[Top 3] ACNH Best Villagers For Each Personality

ACNH Best Villagers For Each Personality
There are so many to chose from!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has hundreds of villagers with different personalities, but which one's fit your island? Look no further because this article ranks the most beloved Animal Crossing characters of each personality! Continue reading to find out villagers' details and why they’ve earned a spot on this list.


1. Normal Personality

Normal villagers are the most affectionate of all personality types. These female residents get along with other villagers due to their down-to-earth demeanor. They’re so sweet, they’ll give you cavities.

Most of these character designs have lighter colors and big eyes to reflect their cheerful attitudes. Here are the most popular normal villagers, according to various websites:

Fauna (Best Normal Villager)

Here's Fauna prancing around.

This little brown deer is a delight, and numerous players agree. I’m sure her simple yet adorable design captured the hearts of many. The best thing about her is her catchphrase. Fauna nicknames you “deary,” which is a direct reference to her species. No wonder people fawn over Fauna!

Coco (2nd Best Normal Villager)

Don't fear Coco; she's harmless.

Coco’s intriguing design fascinates several people. She’s a tan and hollowed-out rabbit that resembles the gyroids in Animal Crossing. Her name is also a direct reference to coconuts. Although frightening to some, Coco will win you over once you get to know her.  

Ione (3rd Best Normal Villager)

Ione looks so dreamy!

Ione is unlike any other squirrel I’ve ever seen. People have been raving about this blue rodent since her appearance in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct. I’m not surprised, given her beautiful celestial design. Ione stays true to her starry theme through her obsession with constellations and astral house decorations. Her concept is literally out of this world!


2. Peppy Personality

Peppy villagers are like normal residents, except the former group has tons of energy. They’re confident and overly excited, making it easy for them to form friendships. These female characters talk about becoming pop stars all the time too.

Peppy residents are typically brightly colored to complement their lively personalities. Here are people’s preferences for peppy villagers:

Shino (Best Peppy Villager)

Shino has such an iconic look.

Shino has become one of the most popular villagers since her release in the latest update. Her name combines two words: shika meaning “deer” in Japanese, and Noh, a type of Japanese theater. In fact, the deer’s face is modeled after a Hanya mask representing a jealous female demon in Noh plays. Stardom runs in Shino’s blood!  

Audie (2nd Best Peppy Villager)

Audie's brightly colored dress matches her personality so well!

Although Audie’s design is pretty, her looks aren’t the primary reason she's on this list. She was supposedly added to New Horizons after Grandma Audrey became famous for dedicating over 3,500 hours to New Leaf. Nintendo hasn’t confirmed that, but the thought is heartwarming anyway. 

Rosie (3rd Best Peppy Villager)

Rosie's looks like a typical sweetheart.

It’s no secret that this friendly blue cat is the OG of the franchise. She has been in all games and shows up in the Animal Crossing film, Dobutsu no Mori. Players will always save a spot for Rosie in their hearts.


3. Smug Personality 

Smug people are annoying in the real world, but they’re tolerable in Animal Crossing. They brag about themselves, and they’ll even flirt with the player occasionally. Despite that, they’re kind-hearted when they let their guard down.

When this personality is paired with an adorable face, the character appears charming rather than egotistical. In short, it pays to be cute. The most popular smug villagers are:

Raymond (Best Smug Villager)

Raymond looks so spiffy in this shirt!

If I made a popularity list without Raymond, the cat’s fandom would combust. He has been among the most popular villagers since his first appearance in New Horizons. This is obviously due to his dapper sense of style and different-colored eyes. Raymond is the hipster-looking kitty you’ve always needed in your life. He’s the feline epitome of sophistication—when he’s not forced to wear maid costumes.

Marshal (2nd Best Smug Villager)

Why does Marshal look like he's plotting world domination?

The runner-up is an off-white squirrel named Marshal. He often seems peeved, but he’s nicer than he appears. His rosy cheeks look so squeezable too! Marshal’s house is also modeled after a coffee shop, giving it a calming atmosphere where he plays the piano.

Julian (3rd Best Smug Villager)

I wouldn't be surprised if Julian sounded like Heimdall from God of War Ragnarök when he talks.

This unicorn gentleman is the only one of his species, so players immediately like him. Julian’s regal taste fits his distinguished personality. His stellar style also shows in his home and clothing choices. Julius Caesar may have inspired this star-themed unicorn since Caesar claimed to be related to the Roman goddess named Venus.


4. Snooty Personality

Snooty villagers are the female versions of smug residents. They have good intentions, but also seem conceited sometimes. However, they prioritize looks above all else, so it wouldn’t hurt to get fashion lessons from them.

Almost all snooty characters have makeup on, proving they value appearances. These are the most desired snobby characters:

Ankha (Best Snooty Villager)

We should all bow down to this queen.

This feline has one of the most unique designs in the Animal Crossing franchise. The name “Ankha” likely comes from an Egyptian hieroglyphic character, the ankh, which translates to “life.” Egyptians once worshiped cats, so an Egyptian-themed kitty makes sense!

Judy (2nd Best Snooty Villager)

Judy has the prettiest color scheme.

Next is the beautiful Judy. This adorable bear cub took the world by storm when she showed up in New Horizons. Judy mesmerizes us with her twinkling eyes and multi-colored pastel fur. It’s impossible to resist a face like that!

Whitney (3rd Best Snooty Villager)

Whitney definitely has the best fashion sense.

Last but not least is Whitney. This snow-white wolf exudes elegance, and people can’t help but fall in love with her aesthetic and sense of style. She’d make the perfect addition for players who want a winter-themed island.  


5. Lazy Personality

These villagers are far removed from snooty characters. Lazy residents have a bad rep as slackers, but they don’t care. They’re too busy talking about snacks to notice other residents’ thoughts. These villagers’ easygoing attitudes make them approachable and lovable. 

Lazy residents also have closed or droopy eyes, which perfectly fit their laid-back lifestyles. Without further ado, here are the most popular lazy villagers:

Zucker (Best Lazy Villager)

I'm a sucker for the adorable Zucker.

This character’s design made him stand out from the rest. Zucker is modeled after takoyaki, a grilled octopus dish originating from Japan. He’s also rare, considering only five octopuses are in the Animal Crossing franchise. This cephalopod’s catchphrase is “bloop,” mimicking the sound fictional sea creatures make underwater. That’s adorable as heck.

Sasha (2nd Best Lazy Villager)

Sasha defies gender norms, and I love it!

Sasha has been part of the Animal Crossing family since the 2.0 Free Update. It didn’t take long for players to adore him. The rabbit’s gorgeous teal fur and sparkly, anime-inspired eyes sold everyone. He’s also the only male villager with the fashion hobby, so you’d see him sporting a leather bag and accessories around your island. 

Stitches (3rd Best Lazy Villager)

Stitches' mismatched color scheme is extraordinary!

Stitches, the bear cub, reminds us of our childhood with his vibrant color scheme. His name comes from his different-colored limbs, giving the appearance of a teddy bear that’s sewn together. Stitches’ home design is also a playroom, which feeds into the cub’s childlike wonder. 


6. Jock Personality

Jocks detest the sedentary lifestyles of lazy villagers. These go-getters can’t fathom the idea of daily inactivity. Jocks share their passion for exercise with others—whether they want to listen or not. Many would love to be as strong as these guys. 

Most jock characters rock colors generally considered masculine, like blue, green, and brown. The top jock villagers are:   

Dom (Best Jock Villager)

Dom is the purest jock there is.

How did this innocent sheep become the most popular jock? His fluffy white fur and teary-eyed look don’t give him the appearance of a sports enthusiast. That’s what makes Dom memorable to most people! He boasts about his strength to everyone, but you just want to protect him like a little brother.  

Kid Cat (2nd Best Jock Villager)

Kid Cat to the rescue!

Count on this superhero to brighten your darkest days! This cat’s iconic red suit and helmet made him a fan favorite across the internet. He’s part of a superhero team comprising Agent S, Big Top, Rocket, and Filly. Of course, Kid Cat is the most popular because he’s the cutest member of the team.

Genji (3rd Best Jock Villager)

Genji has an I'm-too-cool-for-you look.

This jock rabbit’s stunning appearance hooked Animal Crossing fans. Genji is based on a Japanese nobleman from a book called The Tale of Genji. In previous games, his catchphrase used to be otaku, a Japanese word referring to people with obsessive interests. It was changed to mochi, a Japanese rice cake, in New Horizons.


7. Sisterly Personality

Big sister villagers know how to give solid advice or tough love when needed. They may come across as rude since they’re sarcastic and blunt, but it’s all in good fun. Some of us need thicker skin anyway.

These residents have deeper female voices, showcasing their maturity and tomboyish nature. The most famous residents of this personality are:

Cherry (Best Sisterly Villager)

Cherry strikes a pose!

This dog’s unusual design earned the highest rank because of her punk-rock vibe. The color scheme and silver earrings match her tough-girl attitude. She looks like the older sibling who’d come to your rescue if you were being bullied! It’s definitely best to stay on her good side. 

Mira (2nd Best Sisterly Villager)

Call this bunny when you're in trouble!

Yet another superhero-themed character joins the list! Mira isn’t part of Kid Cat’s team, but her red and white outfit is special in its own way. This yellow bunny’s favorite quote is “Always help a friend in need,” which lives up to her caring personality.

Frita (3rd Best Sisterly Villager)

Frita's one of my favorite designs.

This sheep’s design would make her the perfect mascot for a fast-food restaurant. Her name is the Spanish word for “fried,” which explains her french-fry-inspired fur and potato addiction. She’s so cute, I could eat her up—not literally, though.


8. Cranky Personality

Cranky residents are considered the rudest because of their grouchiness. They also gossip about others and know little about trends. However, grumpy residents occasionally offer valuable advice and open up to the player. They may seem rough around the edges, but they have softer sides.

These male villagers tend to have deep voices and glaring faces, which match their irritable dispositions. The most popular cranky characters are:

Fang (Best Cranky Villager)

Don't get into a fight with this guy.

Many adore this wolf because of his lush gray fur and piercing dark eyes. Fang may be handsome, but don’t cross him. His favorite quote is “You mess with the wolf, you get the fang,” and you don’t want to know what that’s like. He also has the education hobby, so he’ll intellectually destroy most villagers in a heated debate.

Roscoe (2nd Best Cranky Villager)

He's a literal dark horse.

Roscoe’s biker-gang aesthetic might intimidate some, but his jet-black design makes him look sleek. Roscoe is also the only cranky horse in the series, so I’d snag him if I were you. This stallion would make a striking addition to anyone’s island.

Static (3rd Best Cranky Villager)

A purple squirrel? Now, that's shocking!

Static’s entire existence references lightning, making him a rare catch. His eyes look permanently disappointed, even while he’s smiling. He has also been an aspiring guitarist since his first appearance in the Animal Crossing franchise. I hope the purple guy reaches his dream someday.


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