[Top 5] Animal Crossing Best Ordinance (Ranked)

Animal Crossing New Leaf best ordinances
Isabelle can and will do it all!

How will you rise to the occasion to become the best mayor around?

By giving us the role of mayor, New Leaf taught us that with great power comes great new features. One of those new features is the ability to enact ordinances once you’ve reached 100 mayor points. The ordinances each have a unique impact on the town, improving the quality of life of everyone who lives there. However, you can only enact one ordinance at a time. So, which one is the best choice to spend that 20,000 bells on? Let’s take a look. 

4. Early Bird Town

Nothing beats a fresh cup of coffee with a splash of Animal Crossing.

This ordinance is great for those players who prefer to start their day early with a little Animal Crossing. No more waiting around for people to wake up or for shops to open. 

What's Great About Early Bird Town:

  • Your neighbors wake up three hours earlier, so they’ll be waiting to greet you good morning
  • Shops open three hours earlier than before, so feel free to get that shopping done before you even head to work

3. Bell Boom Town

Bells don't grow on trees, but this might make it feel that way.

The Bell Boom ordinance works best for people who like to work with the economic side of things. It impacts the cost of items all around town, both buying and selling.

What's Great About Bell Boom Town:

  • It’s a great way to save up bells to upgrade your house since the cost of the mortgage says the same, with or without this ordinance
  • There are two  premium items at the Re-Tail store each day instead of just  one
  • All items cost more and sell for more bells, upping the circulation of bells in your town

2. Night Owl Town

Who has time to sleep when there are fish to be caught and trees to shake?

There’s nothing like settling into a comfortable chair after a long day and immersing yourself in the world of Animal Crossing. With the Night Owl Town ordinance, you can do that without being the only one in your town still awake.

What's Great About Night Owl Town:

  • Your neighbors go to bed three hours later, so they’ll be there to share some late-night conversations
  • Shops stay open three hours later than before, so there’s no need to stress about getting home in time to catch Nook before he locks up shop

1. Keep Town Beautiful

No time to play today? No problem, this town runs itself!

Nothing brings the villagers together like the Keep Town Beautiful ordinance. The town not only looks amazing with all of the blossoming flowers and complete lack of unsightly weeds, but you also get to see your neighbors watering the flowers themselves, which is always an adorable sight.

What's Great About Keep Town Beautiful:

  • Cockroaches won’t appear in your house if you happen to not play for an extended amount of time
  • You won’t have to worry about reeling in any trash out of the water
  • There are no repercussions for messing with the time and doing some light time traveling
  • Flowers don't wilt and weeds almost never crop up

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