[Top 5] Animal Crossing: New Horizons Best Ways to Make Bells

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A villager on the beach with a bell bag.

When it comes to working on your island in Animal Crossing, there are multiple ways in which you can make bells and break the bank so you can finally pay off that pesky Tom Nook and all his loans. But, getting to that point is hard.

With this article, you'll see the best ways to make money fast and how you can keep using that money in the future. Some of these methods may require outside help, but you won't regret it once you see the payoff.

5. For starting your island – Foreign Fruits/Bugs

A villager falling down after getting bit by a tarantula.

When you first begin your island paradise in ACNH, you'll find that making money – at least large sums of it – is difficult because the price that you get for certain things isn't so great. Your native fruit doesn't sell for too much, weeds are a low price, and unless you're catching super rare fish, you're not going to be making a lot of money.

  • What I'd suggest at first is traveling to a bunch of islands with your Nook Miles tickets. There, you'll find islands with fruit that isn't native to your island. If you take those back home and sell them to Timmy and Tommy, you'll find that they sell for a lot more than your native fruit.
  • Also, finding islands with rare bugs is an excellent way to make money too. If you find tarantula island, you will clean through at least 200,000 bells in one night. And if for some reason that doesn't pop up, you can make your own tarantula island following this tutorial below:

4. When you're getting into it – Fossils

A villager with a bunch of fossils in front and behind him.

Once you've gotten a little further into the game and you've donated a lot to the museum, you'll find that you will discover many repeats of fossils.

  • And by many, I mean so many. There will be days where you will bring your fossils to Blathers, and he will tell you that he has all of them in the museum. You’ll need to find some sort of use for them. 
  • However, there's no need to fear. While you can sometimes use these fossils for decoration purposes on your island, it's better to sell them to Tommy and Timmy. You can get a lot of money for selling a lot in one sitting, and will surely help you pay off that 2,000,000 bell loan.
  • It won't be a crazy amount of money, but enough to help get that new rare item from Nook's Cranny, like a grandfather clock of some sort. 


3. When you have a lot – Sell!
A picture of Nooks' Cranny where you can sell.

I feel that a big issue with ACNH players is that they seem to run out of space in their home pretty quickly once they get deeper into the game. If that becomes an issue, sell what you have. You'd be surprised for how much those things you find in balloons can do for you.

  • For example, I once found that I had many gold pieces that I didn't require. I had already made all of the recipes that gold pieces went to, and I had no one I could give them to, so I decided to sell them to Nook's Cranny to clear up some inventory.
  • That ended up with me making 200,000 bells in one sell session because each of those little buggers sells for 10,000.
  • Seriously, when in doubt, you can sell a lot of your materials, and get new ones later. Materials are infinite as they always come back to your island, while bells are not.


2. If you need some outside help – Save Your Nook Miles Tickets

A picture of an inventory with NMT's.

The Animal Crossing community has plenty of helpful souls that only want to bring joy to other people's playthroughs. That's why your nook tickets go for many bells on Reddit or other group websites where ACNH players gather.

Let me explain:

  • Nook Miles Tickets bring you to random islands. For individual players, when they want a new villager for their island that is hard to get, they need to get as many Nook Miles Tickets as possible to keep traveling until they find them. 
  • That's where you come in, with your tickets to sell to them, and they'll often give you bells in response to them.
  • NMT's are harder to get later in the game once you complete many everyday challenges, so that's why keeping them to sell if you want money is essential. 
  • And when it's time for you to start hunting for new villagers on islands, you can sell your bells to get NMT's back. It's a beautiful cycle.


 1. For a lot of bells all at once – Turnips

Daisy Mae selling stocks to a villager.

Turnips are amazing. The stalk market is excellent. You will make so much money as long as you play it safe.

  • Daisy Mae comes to your island every Sunday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. with plenty of turnips to sell. Her prices vary per island, so if you have friends playing, check out their prices for turnips to see if they are lower.
  • Buy a bunch of them (as much as you can). 
  • Wait for a day where there is a spike in how much you can sell the turnips back.
  • Sometimes the prices on your island can be meager, but other times, they can be as high as 600 per turnip. That's crazy. If you have 40 slots filled with turnips, you're going to make so much money for that one sell session.
  • When Sunday comes back around, you can buy even more turnips with your new money, and make even more bells. It's a win-win situation. 


I once did this for a month, each week. At the end of it all, I ended up with 10,000,000 bells in my account. It does work.

I'd suggest going to a place like r/acturnips on Reddit. They regularly post prices there, and if you're the first on a big one, you can be the first to be entered to come to the island. It'll end very well for you.  

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