[Top 25] Minecraft Best Horror Mods That Are Fun

Minecrafters Beware the Dark

Players of Minecraft take pleasure in knowing that it is a peaceful sandbox-style game with little action that players can enjoy. I mean, the game is all about creativity—building what you want out of whatever material you can. Innocent enough, right? But horror fans have developed a way to add a few sinister elements to the innocent game. 

Check out the top 25 horror mods for Minecraft.


25. Trevor Henderson Creatures

Trevor Henderson's Creatures in Minecraft MCPE | MCBE Addon

Trevor Henderson is undoubtedly well-known to horror enthusiasts. Even if you don't know his name, the horror community knows him and his characters well. Drawings of the most horrifying monsters imaginable are combined with real photographs in Henderson's distinctive artistic style. The Trevor Henderson Creatures mod allows the most terrifying creatures to invade the world of Minecraft.

  • Common Henderson creatures: The Trevor Henderson Creatures mod has quite a few of his most nightmare-inducing creatures. Creatures like Cartoon Dog, Breaking News, Forgotten Baby, and The Country Road Creature roam your Minecraft world. 
  • Terrifying atmosphere: Darkness and frightening entities' eyes peeping at you in the night can easily create a grim atmosphere. It’s an exhilarating experience to feel like something is walking behind you, only to turn around and no one is there. 
  • Engaging combat: Having the chance to engage in combat with the beasts or even pit them against one another in a brutal titan war can be amusing. Whether you choose to construct an arena and engage in a fierce war or simply assault them carelessly, it will be entertaining.

Get the mod here: Trevor Creatures 


24. Mutant Creatures

New Mutant Creatures MOD in Minecraft!


Mobs from Minecraft that you love, but with a sinister twist. This mod transforms the mobs into terrifying beasts with unpleasant abilities rather than the generally tranquil pigs or the not particularly threatening creepers. The mobs get more powerful and swift, and their menacing appearance turns into outright horror.

  • Creature upgrades: Each creature has its standard attacks and skills, as well as improved attacks that deal greater damage and pose a threat. 
  • Enderman Boss: Enderman exceeds all expectations, even for a mod. In his mutant state, he can clone himself and fling bricks. Fighting Enderman will take much preparation and skill.
  • Big Boss Battles: The mod gives you many methods to react to attacks, effectively transforming the game into one large boss encounter.

Get the mod here: Mutant Creatures Mod


23. Five Nights At Freddy’s

Minecraft Modshowcase: The Five Nights at Freddy's Mod

In the world of horror video games, Five Nights at Freddy's is incredibly well-known. The jumpscare components FNAF offers players make the game especially enjoyable. The grisly plot has players defending a spooky pizza parlor from demented, possessed animatronics. The mod features characters and buildings from the game and merges the peaceful world of Minecraft with the chaotic world of FNAF.

  • Detailed structures: The FNAF mod features a variety of intricate structures to explore; all of which are modeled after the structures from the base game. The Family Diner, Sam’s Pizzeria, Arcade A & B, and several other structures are flush with the original game right down to the vents.  
  • Detailed characters: It also includes a number of highly detailed characters; SpringTrap, Freddy, Bonnie, Chika, Foxy, Puppet, Balloon Boy, Withered Animatronics, Zombie Animatronics, Phantom Animatronics, and a number of hidden easter egg animatronics.
  • Daytime/Nighttime effects: Just like the original FNAF, daytime in the mod is full of peaceful characters and laughter. But as night falls, it brings with it the risks of killer animatronics with various skills and effects. 
  • Create animatronics: With the threat of murderous animatronics around every corner when darkness falls, it’s best to spend your days building up defenses. Weapons are important, but creating your own animatronics may be the most beneficial option you have.

Get the mod here: The Five Nights at Freddy's Mod


22. Weeping Angels

Weeping Angels | 1.16.2 Mod Spotlight

If you're a Doctor Who fan, you might just enjoy the Weeping Angels mod. This mod infests your Minecraft world with creepy stone statues with disconcerting features. While the weeping angels do intend to kill you, they have no interest in doing so quickly. They prefer to stalk you under the cover of darkness. Which, for some reason, ends up being much worse than simply killing you.

  • Numerous weeping angels: The mod gives you a variety of weeping angels to spawn; Disaster, Cherub, “Hiding in the Snow,” Spare Time VA, and Doctor, to name a few. 
  • Statue designs: The statue designs are extraordinary for limited possibilities of details. In the darkness, especially in caves where they like to spawn, weeping angels are barely visible. However, once you catch their eye on your screen, if you look away you’ll find yourself hurled into another dimension.
  • Killing presents a difficulty: While these chaos-causers seem to be able to easily fling you through your Minecraft world, they are not so easy to kill. There are only two possibilities. The first of which is simply using a pick ax, but this method takes an extremely long time to accomplish your goal. The second method is spawning a chronodigenerator, a wormhole of sorts. It rids you of the weeping angel rather quickly.
  • Immersive features: You might not be completely ready for the dreadful mood that is created by coffins and other things like audio effects.

Get the mod here: Doctor Who - Weeping Angels (Fabric/Forge)


21. The Doll Maker

Minecraft | SO MANY JUMPSCARES!! | Doll Maker Custom Map

The secret of Dr. Hogan Dred, a man with mental instability, is hidden in a factory filled with eerie dolls. You are kidnapped and thrown into the factory with no memory and completely overwhelmed with fear. You'll soon find out that you were kidnapped to be used by Dr. Dred to feed his compulsion of creating the perfect doll. Beware when downloading; there’s no preparation for the fear you face.

  • Creepy graphic designs: The dolls are extremely well-designed, along with the actual map itself. You can tell that a lot of time and energy was put into designing the entire map, down to every minute detail. 
  • Alarming audio effects: The hair-raising audio effects will leave you frozen in your seat waiting for the next jump scare that may, or may not come. The bone-chilling audio is so spooky you may wet your pants.
  • Spooky story: The horrifying story of a demented doctor who is obsessed with making a perfect doll is only made worse by two facts. The first: he uses human heads to make his dolls. The second: you are his next victim. 

Get the mod here: The Doll Maker - Minecraft Horror Map


20. Zombie Awareness

Minecraft Mod Showcase : Zombie Awareness !

In Minecraft, zombies are a major pain in the neck. When you're mining or building, they always seem to be in the way. But generally, all that needs to be done is to simply move. Their curiosity gets the best of them, but they are mostly tolerable. This mod increases their curiosity, making them total menaces.

  • Group spawns: Zombie spawns should be avoided because they usually appear in groups of three or four and immediately begin searching for fresh meat. Though this can be a pain in the rear, it is an extremely fun element in the mod.
  • Quickness: In general, zombie speed is increased. But you have to keep an eye out for those random zombies with an extra speed increase. It can be a nasty shock when they run up on you quicker than expected.
  • Zombie stubbornness: Zombies are extremely stubborn, they have been long before the mod was created. However, the mod seems to increase their vigilance a fair amount. Tiny droplets of blood will set a horde of zombies tracking and obsessing over you. The distance waypoint has been increased meaning they’ll follow you from a further distance away.

Get the mod here: Zombie Awareness - Mods


19. P.T. Silent Hills

Minecraft - P.T. Silent Hills with Resource Pack

Based on the game Silent Hill , the Minecraft mod provides quite a few big scares. In fact, if you enjoy jump scares, this mod is one you really need to get. This mod features a never-ending loop of simply making your way down a small flight of stairs into a corridor filled with horrors. Every lap you take is genuinely terrifying in a different way. How long will you last in those creepy corridors?

  • Well-designed: Quite honestly, the Silent Hill mod is designed even better than the game that it’s been based on. The extraordinary details are intriguing and make your experience enjoyable.
  • Jump scares inevitable: The numerous inevitable jump scares will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time. Each time you turn the corner in the hallway, you can almost come to expect a jump scare.
  • Everchanging details: Each lap through the corridor presents a new detail that you didn’t see the last time. That’s not because you didn’t pay attention, but because the environment keeps changing around you.

Get the mod here: Official Silent Hills Resource Pack


18. The Orphanage

Minecraft Horror Map - The Orphanage

The only place to stay after your vehicle breaks down is a large abandoned orphanage. It's one of those eerie abandoned orphanages full of frightful noises and blood-painted murals, not one of those pleasant institutions that care for kids. You might be better off just staying in the car.

  • Spooky details: The ominous lighting is only part of the well-designed map. The attention to detail is breathtaking and the texture packs create such a spooky atmosphere it’s hard to believe you’re still in Minecraft.
  • Intriguing plot: The plot is a fairly traditional horror story, without giving away too many specifics. You become lost and search for safety. However, the horrific surprise is that you find refuge in a frightful orphanage. To escape, you'll need to investigate.
  • Jump scares: Most of us who play horror games are more interested in jump scares than anything. The Orphanage is overflowing with them; you'll find spooky features before you ever even enter the map if you’re paying close enough attention.
  • Creepy guidance: Your path is marked by ominous blood trails and eerie signs. You can choose to heed or disregard their warnings.

Get the mod here: The Orphanage: Scariest Map


17. Amnesia 

"Amnesia" Modded Minecraft Let's Play #1

Do you know what it's like to suffer from severe amnesia? The closest way to get that through Minecraft is to download this mod. Details change every five minutes, giving you the feeling of having severe and inconvenient amnesia. 

  • Crazy crafting: Every few minutes, the uses change for each item you mine. So one minute, you may find that you can mine a yellow flower that can be crafted into a platinum sword. But, once things go wonky, that flower may become completely useless.
  • Chaos: In survival mode, what once killed one mob, may no longer cause damage. The unsteady terrain changes around each time the amnesia resets.
  • Intriguing details: Everything has gone topsy-turvy. Pink and black checkered pigs, yellow-striped cows, trees half grown, random overgrown swords. You’re in for a good laugh; and maybe a few shocking scares.

Get the mod here: Amnesia - Modpack


16. The Shadow World

Minecraft | SHADOW WORLD MOD! (Creepiest Mod EVER!) | Mod Showcase

Within the vast, endless world of Minecraft, there is a second dimension called the Shadow World. You can make a gateway to the Shadow World by striking flint and steel within the boundaries of an existing world and utilizing lapis blocks arranged in the shape of a nether portal. The Shadow World is full of undiscovered beings and territories. Quests will need to be completed to experience the adventure to its full extent.

  • Diary usage: You will be assisted on your adventure through the Shadow World by a simple diary that is unique to you. It describes everything you've found; including every object, mob, and entity you encounter.
  • Extremely dark: A night vision potion is very helpful for navigating the shadowy areas if you have one. If you're unfortunately unable to find one, you may be stuck hoping that a torch will be sufficient.
  • Unique details: You'll encounter fresh enemies and great gear along the way. You may be able to control hordes of mods or come across other advantages that can help you complete your quest securely.
  • Special effects: Gameplay is quite enjoyable thanks to special effects. Retro objects, for example, can throw the entire environment off.

Get the mod here: The Shadow World


15. Scape and Run: Parasites

Scape and Run Parasites (1.9.2 - 1.9.5 Updates) | Minecraft Mod Review

This mod adds aggressive, parasite-themed enemies for you to battle in your usually pleasant Minecraft world. They can be frightening and dangerous, and some of them grow and change as a result of their battles. Since they don't spawn in specific biomes, you can come across them just about anywhere. The parasites have the option to attack other hostile mobs and have very few weak points. However, they all have at least one weakness unique to their species.

  • Disturbing creatures: There are scary creatures and blood all over the mod. The mobs are well designed monsters that will haunt your dreams.
  • Nightmarish mob abilities: The vanilla mobs can become infected by rupter mobs, continually putting you at risk of attack. However, killing them won't stop them because they respawn even worse than before. The best course of action is to get rid of the babies. 
  • Boss mobs: The default boss monsters, primitive parasites, will materialize from living flesh. They can quickly kill you using special skills and techniques. Unfortunately, they still have the ability to change into something much more sinister. 

Get the mod here: Scape and Run: Parasites


14. Slender Man

Minecraft Short Horror Story - The Slenderman

Most new age horror fans have heard the stories of Slender Man. The horrifying creature that has abducted a disgusting number of helpless children. He’s ended the lives of countless poor souls and destroyed the minds of so many innocent people. Now, you can find him invading your innocent Minecraft world. Slender Man appears randomly, particularly in the forst biomes.

  • Well-designed Slender Man: He possesses skills akin to the Enderman. Keep an eye on him at all times because he has incredible, long-range damage capabilities and will kill you in no time.
  • Cool character upgrades: The mod includes an extremely detailed skin. However, even if your skin looks totally fantastic, you should think about employing armor to defend yourself from his terror.
  • Creepy effects: Screen static and other eerie effects help create the atmosphere of a horror film. You become susceptible to constant jump scares as you become engrossed in the ambience.

Get the mod here: Slender Man Mod 


13. Horror Movie Monsters

Minecraft Mod Showcase: Horror Movies Monsters

All of us are familiar with the classic horror movies. They introduced us to figures like Jason Voorhees, Pennywise, Ghostface, Freddy Krueger, Hannibal, and a slew of other horror legends. The blood-seeking freaks of nature disturbed us as children and wreaked havoc our dreams. This mod was made to make sure that the torment follows us into our Minecraft worlds. With the help of the mod, you can generate a variety of terrifying monsters and their preferred weapons for use by or against them.

  • Classic movie monsters: The mod includes a number of classic horror movie monsters from all generations. From Frankenstein to Annabel, Dracula to Pennywise, there is a wide variety of monsters to face.
  • Creative design: The monsters are extremely well-designed and will send shivers up your spine. Create a safe space to spawn the monsters, or you might just be killed the second they spawn. But, be careful, some are exceptionally tricky and can escape quickly.
  • Weapons: While it’s not a great many, you do get the chance to try out some classic horror movie weapons, like Ghostface’s knife.

Get the mod here: Horror Movie Monsters


12. Grief


It's not unusual for the lights to go out at the beginning of a horror story. Unfortunately, that is just how this map mod starts. You are forced to locate the fuse box in the basement after the lights in your house go out. As if it weren't already terrifying enough, a news report mentioning unexplained incidents has urged everyone to stay inside. 

  • Interesting map: Unique map, created to make you shake with fear the entire time. 
  • Interesting adventure: Navigating your way to the basement in the dark and hoping you don't get jump scared is hilariously tense.
  • Intriguing design: Terrifying and confusing features will keep you trapped in your own house for hours. Intense sound effects will give you chills.

Get the mod here: Grief


11. Betweenlands

The Betweenlands Mod - Official Trailer #1

There are nightmarish beasts and strange creatures everywhere in the gloomy and enigmatic world known as "The Betweenlands." Ruins and vanished civilizations dot the landscape, leaving no trace of what went wrong. The vast mod's abundance of content makes for a hard quest. It's critical to stay alert and keep your wits about you at all times, because failing to do so could result in your death.

  • Constant danger: Whatever item you touch and any terrain you walk on carry risk. You are constantly in jeopardy.
  • Variety of designs: There are quite a few new biomes to explore and even more new mobs to interact with.
  • Helpful gear: There is a lot of new gear included in the mod. Each item is uniquely useful to help you survive the new realm.

Get the mod here: [ANGRY PIXEL] The Betweenlands


10. The Cannibal

Minecraft Horror Map Trailer: The Cannibal

It's terrible enough that a flesh-eating cannibal escaped from a flimsy jail. The only thing that might make it worse is his enigmatic interest in you. When it comes to comprehension, very few questions are answered. However, it doesn't lessen how much fun you can have playing the Cannibal map.

  • Jump scares: You never know if the cannibal is lurking around the corner waiting to tear off your flesh. The only way to find out is to keep exploring.
  • Interesting details: The Cannibal is full of interesting details that will keep you on your toes the entire time you play.
  • Brain-teasing: While the map does give you rules and directions, it relies heavily on your ability to decipher clues and pay attention to your surroundings.

Get the mod here: The Cannibal


9. AbyssalCraft 

Minecraft | ABYSSALCRAFT! (Undead Dimension, Mobs & Bosses!) | Mod Showcase [1.6.2]

The AbyssalCraft mod has undertones of magic, even though exploration and adventure take center stage. The works of H.P. Lovecraft have certain negative effects. There are a number of obstacles and rituals that must be performed. Not to mention the sheer number of brand-new mobs and even the evil counterparts of the original vanilla mobs.

  • Multiple biomes: There are a number of unique biomes that are well-designed and intriguing.
  • Hidden features: Enchantments for buildings are one example of a hidden feature that exists everywhere. Utilize the attributes as you come across them to create unique products or enchant existing ones.
  • Incredible structures: New structures create difficult obstacles to work your way through or avoid to survive.

Get the mod here: AbyssalCraft


8. Fish’s Undead Rising


Fish's Undead Rising mod aims to enhance the vanilla environment by introducing extremely dangerous enemies. By eliminating the macabre mobs, players can earn rewards in the form of rare items. They can craft distinctive and practical tools using unusual items. 

  • Terrifying mobs: There is a large variety of nightmare-inducing mobs like Mycosis, Frigid, Osvermis, and many more. Each mob has a unique attack that produces different damage.
  • Friendly mobs: The mod includes a couple of mobs, like the Avatons, that can be tamed to follow you and even protect you through your journey.
  • Creative possibilities: As you kill the spawned mobs, they drop different items that can be used to craft useful magical items.

Get the mod here: Fish's Undead Rising


7. Lycanites

Lycanite's Mobs (Minecraft Mod Showcase | 1.16.5 & 1.12.2)

The Lycanites Mobs mod adds well over 100 new mobs in the various ecoregions of your Minecraft world. There are many insane species, despite the fact that others are really peaceful, like Makas. The creatures can be tamed, or you can kill them and use their body parts to make equipment. However, this mod contains more than just mobs. There is also a sizable randomized dungeon system.

  • Highly customizable: Everything in the Lycanites Mobs mod is customizable. The dungeons can be created to your liking and the mobs spawns can be customized.
  • Optional special events: This mod includes the ability to create massive boss fights throughout the world. It has a variety of bosses to choose from when creating the fights. A couple of examples are Asmodeus and Amalgalich.
  • Randomized dungeon system: The dungeon system is heavily randomized meaning you are unable to get used to patterns. But the system, while it may seem inconvenient, provides a great deal of reward to those who successfully tackle the dungeons.
  • Huge variety of mobs: With over 100 new mobs added in, there is a huge variety of mobs. They range from not so dangerous to completely murderous. Again, successfully taking on a mob is highly rewarded.

Get the mod here: Lycanites Mobs


6. CreepyPastaCraft (Reborn)

Top 10 Minecraft CreepyPasta Mods

Essentially, CreepyPasta is a collection of urban legends that have been altered by the posters to fit their own personal descriptions and uploaded online. Numerous terrifying characters stalk you through the night. Ruthless killers wait in the shadows to strike. The horror stories are transformed into genuinely terrifying works of art by each poster, which enhances or modifies the narrative as they see fit. Now, they've made their way into Minecraft.

  • Mob choices: You have a long list of monsters to choose from. All from the CreepyPasta horror stories we enjoy.
  • Random mob generator: If you’re having trouble deciding which mob to spawn, you could spawn them all. However, if you don’t want to do that, the mod includes a random mob generator.
  • Multiple maps: The mod has several creepy maps to choose from, each with unique difficulties.

Get the mod here: CreepyPastaCraft Reborn


5. Resident Evil

Resident Evil: Minecraft (New Updates)

The lengthy series of Resident Evil movies served as the inspiration for this mod. This mod is for you if you enjoy the Capcom Resident Evil video games. The relentless bosses and eerie zombie dogs will keep you battling all day. It also has a number of buildings and some practical equipment.

  • Creative abilities: The mod features new crafting recipes to help you defeat enemies.
  • Scary features: Disturbing and graphic elements borrowed from the Resident Evil films create a creepy atmosphere.
  • Characters turned into mobs: The mobs are menacingly constructed and include characters like Garrador, Jack, and many other popular characters from the series.

Get the mod here: Resident Evil MC


4. John

Minecraft Mods - John Mod and Capture Ball 1.3.2 Review and Tutorial

When John spawns into your Minecraft world, there are atrocities that are impossible to adequately explain with words. He is powerful, fierce, cunning, and totally out to get you. You'll have nightmares just thinking about him from that point on. It's incredibly challenging to kill him; for some, it may not even be an option. Just keep running, and whatever you do, don’t look back.

  • Earsplitting audio effects: Each John mob has sounds that are unique to them and their current circumstances, ex: death or spawning.
  • Three types of Johns: There are three different mobs, all Johns but unique. The baby John, regular John, and Mega John. The first two are somewhat simple to kill, but the Mega John takes a great deal of power and effort.
  • Freaky mob design: While there are only three mobs, they are all extremely freaky. They each possess a horrifying round mouth and unnerving eyes.

Get the mod here: John


3. Bloodmoon

Spooky Blood Moon in Minecraft

The Bloodmoon mod is really unusual and exciting, with a 5% probability of the lunar event happening every night. Changes in monster spawns begin with the Bloodmoon. In comparison to the vanilla game, monsters spawn significantly more quickly and are located closer to the players. Additionally, more monsters will start to spawn. However, since the Bloodmoon primarily affects monsters on the surface, those who live in caves won't pose much of a problem.

  • Waves of mobs: Spend the day preparing for the wave of mobs each night brings. The mobs are extremely vicious and completely relentless in their efforts to end you.
  • More monsters: This mod guarantees that you will see an increase in the number of mobs compared to a regular game of Minecraft. Unsurprisingly, this decreases your chance of surviving the night.
  • Find safety: Hunker down and survive a bloodmoon night in a cave or structure of your choice. Make sure to clear out the mobs first or you’ll be hit from behind when you aren’t looking.

Get the mod here: Bloodmoon


2. True Darkness

True Darkness - Minecraft Mod mini teaser

Just like in real life, it gets dark in Minecraft at night. But in Minecraft, darkness is a little different since you can still see—quite far, in fact. For the first time in the Minecraft universe, True Darkness introduces a pitch-black night. The moon's cycle at the time determines exactly how dark the night is. Will you be able to withstand the creatures that lurk in the shadows?

  • Limited vision: Even a few blocks in front of you are obscured from view. It becomes increasingly creepier when features like fog are included.
  • Compliments other mods: Install additional mods to combine the features of the two mods and heighten your dread. The mod becomes even more horrifying when certain features are changed.
  • Death is coming: You will eventually perish if you spend too much time in full darkness. Inevitably, creatures that spawn in the dark will spawn close to you.

Get the mod here: True Darkness


1. The Legend of Herobrine 

How to Summon Herobrine with The Legend of Herobrine Minecraft mod

The Herobrine mythology is a spine-tinglingly thrilling story. It has existed since virtually the very beginning of Minecraft. According to mythology, Herobrine is a creepy ghost miner who feeds off of game players to increase his population. He is a kind of ghost who preys on single-player realms. While he appears to be your typical Steve from Minecraft, the whites of his eyes have a menacing quality. The mythology gave rise to a vast amount of content, including jump scare videos, footage of alleged sightings, and much more. Although the mod is based on the story, it actually plays right into your darkest Minecraft nightmares.

  • Stalker material: Herobrine stalks you as long as he is alive (well as alive as a ghost can be). He is unbelievably creepy. 
  • Chaotic mod: Herobrine lays traps all over the map and creates chaos that follows you wherever you go. 
  • Exceedingly difficult: The difficulty adds an exhilarating element to Minecraft. Herobrine spawns even vanilla mobs that will attack you.

Get the mod here: The Legend of Herobrine


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