[Top 11] Rollercoaster Tycoon Best Rides That Are Awesome

Rollercoaster Tycoon 3

The Nintendo Switch version of Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 gives you three worlds, each containing roughly 15–16 scenarios. The worlds included are:

  • Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 Original
  • Rollercoaster Tycoon 3: Soaked!
  • Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 Safari

 There are plentiful rides to build and discover as you progress through the game. We will go through some of the best fairground rides that the game has featured. 

 Let's take a look at the top 11 Awesome Rollercoaster Tycoon Rides.


#11 Rollercoaster Tycoon Best Ride - Log Flumes

The Log Flume ride is a very traditional and old-fashioned theme park ride that is still popular to this day in many major theme parks worldwide.

The attention to detail is spot on with this ride, including getting to see the big splash at the bottom after riding down a steep drop.

The benefits of the log flume ride are:

  • If you have enough steep drops from a good height, then the excitement rating will easily compete with some of the more heavy-duty roller coasters.
  • It is cheap to build a fairly decent track, which is especially handy when starting out on a level.
  • It’s fun to let your imagination go wild and build a variety of scenery around the tracks; this also contributes to the ride’s excitement score.

They’re very reliable and don’t break down that often.


10# Rollercoaster Tycoon Best Ride - Giant Ferris Wheel

Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 features the Giant Ferris Wheel, which is the size of the London Eye, with modern passenger carts.

 The Ferris Wheel has been the symbol and flagship ride of funfairs ever since they first came about when they used to get transported around on common greens. 

 The benefits of the Giant Ferris Wheel are:

  • As previously stated, Big Wheels are iconic and a must-have inclusion in any theme park, especially if you've done your research on the Gentle Rides category.
  • The Giant Ferris Wheel caters to guests who are not interested in the scarier rollercoasters or thrill rides, but rather adds to the excitement (especially given its size).
  • It’s an exclusive attraction, so you don’t need to be shy with the ticket prices and can make a good profit from the Giant Ferris Wheel.
  • Guests will even stop to take photos of the ride, which gives your theme park an interesting landmark.
  • Nausea levels are low for riders, so you are able to build food and drink stalls around them without worrying about guests throwing up in the area.


9# Rollercoaster Tycoon Best Ride - Wooden Roller coaster

The wooden roller coaster is an original invention of the rollercoaster and is always nostalgic, going back to its roots of creation. Allow for around $5000–$8000 to invest in a fairly decent layout. You build with chain hills, and the wooden roller coaster features these additional benefits:

  •  Add on a photo booth for extra ride profits.
  • It makes a stronger marketing campaign when promoting a ride (and it’s cheaper than marketing the whole park).
  • You can also add splash points and other features, like helix pieces, to give a wider range of different drops.

You can let your imagination go wild when making one of these models. If you’re slightly older and remember these rides as a kid, then it’s very fun going back to those memories. It also allows you to change the colors and styling theme of the track.

If you're not up to designing your own wooden roller coaster, then you can always build a premade track to save yourself the work.

Also note: It’s a good way to get your park going with the rollercoaster, and it's even essential on some of the levels to have at least 2 or 3 coasters in your park.


8# Rollercoaster Tycoon Best Ride - Steel Roller Coaster

The Steel Roller Coaster has a lot more flexibility in its steel material and is able to shape into inverted loops, S-bends, tilted tracks, and corkscrews. This is the original rollercoaster look in more modern times, when technology such as metals began to improve dramatically for theme park rides. 

Unlike its past wooden counterpart, the tracks are a lot cheaper in comparison, and there’s a lot more siding to put in. This gives the potential to lengthen the more ambitious tracks as it offers more parts to reduce too much repetitiveness.

 The benefits of the steel rollercoaster are:

  • It has very bendy parts where you can weave in and out of each other, which looks visually interesting and encourages more excitement from the riders.
  • This ride has a lot of potential to score highly on the excitement scale in comparison to some other roller coasters.
  • The same deal applies to the Wooden Roller Coaster; in some levels, it completes the goals set by the park campaign.


7# Rollercoaster Tycoon Best Ride - The Magic Carpet Ride

Another classic fairground from the past came into the series in Rollercoaster Tycoon 2. In the third installment and on the Nintendo Switch, the Magic Carpet Ride is featured on most of the game maps.

 Four gondolas swing a magic carpet that contains harnessed seats. The gondolas spin it around with some force as it rotates 360°. If you weren’t belted in, you would be thrown miles into the air at the speed it goes.

The benefits of the Magic Carpet Ride are:

  • It’s a cheap build, only costing around $300 to $400, but the ride offers thrills that are on the scale of rollercoasters.
  • You can price the ticket for a reasonable few dollars, and it usually gets busy and contributes a lot to profits.
  • It’s very visually pleasing for your theme park to have a nostalgic classic ride; you can play around with the color scheme and use the scenery to give it a themed style.
  • Due to their popularity in the game, these rides can attract more visitors to a certain area.


6# Rollercoaster Tycoon Best Rides - Ghost Train

You get to create an imaginative world of spooks and ghosts where you can design the track going around it. It’s traditional to build the track around an abandoned building, where you get to add ramps and swing doors.

The benefits of the Ghost Train are:

  • It’s really bringing back an old amusement park classic. Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 enables a wide variety of customizations.
  • The use of uphills and drops when designing the track can make it more exciting. However, be careful, as the carts tend to come off the track 
  • The excitement rating brings a lot of popularity to this attraction.
  • Customary tracks are also available.
  • Build skeletons, coffins, and scary trees, and even change the terrain for some spooky colors.


5# Best Roller Coaster Tycoon Ride - Suspended Steel Roller Coaster

Roller coasters suspended in mid-airRollercoasters offer a different gravity experience, as the rides are instead suspended underneath the track. It has similar characteristics to the Steel Roller Coaster, where it offers loops, half loops, corkscrews, and three different sizeable turning corners.

You can experiment with the scenery and have your suspended rollercoaster drop into an enchanted forest or over the rooftops of marshmallow land. There are lots of fun attributes to this attraction.

The benefits of the Suspended Roller Coaster are:

  • There are lots of opportunities to create a wide range of drops and falls, which will definitely terrify your guests. Swing them around bends and corners, on top of launching them fast enough to go around an inverted loop.
  • If the excitement rating is high and it’s not too over the top, then the Suspended Rollercoaster should attract a lot of popularity and profits for your theme park.
  • You can score very highly in park value.
  • It attracts a lot of guests from marketing campaigns.
  • It can check the list of rollercoaster standards in some scenario objectives.


They are more expensive to build compared to the steel roller coaster, but it is worth even taking out a loan if you have to, as it does create winning leverage on your theme park map.


4# Rollercoaster Tycoon Best Rides - Swinging Inverted Ship

A very popular thrill ride that will quickly build popularity with your guests There’s room to charge a reasonable amount for ticket prices, and it has the potential to build big profits for your park.

The benefits of the swinging inverted ship are:

  • You can add a second ride right next to it to make it even more iconic to your park, as it's common for two large gondolas to swing next to each other.This also doubles your ticket prices and gives you an excuse to have two of the same ride.
  • Different orientations of this ride still exist in most of today’s theme parks, and it is a fun, realistic attraction to put in.
  • You can customize the colors and theme them.


3# Rollercoaster Tycoon Best Rides - White Rapids

A replica of the famous water attraction that leads the rafts around a water track You can add drops, whirlpools, and gushing waterfalls to soak and thrill your guests. The rafts are circular and naturally spin around in a circle when following the track.

With Rollercoaster Tycoon 3, you can theme a whole water park with swimming pools, slides, and other water rides.

The benefits of White Water Rapids are:

  •  It’s one of the most exciting of all water rides, and it isn’t an expensive investment.
  • On a single ride, you create a powerful marketing campaign for your park.
  • It’s very popular with the guests; however, it can sometimes get too overcrowded and slow down the flow of profits.
  • You can build photo booths to add another little income stream.


2# Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 Best Rides - Floorless Rollercoaster

A highly specialized, heavy-duty steel rollercoasterYou need up to $20,000 or more to build a fairly decent one, but if you do get it right, then it really does raise the stakes in rollercoaster popularity. The design includes very steep drops, vertical loops, and sharp curved bends.

There’s a huge variety of track pieces, which also makes this ride very experimental to work with.

The Advantages of a Floorless Roller coaster:

  • With this track, you can create the most intense, hair-raising stunts, even while holding different cart positions.E.g., if you have a half loop, you can keep the track going to leave the guests hanging upside down.
  • It’s also fun to decorate your roller coaster with surrounding scenery to add to the excitement. E.g., jungle or pirate themes are a few of the examples included.


1# Rollercoaster Tycoon Best Rides - Enterprise Ride

One of the most popular and intense attractions you can get in the thrill rides section It’s a spinning disc that holds suspended carts in a circle, and an arm pushes it up to a vertical position before bringing it back down again. Unlike the Ferris Wheel, the carts are stuck in position, and the riders are swung upside down at the top.

The benefits of the Enterprise Ride

  • It’s one of the top theme park classics, and even Brighton Palace Pier had this ride by the sea in the late nineties.
  • In the game, the ride only costs $600–$800 and gives a high popularity contribution.
  • You can get value out of the ticket sales.
  • It attracts a lot of guests to the particular area where it is placed.

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