[Top 10] Best Pirate Games That Are Amazing

Best Pirate Games

Do you fancy large oceans and boats? Are you a fan of shooting other ships with cannons? I surely am and today I’ll be talking to you about the best pirate games that have been released in the last couple of years!

I’ll include games where you’ll fight off legendary sea creatures such as Krakens, maybe ghost ships, or just simply other enemy faction ships. So yeah boyz and girlz, pirate games - let’s start with our first game:

10. Assassin’s Creed® IV Black Flag™

This game takes action in 1715, the golden age of piracy, where you’ll explore new lands, islands, acquire loot from underwater wrecks, engage enemies in a complex, yet satisfying combat system where you’ll kill countless swarms of pirates and other templars!

What’s also dope about this game - the graphics are top-notch, immersion combined with an awesome soundtrack will make your jaw drop. For a game that was released in 2013, I have to say this game is still keeping up to date and is surely worth a try!


With all the drama that surrounded this game in the past 3 years, the opinions of many people have changed positively towards this game. ATLAS is a game where you’ll be able to build your ship and engage other players in multiplayer. Graphics-wise, this game is pretty demanding but looks beautiful nonetheless.

Of course, don’t expect this game to be too friendly towards you. Even if you gather enough material to build yourself a dingy or a small raft at least, you will most definitely get cannoned down by 9 out of 10 players. 

8. Naval Action

A realistic naval combat game - finally, something for the realism junkies. This game offers dogfighting between ships, but besides that, you can also take over ports, buy better ships, or craft yourself a new one. You don’t have to worry about this game looking bad, cuz it’s exactly the opposite - it looks good!

As mentioned previously, this game prioritizes realism - so engaging in battle might seem slow to other players, you’ll have to outmaneuver your opponents and shoot the crap out of each other. So, fellow pirate, get this game now!

7. Sid Meier's Pirates!

Cartoonish graphics, fun gameplay, ram your ship into another ship, defeat the enemy crew and loot their ship for supplies and gold. If you thought that wasn’t savage enough, you can also raid lands and pillage cities. Dang, you can even get yourself a chick to marry!

What else… you can engage in duels and throw people off the ship, dance, and just enjoy the simplicity behind the mechanics of this game. It’s a silly and a short game, but fun at the same time!

6. Blackwake

This is another pirate game that will force you and your teammates to cooperate with each other, otherwise, you’ll be pulverized to bits and your ship will be shot to hell, resulting in it sinking. Graphics-wise, this game reminds me a lot of Sea of Thieves, but it’s completely different in terms of gameplay.

You’ll have a long list of weapons to kill your enemies with, your crew could consist of 13 players per ship, you will also be able to customize your character&ship as you progress into the game. So yeah, ram into the enemy’s ship and slice everyone on board!

5. Blazing Sails

It’s like Fortnite but in pirate fashion. Engage in quick-paced battles between players with their own unique characters and ships. You can also join other players and play different gamemodes this game has to offer. If you enjoy playing a pirate game but are sick of engaging in naval combat, worry not, as this piece of cake also offers land battles!

Cooperate, team up, shoot down other ships, get the first spot. A lovely game if you like a mix between battle royales and a game like Sea of Thieves!

4. The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt

Nothing is more satisfying than unleashing a barrage of cannon fire upon your foes - I love the smell of gun powder in the morning! In this game you take control of a ship and engage in 1v1 battles between other ships, what I loved the most about this game are the particles of wood falling out of ships after you struck them multiple them with cannons, and the sounds of cannon fire - immersion in this game is off the charts!

You can improve your ships, complete objectives, shape reputation for your name, “visit” hundreds of islands, and conquer lands - this game has a lot of content for you to have fun with! Just make sure to turn down the music or you’ll go insane…

3. Windward

A game that creates an emphasis on the word “exploration”. Here you’ll discover a procedurally-generated sandbox world. It’s up to you what you want to do, let it be completing quests, trading, or discovering new lands and cities where you can gather resources to further improve your ships.

The difficulty system scales as you venture further away from the place where you started. There’s also a reputation in which it’s up to you whether you want people to fear you or perhaps join you. Cool game!

2. The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition

I was way too young to experience this game, but my dad wasn’t - he introduced my brother to this game when he was a little prick and they both had plenty of fun playing this OG game - they never told me much though, so I’ve had to do a bit of research about this game myself!

It’s a point&click with cartoonish and 2D graphics, filled with humor here and there that will either make you laugh or cry. Uniquely written characters and plot from the 90’s era - if you’re a boomer and you remember this game, prepare to overdose from nostalgia!

1. Sea of Thieves

Yes, this is probably the most popular pirate game out there, ever since it was released in 2018. Go on a journey where you’ll discover new islands, hidden and lost treasures, or just go fishing and sell the goods to a trading company.

You can do many things in this game, either peaceful activities or less peaceful activities, ranging from attacking other players’ ships, pillaging their stuff, or completing tasks. Just remember, this game also has sea creatures that will gladly interrupt whatever you’re doing - Krakens, Megalodons, Ghost Ships - you name them. This is the best pirate game out there yet, I highly recommend you getting this delicious brownie!

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