[Top 5] Animal Crossing New Leaf Best Maps

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With a great map, comes great responsibility.

5.The Diagonal Bridge Map

The rarely used diagonal bridge map gives any town flare.

What’s Great About the Diagonal Bridge Map

  • It says it all in the name! This map is unique because of its slanted bridge crossing your towns river.
  • Some people are intimidated by this design due to the fact that making a path leading to the bridge may be difficult. However, if you are up to putting in the work, these bridges give a town some extra charm!
  • This map also sports what’s called a “private beach”. Meaning you may only get to the beach on the right by wearing a wet suit. Hope you swim well! 

4. The Southern Double Beach

The most convenient of all maps!

What’s Great About the Southern Double Beach

  • This town has your two main buildings (Re-tail and Town hall) and your plaza tree on the southern part of your land. This makes it easy to go between the two to perform your mayorly duties! I prefer this layout so that any farming done on the island/beach can easily be sold at Re-tail or stored in your home.
  • This leaves you with plenty of designing space for the northern half of your town, giving you plenty of options for your Public Work Projects.
  • Lastly, this map gives you to almost equal sized beaches that BOTH have ramps to access them. 

3. The Northern Double Beach

The most aesthetically pleasing map. 

What’s Great About the Northern Double Beach

  • This map, similar to our #4 map, also has your two main buildings (Re-tail and Town hall) and your plaza tree all together. But, this time it is all on the northern half of your map. In addition, it lines up nicely with your campsite!
  • This leaves you with plenty of designing space for the southern half of your town, giving you plenty of options for your Public Work Projects. 
  • This map also has the awesome double beach with ramps. The southern beach is much bigger, giving your second beach the “private beach” feel without the hassle of a wet suit.

2. The Plaza Tree Map

The centrally placed tree makes a great landscape for any town.


What’s Great About the Plaza Tree Map

  • This map (already occupied by a friend of mine) is super accessible! All your main town buildings are not bunched up together but are still all near each other. Being mayor has never been this simple!
  • This map includes THREE ponds! This gives you more chances to catch those frogs, crawfish, tadpoles, and pondskaters! 
  • And last, but certainly not least, this map has your tree centered almost smack dab in the middle of your town. How beautiful is that?

1.The Straight and Narrow 

Look at that beautifully straight river! No river bend here.

What’s Great About the Straight and Narrow

  • Here we are, our number 1 map! This map has something that almost every Animal Crossing New Leaf player wants and that’s a nearly straight river! This makes farming for rare river fish a breeze! 
  • The Straight and Narrow map keeps the Town Hall, Re-tail, Plaza tree, ponds, and campsite all in line with each other. Giving you maximum space on your southern half to landscape to your heart’s content. 
  • This map also features a double ramp long single beach and a fairly small private beach that can be accessed with a wet suit.

So, there we have it! Our Top 5 Animal Crossing New Leaf Best maps. And remember, if you don’t get the map you want, restart and try try again! 


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