[Top 10] Animal Crossing Best Music

Animal Crossing Best Music
If K.K. Slider wrote it, it's a bop.

Which Animal Crossing track is the best of the best?

Animal Crossing is massively successful for a multitude of reasons, but perhaps one of the most iconic aspects of the series is the music. Whether it’s the ambient tunes playing as you wander through town or one of the countless hits by the cool and mysterious K.K. Slider, it’s guaranteed to be a total hit. With so many songs to be heard, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. This list is here to help with that decision. 

10. DJ K.K.

This song appears pretty consistently throughout the Animal Crossing series. It plays at The Roost between 8 pm and midnight, and it can be heard at Club LOL as well. It’s a fast-paced song that’s perfect for dancing and having fun.

9. K.K. Oasis

There’s a lot going on in this song. It’s very thematic and busy, but somehow it totally works. The bizarre tuning and occasional trumpeting of an elephant do well to showcase the quirky, energetic spirit of Animal Crossing. 

8. Bubblegum K.K.

Playing off the bubblegum pop genre, this song is a little bit of a departure from K.K. Slider’s usual jams. It’s unapologetically upbeat without being grating, which is great since several villagers have chosen it as the song to play in their house. 

7. Stale Cupcakes 

This song is sweet, both in name and in sound, but there’s something quite melancholy about it. It first showed up in Wild World, and only if you typed in an invalid song title while making a request. It makes sense that this song is a sort of secret with its quiet volume and gentle rhythm. 

6. Forest Life

There’s nothing better than strolling through the village with your butterfly net in hand, eyes on the lookout for that speedy grasshopper. This song, with its slow tempo and charming chimes, is the perfect soundtrack for that activity. 

5. Rockin’ K.K.

K.K. Slider is at his best with this one. This music is so fast-paced and fun, not to mention the strong Johnny B. Goode vibes being given off throughout the entire song. It’s great to put on in your house to liven things up a little.  

4. Rainy Day

This song just radiates peace. Rainy days in Animal Crossing are such a treat. You get to admire the wide variety of adorable umbrellas that your neighbors carry, and you can visit the less brave villagers inside their houses. So go ahead, put this song on and catch that coelacanth.

3. Mr. Resetti

It’s not relaxing but it sure is familiar. Nothing in life teaches you about the consequences of your actions quite like getting an earful (or ten) from Mr. Resetti himself. This slow, repetitive, looping music really captures the essence of one of his rants. Give it a listen and be thankful that autosaves have put this angry mole out of a job. 

2. 1 AM

This one really encompasses the true Animal Crossing vibe. Lying in bed late at night, your 3DS lighting up the room as you meander about your village and talk to the night owl villagers. There’s nothing quite as peaceful as grabbing your fishing pole and listening to the sounds of the ocean at night paired with the soft piano notes in this song. 

1. Animal Crossing Theme Song

Of course, there is nothing more iconic than the theme song itself. Every game has its own unique theme music, but none carry as much nostalgia and originality as the one from the original game for the GameCube. It’s fun and upbeat, instantly bringing back memories of rushing back home after school and checking to see if Tom Nook has that item you’ve been waiting for yet. 

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