Top 15 Animal Crossing Best Villagers

best Animal Crossing Villagers
Grab a cup of cocoa and cozy up to find out the top 15 Animal Crossing Villagers

Top 15 Animal Crossing Villagers

Apollo from the Animal Crossing movie

Animal Crossing has provided us with 2 decades and over 400 villagers who love and hate you. Let's take a look at the top 15 villagers, rated with complete bias, adoration, and fanaticism.

When you think of the best Animal Crossing villagers, you might think of the fandom favorites like Bob or Marshall. We see them everywhere online, and they make for fantastic memes. But in this AC heart, there is so much more to love.

1. Mitzi


Let's take it back to 2012. A girl named Jennifer stumbled into town for the first time, after being escorted there by a monkey-conducted train. It was a confusing time. Amidst all the chores, house purchasing and gardening a certain raccoon required of her, she met her first friend. That friend was Mitzi, and we became instant best friends.

  • Constantly in a good mood, but never over-the-top
  • Shows up for every birthday
  • Is an OG villager that has survived every iteration of the series thus far
  • Gifted me with a heart shirt 16 years ago, and I'll never let her go

2. Spike


Almost retired as an NPC but made a partial recovery through the camper Amiibo Cards series, Spike was my grumpy companion. He's also a prime example of how the personalities have paired down some over the years. What was once the goth angry rhino boy of my dreams turned into a more charming rhino boy. Either way, he remains a favorite for a few specific reasons.

  • His style is unmatched to anything but my angsty middle school days with skater clothes and a feigned distaste for all things mainstream
  • Getting him to bring his shields down was a complete accomplishment. The reward was a friendship that made you the target of his loyalty while he grimaced at the rest of your town.
  • His home back then was messy like the darkest recesses of my mind
  • Rocks an RV with flames like he's on a cheesy metal band tour bus.

3. Alfonso


Okay, so you know that kid that is a little lazy, means well, but mostly just wants to eat, sleep and sometimes play? That’s Alfonso. Alfonso was also a main character in the film “Doubutsu no Mori”, which if you haven’t seen by this point you should. Just as true to the series, in the film Alfonso spends most of his time running around with his best friend catching bugs, with multiple B-roll shots of him sleeping or eating like a mad-gator. But what else makes him so special?

  • Loves Mario, has the shirt, has the catch-phrase “It’s-a-me!” - big nerd
  • In “Wild World”, his picture’s message said: “We're friends, so I won't gnaw on your legs, even though I'm starving.” How thoughtful!
  • Has adorable circles all over his body as part of his design, 10/10.
  • Is apparently the youngest of quintuplets, and it’s imperative we meet all of his siblings immediately.

4. Poppy


Poppy is high up there of quality critters running through your town. When I first met her in “Animal Crossing: City Folk”, I fell in love with her chipper attitude and tiny frame. Of all the tiny squirrels that could stumble into your town, she’s a very chill and peppy girl who will never let you down. The best parts:

  • Does not demand a lot of your time, but is always appreciative to see you
  • Wants to be a stylist, and with her basic style, she’s sure to be a hit around town
  • Looks like a little custard dessert
  • Can have all the acorns her little heart desires, I dare you to try to stop her

5. Hornsby


Looking for another lazy boy? Hornsby is a blue sleeping beauty. His love of eating and sleeping - like our boy Alfonso - is endearing and easy to handle in a relationship. When I met him in my GameCube town, I wanted nothing more than to be his best friend. It was easy because he got along with all my other friends. The only time Hornsby has ever been angry is when a jock villager wanted him to exercise, which I get.

  • Of all the rhinos, he’s the most well-mannered and even-tempered
  • Like classic furniture, because he’s a classy guy
  • Is a melodic tenor, even though he’s a rhino, which is perfect
  • Gets adorably embarrassed easily if he’s caught sleeping outside

6. Fauna


Nintendo finally brought us more deer characters, and they couldn’t have knocked it more out of the park with Fauna. She’s a classic brown, her standard clothing looks so cozy and winter-ready, and she has the sweetest demeanor of any of the newer villagers to come to the series. Fauna has a normal personality, and is often a little shy, but she is easy to talk to and loves hide and seek.

  • Drinks a mocha at the Roost, and that’s just so perfectly matched
  • Her rosy cheeks accentuate her constantly blushing and bashful appearance
  • Loves to read and always hopes you’ve read a good book when you’re away
  • Deserves a shot as a main character if the film ever gets a sequel

7. Willow


Willow is described as a snooty character, but all of my interactions with this darling sheep have been positively wonderful. With a fabulous flare and golden wool, Willow has secured herself among my favorites - though I do have a fondness of most of the sheep. Her biggest downfall is her affinity for gossip, but she tries to give most villagers a chance! If you haven’t given Willow a chance, consider this:

  • Knows everything about everyone in town and is always in-the-know
  • Wants to be a fashion designer, because obviously
  • She takes her mocha straight, no cream or sugar, like a boss
  • When you meet her in “New Leaf” she’s less likely to be a snooty mean villager towards you

8. Lopez


Lopez is classified as another deer villager, but we all know this fly guy is more gazelle. When I first met Lopez, I immediately thought: “He’s too cool for me.” While smug in personality, I’d say he’s more confident, as he’s never rubbed his fantastic life in my face. If you’re curious, yes, Lopez is a bit of a flirt. It comes with the territory when you’re just this cool.

  • Has a pretty basic style, but makes eh blue carpet, modern wood, and classic furniture really work
  • Wants to be a CEO, and I would love to see him in a suit with millions of Bells
  • Is afraid of skeletons but loves creepy furniture, which means he’ll face his fears
  • Used to get into a lot of arguments with Willow, and I secretly think it’s because they’re both alpha animals

9. Avery


I think the main reason I am so drawn to Avery’s character design and overall personality is because I met him in “City Folk” just after playing “Twilight Princess”. See any resemblance? I love the larger bird characters, and when I met Avery he was a combination of everything in a character I have loved over the years: unique design, cranky personality, and a different take on personal style. He wants to be a professor, and I think he would be great.

  • Loves to pick on some of the other villagers, which may sound mean, but when you’ve finally had enough of Gigi’s crap, it’s so rewarding
  • Has a deep voice that somehow matches the really cool geometric design
  • Despite being a cranky personality type, he is quite tolerant of you and most of the other villager types
  • I hope he wants to be a history professor

10. Eugene


We’re getting close to the end of the list, and I bet you thought I wasn’t going to include Eugene. Of course, you’re wrong. While his style is usually attributed to an Elvis Presley type, I’ve always thought Eugene was our respectable Fonzie. Eugene is another smug guy, with a constant smirk to match. A fun and unexpected fact about this koala is that he’s a skilled rapper. I’d love a preview of that Soundcloud mixtape!

  • Rocks a leather jacket and sunglasses all day, all year long, and never falls into any pitfalls
  • Lives literally right next door to me in “New Leaf” and is always a great way to start my day
  • Has great life advice and support for his neighbors
  • I’ve caught him flirting more than once with Fauna, but I don’t think she’s caught on

11. Apollo


I loved Apollo before it was cool. Apollo is another OG character that has been with the series through every installment and console/device. Apollo is a cranky villager, and he certainly comes by it honestly. This big bird will be brusque and maybe even a little mean, but I like to think he’s just a very pragmatic dude. Once you get to know Apollo, he’s less likely to pick on you and more likely to be your friend. It just takes time.

  • Is a brooding coffee-lover in the Roost who's love is Whitney, and that’s just goals
  • Has a very basic eagle design, but shows off his flare in his straight-from-Hot-Topic zipper shirt
  • His “Wild World” picture says: “I'm not bald! I've just got fine feathers, that's all!” Perfect.
  • Is apparently also a quintuplet, and I’m dying to know what his siblings are like

12. Apple


You may think you know who your favorite hamster villager is, but if you haven’t met Apple, you’re undeniably wrong. Apple is round and red - like an apple - with the most darling smile, rosy cheeks, and high-pitched voice. Apple is a peppy villager, new to the series with “New Leaf”, with a lot of personality. Apple will talk to anyone and just likes to get along with you.

  • Is never without something to say, and is always happy to see you
  • Despite looking like fruit, she loves birthday cake and the card series
  • Wants to be a movie star, and I’ll fight anyone who tries to type-cast her
  • Has the best house I could feasibly design in HHD.

13. Ed


I was honestly stuck between including Ed or including Julian on this list. Ultimately I went for Ed because there are likely a million lists that already include our favorite unicorn. Ed takes the cake because while he is described as smug, he is also the perfect storm of a mixture of personality types. Basically, he can get along with anyone. He was just barely stripped of his OG title by not being included in “Wild World” or “Pocket Camp”, but he’s been here from the beginning, and we appreciate him for that.

  • Rocks mascara and purple eyeshadow and doesn’t care what you think
  • Perfected the only instance of rockable swooped bangs
  • Isn’t a particularly deep person but is friendly to everyone in town
  • Was previously considered a jock, but it’s clear he’s smug about athletics too, and doesn’t need to draw attention to it

14. Sterling


Look at this literal knight in shining armor, would you? I met Sterling in “City Folk,” and he lived next door to Poppy where the two of them solidified my favorite corner of town. Admittedly, he’s one of the few jocks that I have ever considered a favorite, but he was instantly likable and fun. I’ve watched this eagle get mad at quite a few lazy neighbors in the past, but it’s only because he wants everyone to strive to be their best!

  • Comes with own protection and will stand up for his friends
  • Won’t back down for a challenge, but will insist you should take on his ridiculous push-up challenges.
  • Wants to be a police officer, and I hope Copper and Booker give him a chance
  • Is not so great at hide and seek, but will play an intense game of it

15. Lucky


I didn’t necessarily leave Lucky for number 15 on our list of top 15 villagers because he doesn’t deserve to be higher. But look at this bandaged, good boy. What a note to leave off on? Lucky always reminded me of a mummy or spooky beagle. He is also another OG, and I met him in the GameCube title. Lucky is lazy, which may be a side-effect of his previous life riddled with accidents, but is a sweet dog and deserves your love.

  • Gives me Luigi’s Mansion vibes in a very inadvertent way
  • Is incredibly naive and silly, and it’s so adorable to listen to him get so easily confused in conversation
  • Rocks out to K.K. Dirge, which is a big mood.
  • Often gets a lot of sympathy from the player and normal villagers, because, well, look at him.
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