[Top 10] Animal Crossing New Horizons Best KK Slider Songs We Love

10 Best ACNH Songs
A poster of K.K. Slider from New Horizons. (Origin: Nookipedia)

Ever since his debut in Animal Crossing, KK Slider hasn’t failed to provide technological melodies that charm the heart. His legacy lives on in New Horizons. You first need to raise your town to three stars in value. He will then play in a weekly concert.

This is a list of the ten best KK Slider songs in New Horizons.

10. K.K. Steppe


K.K. Steppe takes inspiration from Russian folk songs. It has a sharp beat that sounds like a rubber band. Jingling bells and whistles add to the snowy theme of the song. 

This isn’t the kind of song that can be enjoyed for very long. It is good for setting the mood for the winter months.

9. K.K. Chorale


This K.K. single gives a calming sensation when played. It’s similar to the end of classic games like Ocarina of Time and Final Fantasy VII. K.K. Chorale is the end of a long journey. Feel free to bask in its nostalgic ambiance.

8. Steep Hill


Steep Hill is a song that evokes the feeling of climbing a mountain. There is optimism displayed through the use of high-pitched notes. The notes strike against the lower notes to convey struggle against difficulties.

7. Bubblegum K.K.


This track debuted in the 3DS installment of the Animal Crossing series. It’s based on a song found in an American Top 50 chart. Its composition emphasizes rapid and carefree progressions. 

6. Marine Song 2001


This K.K. song sounds like the march of a diligent army. It's one of the oldest in K.K. Slider's library.

5. DJ K.K.


DJ K.K. is an electronic track that emulates the Sega Genesis Sonic games. Star Light Zone has the greatest resemblance. If you want a late-night dance party, blast this on your radio.

4. K.K. Fusion


This K.K. classic sounds like a vaporwave tune translated into an Animal Crossing song. Play this on nightly beach walks.

3. Stale Cupcakes


This is the ultimate song for rainy days. The best way to describe the music is somber yet hopeful. 

2. Only Me


This sounds like the cartoonish version of a Stone Temple Pilots or Aerosmith song. I imagine a deep-voiced man singing about his departed love. “Only Me” is, without a doubt, a wonderful song for living rooms.

1. Welcome Horizons


This song is based on the game’s opening theme. It reminds the player of landing on a deserted island. All that the town can become is within the player’s grasp.

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