ACNH: How To Break Rocks

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You'll get weird looks if you hit rocks with a shovel at home.

Breaking rocks with a shovel on your island is key to building up wealth and resources early! 

How to break rocks in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Rocks are extremely valuable on your Animal Crossing: New Horizons island; especially early on. Hitting rocks releases stones, gold, iron, bugs, and even Bells. There are six rocks on your island at any given time. These are generally scattered about, and it’s a good idea to incorporate hitting these rocks into your daily routine in order to gather the resources they provide. However, once you start building fences, moving buildings, and decorating your island you may find that a rock is blocking your way. Good news, you can break it! Read on to learn how. 

How To Break Rocks In ACNH: 

  • Your ACNH character is going to need to eat food. The most abundant source of food on your island is the native fruit. You’re going to want to gather and eat ten pieces of it. 
  • Make sure that you have either a shovel or an ax in your inventory. You’re going to need this to break the rock. 
  • Approach the rock you’d like to break and hit it. It will release up to eight resources. Keep hitting it until the rock breaks. 
  • Remember that your island has to have six rocks on it, so the following day, a new rock will spawn somewhere on your island.

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