[Top 15] Best Pirate Anime That Are Great Fun!

Best Pirate Anime
One Piece, aka king of all pirate anime

15. Vandread 

It’s literally a battle of the sexes. Both sides can’t see eye to eye, and the use of mecha is unlimited. One individual on the male’s side, bored and unfulfilled with his life as a maintenance worker, decides to just abandon ship. Not without stealing a mecha, of course. However, the attempted heist results in him getting in trouble. Next thing he knows, he’s on a ship full of women! 

No lie, this anime is just another excuse for Japan to create more fan-service. And yes, it is another harem anime. 

A lot of boob jokes. Main protagonist tries to make it clear he’s not interested in women. 

But we all know that’s bullsh*t.  

Why Vandread is so great:

  • Boobs, what else? 

14. Queen’s Blade 

The once noble Queen Claudette has resorted to corruption and violence to ensure her pleasure. But those that oppose her are willing to fight back. A band of female warriors rise up against their once beloved leader. Hoping they don’t actually kill her though. It’s a matter of empathy over priority. 

That description is too formal. This is basically a perverted anime with scantily-clad women who are fighting against each other for dominance. 

Knowing anime, there is a lot of sexual tension going on. For the characters and for the viewers. 

Why Queen’s Blade is so Great:

  • For when you’re lonely at night. 


13. Ellcia 


Princess Crystal of Megaronia sets her sights on the most sacred of all mysteries of Eija: a ship of unlimited power. However, before she can even locate the unholy treasure, she has to face a group of misfit pirates first. They are the only thing standing in her way of total world domination. 

A classic trope of Good vs. Evil. However, like Team Rocket on Pokemon, you’ll probably be rooting for the bad guy. 

While the anime is, indeed, old design-wise, it doesn’t deter you from how good it really is. All the characters bounce off each other so well. 

Remember the Lost Boys from the Peter Pan series? This anime takes those characters, and lets them choose violence. And mecha! 

Why Ellcia is so great:

  • Admirable heroes as well as admirable bad guys
  • Great fighting scenes 
  • Amazing animation 


12. Outlaw Star 


In the future, humans left earth and started living on other planets. Gene Starwind and his partner Jim Hawking run a small business. Simple but nice. Especially since Gene does bounty hunting on the side. One day a woman comes to hire the men for personal protection. They think it’ll be easy money. Not as easy as they thought when they realize she’s actually an outlaw in disguise. 

If they took Treasure Island, both the classic and the Disney version, and made this. I immediately knew what was happening as soon as I read “Jim Hawking”. 

While the idea of Long John Silver being “recast” as a female outlaw instead of the lovable asshole is unusual. It works. And it’s not fan-service. 

You basically have three main characters who bounce off each other so well. You’ll be Jim Hawking throughout the entire series: curious and seeking an adrenaline rush. 

Why Outlaw Star is so great:

  • Treasure Planet nostalgia 


11. Queen Emeraldas 


Emeraldas, sometimes known as the Pirate Queen, is a beautiful and mysterious privateer. Her ship bears a skull and crossbones. Her background and goals, a mystery. A young stowaway, seeking to become stronger in the galaxy, gets the opportunity to meet her. And thus begins a friendship between good, evil, and in-between. 

First off, this anime is super old. And pretty short (four episode manga-turned-movie-series). 

The designs are much different from what people are used to today. Although you might get Yu Yu Hakusho vibes from watching it. 

The story is similar to a buddy cop film, but in space. There are hints that this was inspired by Treasure Island (or Star Wars). But other than that, it’s seemingly a simple galactic pirate anime from the 80s. 

Why Queen Emeraldas is so great:

  • Extensive plot
  • Action scenes 


10. Sol Bianca 


Five female pirates pilot the Sol Bianca, a starship with incredible technology. With it, they seek out the greatest of riches: the Gnosis, a legendary item of power. And pasha, the most valuable mineral in the galaxy. Their plans take a turn when they discover a stowaway, who is desperate to save the love of his life. And their own vengeance on those that wronged them. 

Another one of those old anime where the characters are designed sem-realistic. And not in the Studio Ghibli way.

Adventure. Friendship. Romance. All in space. 

It’s not a harem anime. But when you got a guy suddenly surrounded by pirate women, you’d think this was Vandread. 

Why Sol Bianca is so great:

  • Graphics
  • Heavy material 


9. Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet 


A young man with only war on his mind finds himself and his mecha swallowed into time and space. Next thing Ledo knows, they’ve found themselves waking aboard a ship. They’re on Earth, a place surrounded by only water and ships as homes. He is taken in immediately. Although their care is completely foreign to a young man who grew up to only fight. However, maybe there is more to life than galactic war. And perhaps the young messenger girl, Amy, can help him see that. 

This anime had to have been inspired by Water World. The idea of a spaceman clashing with the culture of people living through natural resources has been done before. But this anime makes the trope far more interesting. 

With a sassy mecha who ships his captain with the cute girl Amy. Followed by a variety of hilarious and lovable characters that would make One Piece jealous. 

I say this is a great watch. 

I always want to say that the creators/company behind this anime are assholes. Six years since this anime debuted, fans have been waiting for a second season. And they were promised a second season. 

As of 2019, the creators, after promising so much, immediately just dropped the project all together. 

And I thought Nickelodeon was a piece of sh*t. 

Why Gargantia is so great:

  • Mix of mecha, space, and slice-of-life
  • Romance between two different worlds 
  • Good-looking pirates 


8. Mars Daybreak 


Mars has water. But it’s far from resourceful as humanity has resorted to ships as home and transportation. Living is hard. And food and work are becoming scarce. Some resort to piracy, as a way of rebelling against the corrupt government’s pricing on goods. Gram, an average boy trying to make ends’ meet, suddenly finds himself aboard the ship of the most notorious pirate ship ever: Aurora. 

Calling back to Gargantia and especially Water World, it’s another one of those person-at-the-wrong-place-at-the-wrong-time scenarios. 

This time we have the character thinking that the rules he’s been following have kept him afloat (no pun intended) for most of his life. But then he meets what are supposed to be the “bad guys”, and suddenly his view on the world has changed. And ends up fighting against those he thought were “good”. 

The influence that motivates him is what motivates other by-the-book characters who realize they’ve been fighting for the wrong people.

Why Mars Daybreak is so great: 

  • Plot
  • Comedy 


7. Castle in the Sky 


Pazu, an engineer’s apprentice, meets Sheeta, who just floated down from the sky one day wearing a glowing pendant. Together, they both discover they are searching for the same thing: a floating castle known as Laputa. Somehow it connects to Sheeta’s necklace, and together they vow to solve the mystery. However, they must take on sky pirates, government agents, and other sorts of trouble that try to keep them from the discovery. 

A classic Studio Ghibli film that will fill you up in a way that movies like The Little Mermaid or even Space Jam had (especially if you’re a 90s kid). 

It’s a cute adventure film with adorable romance between two adolescent kids. Lots of comedy and great character development. And you’ll find yourself enjoying the scenes involving the sky pirates too! 

Why Castle in the Sky is so great:

  • It’s a Studio Ghibli film, obviously it’s already great! 


6. Space Pirate Captain Harlock 


Mankind has reached a new low, both metaphorically and literally as Earth is the only source of living. Human population has spent years fighting for recluse to the barely surviving planet. One authoritative government vows to take control of Earth for its own benefits. However, one of their very own fleet members, Captain Harlock, is angered by this plan. Going rogue, he vows to ensure Earth’s inhabitable state. 

If you’ve read the stories on Black Beard, you’d know how heavily influenced this anime was by such fiction. The action sequences are astounding for something made back in the 80s (along with a 2013 reboot). And you’ll find yourself rooting for the main character/anti-hero. 

The whole fight-for-Earth thing has been pretty much done in terms of sci-fi anime. The only thing holding it over is that it revolves heavily around a pirates theme. 

Pirates with technology, it’s pretty much Treasure Planet for teens. 

Why Captain Harlock is so great:

  • Badass characters
  • Great animation  


5. Black Lagoon 


Rokuro was just an average businessman. Working days, drinking nights, and being the occasional chew toy to his superiors. However, he thought he was finally catching a break when his bosses send him overseas to deliver a disc. Next thing he knows, his boat gets hijacked and he catches the attention of the only female among his captors. They are after the disc. And Rocky has no idea just what it holds or what he’s gotten himself into. 

I’m personally annoyed with the whole falling-in-love-with-the-person-that-kidnapped you. I feel like that’s another sick fetish only Japan could make kawaii. 

I do like how there’s an actual MacGuffin here (the disc). And Rocky isn’t too bad of an MC. 

Sure, he’s forced into a situation while unintentionally attracting a Laura Croft wannabe. But if that didn’t happen, there wouldn’t be a plot, would there?

I don’t ship it (no pun intended). 

Every character (except young, innocent, easily-pressured Rocky) is an asshole. In this anime, it’s a sh*tty world full of sh*tty people. You’ll end up not rooting for anyone. 

And if any character dies, who’s going to care? They saw it coming a mile away. And that’s one less heartless bastard to worry about.  

Male MC is like a goody two-shoes high schooler trying to fit in and unable to say no to drugs. 

Why Black Lagoon is so great:

  • Relatable MC


4. Elemental Gelade 


After a day of usual raiding, sky pirate Coud discovers something unusual in their cargo: Ren, a woman from a rare species of unusual power. Apparently, she’s more valuable than believed when members from an “agency” who are willing to give any price for her. Of course, Coud refuses this, which results in his crew’s ship getting attacked. Now they’re on the run, with him willing to protect Ren. 

I don’t want to call this SIMP material, but Coud did just put his entire fleet in danger. 

Then again, this anime has double-meaning. Maybe this young, reckless sky pirate was honestly just showing that his crew isn’t heartless or merciless, and that he was really just helping a new friend. Or he wasn’t thinking with his head (but the one in his pants). 

Ren already leans on Mary-Sue territory. I’m not sure if she really adds any real depth to the anime, besides being a damsel and Macguffin, but she’s one of the main characters. We’re supposed to pay attention to her for some reason. 

Maybe some people see this anime similar to Castle in the Sky. Or just another SIMP show. 

Why Elemental Gelade is so great:

  • Finally, a pirate anime that doesn’t take place in the ocean. 


3. Bodacious Space Pirates 


An average high school girl discovers her late father was an infamous space pirate, and she is next in line to take his position. While reluctant to do so, Marika discovers she has a knack for this kind of thing. Balancing between being a student and being a pirate captain, it’s hard. But definitely not boring! 

The title alone made me think this was going to be another one of Japan’s stupid, dumb, overly-perverted works (like 90% of anime). 

I was [surprisingly] wrong. It features high school girls as pirates. In space. 

What more can I explain about this? There is the whole morality chain the protagonist clings to while doing something that is obviously illegal. There’s also a mass variety of different characters that you’ll enjoy. 

Well, enjoy or find a waste of an episode (and fillers in anime aren’t always the best). Some characters generate the plot. Others are just extras to the series with no real purpose (like Sonic).

Love high school anime characters but also want intergalactic plot and hoping to find another pirate anime besides One Piece? This is your show. 

Why Bodacious Space Pirates is so great: 

  • Comedic plot
  • High school girls being badass 


2. Coyote Ragtime Show 


Ten days before he’s due for release, Mister breaks out of prison with the aid of some other fellow space outlaws. After escape, he finds himself caring for his late friend’s daughter. Taking her on the journey of a lifetime, they hope to find her father’s treasure. Hot on their heels are task force agents, android assassins, and the people that call themselves the Twelve Sisters. 

What really makes this different from other pirate anime is the father-daughter teamwork. Sure, Mister isn’t actually Franka’s father, and the latter feels like she’s merely a map rather than a person to a pirate crew. 

But that’s why character development is so beautiful in this anime. 

Pirates like Mister aren’t heartless, take-all-no-gove asshates. He really does good on his promise to care for his late friend’s daughter. And he does consider his crew his family. That’s one of the brightest things this anime has to offer. A total badass who’s got a sweet side. 

My only hate on this anime though is Chelsea and Angelice. They’re really annoying. 

Angelica really makes me cringe because the only reason she’s even after Mister, is because she’s a total fangirl. A female SIMP if we’re getting creative. Chelsea is just the “open fan-service” of the two, using her body to get their way. Also, she has dyslexia, which doesn’t really add anything to the story. 

Why Coyote Ragtime is so great:

  • Father-daughter wholesome content 


1. One Piece 


The legendary Pirate King Gol D. Roger’s last words before his death: the location of his greatest treasure. For years, pirates have sailed into the Grand Line in hopes of finding it, along with status, power, and unlimited riches. Teenager Luffy is unlike any pirate you’ve seen. First off, he’s just a kid. Second, unlike everyone else hellbent on finding Gol D. Roger’s treasure, he’s not much into that as he is just having an adventure. Who knows? Maybe he might become the next Pirate King. 

Of course this was going to make #1 on the list. It’s one of those anime that anyone, even non-anime watchers, would know of. 

And one of the few anime like Pokemon that is still running. 

I’m not going to lie. This anime is bizarre. I get that it’s not the design that makes the anime awesome, the plot and characters are still great. 

But it’s f*cking ugly, no use denying it. 

Although the fact it’s been running for so long with a massive fandom makes up for it. Luffy is every person’s role model. Like Ash Ketchum. 

Every character is a spirit animal. And unlike most shows where secondary characters are a waste of animated cells, One Piece has even one-time characters you’ll fall in love with. 

So does it break stereotypes? Teach lessons in friendship and preservation? Make Peter Pan look pathetic? 


Why One Piece is so great:

  • Everyone already knows. This show has been around since 1999.   


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