts, which sell for 250 bells each. If you create an orchard of 6 trees by 6 trees at 3 pieces of fruit per tree, you’ll rake in 54,000 bells every three days! There are multiple ways to get foreign fruit:

  • Take a boat tour with Kapp’n for 1,000 Nook Miles.
  • Purchase a Nook Miles ticket from the ABD for 2,000 Nook Miles and visit a mystery island. 
  • Get a Dodo code from online communities and visit other player’s islands. 
  • Make friends and visit their islands.
  • Have a friend send you the fruit attached to a letter.

Create an orchard:

  • Find a spot on your island to construct your orchard. 
  • Plant individual fruit in rows for an aesthetically pleasing look. 
  • Make sure you don’t plant too close to a cliff, river, or other tree because it will remain a sapling. Trees need a clear tile of space on every side. 
  • You can plant entire trees if you eat food or fruit and dig them up from mystery or friend’s islands. 
  • Plant with soil in mind. Coconut trees only grow in sand, and fruit trees in dirt. 
  • Refrain from selling your first harvest. Be sure to replant your first harvest. Aim for an orchard that’s 6 trees by 6 trees minimum. I like to do ten. Coconut trees can just be planted wherever you want on your beaches. 
  • Reap the benefits of your hard work every 3 days.

1. Buy & Sell Turnips

Turnips will make you filthy right. 

Buying and selling turnips was lost on me when I first started playing, but I became the Wolf of Wall Street once I got into it. My method will require you to join one or two online communities and have your Switch connected to the internet, but it’s the most profitable, requiring the least amount of time. On Sunday mornings, between 5 AM and 12 PM, the adorable Daisy Mae will visit to peddle her turnip wares. You can buy as many as you can afford. The price she sells them for varies weekly, and the idea is to sell them for much more than you paid. Every day (excluding Sunday) Timmy and Tommy will tell you the current price of turnips. The prices change twice a day, at noon and midnight. Do not hold onto your turnips for more than 7 days, starting the Sunday you purchase them, because they will rot. If you buy 100 turnips from Daisy for 100 bells each, you’ve made a 10,000 bell investment. Then, if Timmy and Tommy offer you 150 bells each, you’ll net a 5,000 bell profit. Only selling on your island is risky because my island’s Timmy & Tommy have never offered me more than 150 bells. Even after 1,000 hours and checking twice a day for two weeks!So, I offer you a guaranteed profit for the price of a little patience and ingenuity. I’ve made up to six million bells in one Sunday! Here’s what you do:

  • Join 1-2 or more online communities. You can find them on Facebook, Reddit, or just Google “online communities ACNH” and choose from the listed sites. 
  • On Sunday, buy as many turnips as you can from Daisy Mae on your island. If she sells for less than 200 bells, you will make a profit. 
  • In your chosen online community, look for a post about a player “hosting” or “opening” up their island for turnip sales. 
  • Players will make these posts when their island’s Timmy and Tommy are buying turnips between 300-660 bells each. 
  • You’ll either join a queue or wait for the host to provide you with a Dodo code to visit their island.
  • You’ll use the Dodo code at the airport to visit the host’s island.  
  • Usually, you’ll only have access to the host’s Nook and Cranny, so no wandering around.
  • But, some hosts allow you to make multiple trips, so if you make two or three trips with your pockets filled with turnips, you will make millions of bells quickly. 
  • You can join multiple communities or queues and go crazy buying and selling with this method. 

I hope this list helps you become a bell-ionaire! If you liked this article, you may be interested in the following: 


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