[Top 10] ACNH Best Bear Villagers

ACNH Best Bear Villagers
The cuddly hero of Animal Crossing: New Horizons

What would you expect from a game called "Animal Crossing" other than a wide selection of animals? Luckily, they do have lions, tigers, and bears - oh my! Bears are a staple to a cozy title like this.

The bear species has remained strong in the series since the first Animal Crossing game. They've received few additions due to their solid foundation in the series.

But don't confuse the bears with bear cubs - their smaller counterparts. Bears are tall, plump, with larger heads and more mature faces. Of course, one cub might as well be a full-grown bear, considering his face (We're looking at you, Barold).

As a wonderful feature, Nintendo also added special perks for relationships between bears and cubs. They each get an additional friendship for being similar species. This means higher chances for them to be best friends on your island!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons features 15 bears. We're featuring their best details to aid your island planning, because each villager is unique. 

While a few may not be on this list, that doesn't mean you should pass them up. Who knows who might become your favorite?



A tired Groucho takes his time enjoying a hot coffee.

This bear is weathered but young at heart. You might think the three yellow stripes on his blue body is hair, but you'd be wrong! It's actually a scar from a claw. Who wouldn't be a little grouchy after getting that smack in the middle of your forehead?

Give Groucho a chance to be your friend, though, as he might surprise you. His cranky personality means he's got history under all his spikes.

He's got a fancy dragon jacket and a love for music. And I love his saying: "Rocky road is more than just a flavor of ice cream." He feels like a retired rockstar. Invite him over! Maybe he's got some stories to tell you.



A gentlemanly bear welcomes you to his abode.

As his name suggests, Beardo is a bear with a beard! Well, maybe not a full beard. He rocks a bushy mustache and large sideburns. His catchphrase is also "Whiskers," referring to facial hair.

Since Nintendo is from Japan, his lack of a true beard may be due to the Japanese lacking a unique word for it. Instead, mustache and beard are used in the same sense. We'll overlook this one since he's fashionable too.

Beardo's proper suit jacket compliments his clean grooming. He loves to learn and will often wear his glasses outside. He'll see all the beauty and effort you put into your island.

His "Smug" personality means he's actually well-mannered and gentlemanly. Beardo takes pride in his actions and appearance. You can trust he will treat your friendship with the utmost respect (and give the best fashion advice)!



Bold and glorious, Klaus strikes a confident pose.

Klaus is a striking villager with a clear design. He walks among us, created in the image of the Greeks. 

His gold curls, light blue fur, and darker cheeks and paws give him many effects. Is he a statue? A ghost? A Greek god? While in reality, he's just a loveable bear, his stoic face and toga only add to his mystery.

Klaus enjoys expanding his mind through learning. He'll walk around your island like a true philosopher of his time. You'll find him with his nose in a book or appreciating the finer details of flowers.

Being Smug means Klaus will be respectful, kind, and possibly a little too confident. One of his best features is his saying, "Pride goes before a fall." Perhaps he knows more than a single bear's lifetime. I know I'd be a fool not to trust his wisdom!



Paula displaying her gentle nature while admiring a butterfly on flowers.

This kind soul beacons you with her appearance. Paula has a carefree vibe with her brown fur, groovy tank top, soft smile, and big, down-turned eyes. 

Paula also wears a beaded headband between her blonde bangs. This almost gives the feeling of a third-eye instead. It would suit her "Big Sister" character, though!

As a sisterly villager, she'll always be looking out for you. Paula will often reflect on rebellious things she did as a youngster. This helps her provide guidance to your player, or sometimes simply a story to laugh about.

While in New Horizons Paula is classified as a big sister, she was “Peppy” in the preceding title New Leaf. Peppy personalities can be the equivalent of a younger, ambitious, and energetic sister. 

Having both these titles recently is an extra layer to her character. She might look motherly, but she's spry at heart. Perhaps Paula hasn't left her young behaviors behind just yet.



Teddy the bear showing the camera his biggest, whole-hearted grin.

Teddy is a deceiving case at first glance. He wears the most relaxed expression and a pastel sweater on his large rust-colored tummy. He's actually a fitness guru!

All bears in this video game series have the same body with a round tummy and cute puffball tail. We can't blame him for this misunderstanding. His soft outlook might get you thinking he's a couch potato, but he won't let you think that for long. 

Jock villagers are always raring to go pump iron. Teddy is no different. He'll gush about his love for exercise and prove it by doing fitness outside. 

Like all jocks, Teddy is also a bundle of joy. There's endless smiles and motivation wherever he runs. Teddy's the type to pick you up when you're in need and never let you down (emotionally AND physically)! 



The sweet and freckled bear, Nate, enjoying a sweet treat.

When you think of cute bears, what comes to mind? Maybe soft fur and a nice plush body to rest your head on? That might be on Nate's mind too!

This pale yellow bear also features a rare unibrow. But this goes beyond rare: it's ultra-fluffy. He's even got freckles and eyes that look like he just woke up.

His sleepy face may be connected with his name. Nate can be a short version of the word hibernate. We all know how much bears love to sleep through winter.

It's no wonder he's been labeled "Lazy." Nate loves to play outdoors, but will often talk about snacks, bugs, and how he doesn't clean his house enough. Is that really a crime for a sleepy, cute bear, though?



Blissed-out Chow takes a moment for zen.

Chow is a panda bear that packs a punch with his bright pink body and black accents. His white shirt with bold stars also catches your eye. It might take a little for you to win his approval, however.

Chow is the cranky type, so he'll need time to warm up to you. If he comes off as rude, it might be due to his old age. He finds it harder to get along with most villagers. There's always room for a loyal friend in his mind, though.

Exercise is Chow's hobby. This helps keep him energized for anything that comes his way. He's good at staying youthful physically. But don't be afraid to show him the latest youthful technology too!



A purple bear named Megan inside her beehive-themed house.

Megan is a kind-hearted bear who will always be your supporter. While she has a "Normal" personality, she's all about sweetness in life!

Megan is one of the few bears that didn't start from the original Animal Crossing games. She was only added to New Horizons and then to Pocket Camp. This exclusive bear needs some love!

Her bright purple body with pastel pink scalloped paws make her feel whimsical. And her ruffled dress is there to compliment that.

With her love of sweets, Megan could be a gummy bear princess. She will also act as a princess. She loves nature, including all the bugs, flowers, fish, and fossils to learn about.

Megan will always be respectful and cheerful, and even a bit shy. She's got plenty of compassion to spare for you. Just warn her if you're visiting so she can tidy up!



Pinky flaunts an escatic smile in her home.

It's obvious that Animal Crossing likes to have fun with villager names. Pinky is as pink as you'd imagine. She's a beautiful bear with cute eyes that feel exactly like a stuffed animal.

This plush pink panda is irresistible to have in your town. Her peppy personality and bright outlook will bring you joy too.

Pinky loves to talk about her goals and dreams. She's very excitable when interacting with other villagers. She'll even share her love of fashion. You have to trust her advice when she's wearing a matching pink and white outfit!



Tutu showing her wild-side before bedtime.

Tutu is another heart-warming bear like Pinky. But this time, she's a polar bear! And she even dons a little sweater with a heart on it.

If the charm of her simple face design and slight blush works on you, you'll find yourself with another fast friend. She's got the same peppy outlook on life.

Tutu will bring joy wherever she goes. She loves to indulge in fashion and friendly competitions with other islanders. Even if she loses, Tutu recovers quickly to work on new big plans.

If you can't decide between these adorable animals, don't worry. Neither could I! There's no wrong choice when you pick a bear as your best friend and neighbor.

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