Top 15 Best Minecraft Building Mods That Make The Game More Fun

Awesome Minecraft Castle
Imagine how much time they could've saved making this if they used these mods

Best Building Mods in Minecraft

You’ve probably been three hours into a complex Minecraft build, looked back and realized that you’re only 5% done. I understand, we’ve all wanted to recreate the most iconic levels from Super Mario 64 or your favorite CS:GO map, but it’s a long process.

The beauty of Minecraft is that you can mod it to be completely unrecognizable. I know you’ve probably played Tekkit, FTB, or any of those amazing mod packs. Modding is fun and you know you love it! And modding isn’t all about adding a portal gun to your game, you can add helpful tools to make your time as a builder so much easier.

That’s why I have compiled a list of 15 of the best building mods Minecraft has to offer to keep your building fast and easy.

15. World Edit

World Edit Brush Tool

Example of the World Edit brush tool

How World Edit makes things fun:

I would be an idiot if I didn’t have this as the first mod. It is the most widely used server mod. You have probably run into it at least once. It’s an admin’s favorite tool when griefers go rampaging through bases. It has the best features for building large monuments too! The mod is an absolute must-have for builders.

Here are the features:

  • Brush tools
  • Copy and paste large areas
  • Undo big mistakes without having to manually break and rebuild everything

You can find World Edit here.


14. The Effortless Building Mod

Menu for the Effortless Building Mod

How the Effortless Building mod makes things fun:

The name of this mod says it all, it makes building effortless. This mod adds new recipes and allows you to mirror your builds. It streamlines your builds to a whole new level, giving you complete control of how you want to build your villager prison or ancient temple

Here are some of the features:

  • Several mirroring tools
  • Block randomizer tool
  • Works in both survival and creative

This mod can be found here.


13. BuildCraft

Example of some pipes in action

How BuildCraft makes things fun:

A lot of you are probably already familiar with this mod. It has been used in many modpacks over the years, and is a great mod for survival base building. Imagine giving Minecraft the same tools as Factorio. Streamline your mining, farming, and base building in one mod!


  • Pipes
  • Automatic Mining
  • Reactors

You can find BuildCraft here.


12. NiftyBlocks Mod

Example of some of the blocks found in NiftyBlocks

How NiftyBlocks makes things fun:

Have you ever wanted to create a true to life town? As we all know, Minecraft does not come with road signs, traffic lights, or poles that aren’t wood or stone fencing. With this mod, all of these features are added to make building more realistic. NiftyBlocks adds everything that will make you go “Wow this is pretty nifty!”


  • Different variations of vanilla blocks
  • New foods
  • Asphalt, road signs, and traffic lights

NiftyBlocks can be found here.


11. Industrial Craft

Reactors and pipes

How Industrial Craft makes things fun:

Industrial Craft is another mod you might know already. It is found in modpacks like FTB. This mod is great for completely changing survival building by adding new ways to automate your processes with new and industrial techniques. This is perfect if you like to streamline everything.


  • New ores
  • Wires and pipes
  • Reactors and energy usage

You can find Industrial Craft here.


10. Just Enough Items Mod

Crafting overlay for JEI

How Just Enough Items makes things fun:

Just Enough Items is the perfect mod for new and old Minecrafters. This mod makes recipes easier than ever. There is a full list of all blocks in your inventory screen that can be searched and spawned. This is a must-have for survival and creative.


  • Full list of all blocks in game
  • Compatible with a large list of mods
  • Shows all recipes for items including potions

You can find Just Enough Items here.


9. Crafting Tweaks Mod

New crafting UI

How Crafting Tweaks makes things fun:

This mod is perfect with any of the other mods on this list. Everyone is super familiar with how crafting works in Minecraft, but don’t you wish it was better? Now crafting has a whole lot of new tools! This new functionality makes crafting more efficient and your survival builds a whole lot faster.


  • Rotate and clear items from your table
  • Balancing items
  • Compatible with a ton of other mods

You can find Crafting Tweaks here.


8. The Prefab Mod

One of the prefabricated structures

How the Prefab mod makes things fun:

This mod is for the lazy builders out there. The Prefab Mod allows you to place premade structures so you don’t have to build it block by block. With a large list to choose from, this mod is perfect for every creative builder!


  • Large list of prefabricated structures
  • Easy to place
  • Great menu UI

You can find the Prefab Mod here.


7. The Light Overlay Mod

Overlay grid for Light Overlay

How the Light Overlay mod makes things fun:

This mod does exactly what it says, shows how light affects the environment. You may ask “What the hell does this have to do with building?!” Well this mod allows you to see whether or not mobs can spawn in an area. This is perfect for creating mob-free areas or super dark mob grinders!


  • Overlay grid of light area of effect
  • Shows where mobs can and cannot spawn

This mod can be found here.


6. The Minecraft Painting Mod

Some painted blocks

How the Painting mod makes things fun:

Have you ever been unsatisfied with the limited color options in Minecraft? There were barely any until just a few updates ago.! Now with the Painting mod, you can change the colors of everything. Make blocks pop with new color!


  • Paint blocks a new color
  • New items
  • Custom paintings

This mod can be found here.


5. Bounding Box Outline Reloaded

Example of some bounding boxes

How Bounding Box Outline makes things fun:

Bounding Box Reloaded is pretty self explanatory. It puts boxes around important structures, natural or manmade. This will allow you to know the radius around buildings to improve building around the preexisting environment.


  • Bounding boxes around structures
  • Color coded

The mod can be downloaded here.


4. Mine Menu

The Mine Menu UI

How the Mine Menu mod makes things fun:

This is a perfect mod to use with the other mods on the list. This allows you to have a hotbar menu to pin all of your building functions to. With this, it is quick and easy to select a tool and use specific mod functions.


  • Quick scroll wheel of functions
  • Fully customizable
  • Works with other mods

This mod can be found here.


3. The Building Gadgets Mod

The Building Gadget in use

How Building Gadgets makes things fun:

This mod has builders like you in mind. The Building Gadgets mod has 2 gadgets which let you control building different structures with ease. These gadgets are really handy when you need to build a big structure but don’t want to place every block, and it works in survival!


  • 2 new gadgets
  • Replaceable blocks
  • Undo button

This mod can be downloaded here.


2. The Blockus Mod

Some of the decoration blocks included in Blockus

How Blockus makes things fun:

Blockus is all about adding decorative blocks. There are already a couple on this list but a large number of different blocks is great for building a cool Hyrule Castle or a replica of Onett. With Blockus, you have a much larger amount of decorations and decorative blocks.


  • Stone doors
  • Multi colored tiles
  • Lava bricks

Blockus can be downloaded here.


1. MrCrayFish's Furniture Mod

Is it bad that my Minecraft house is nicer than my place?

How MrCrayfish’s Furniture makes things fun:

Finally, we’ve reached the end of the list, and what better to end the list with than some detailed decorations. Crayfish adds A LOT of furniture to the game. Every piece of furniture that you own can be found in this mod. This is interior decorating taken to a whole new level.


  • Computers
  • Sofas
  • Desks
  • All craftable

MrCrayfish’s Furniture mod can be found here.

And that’s the list! These mods will take your builds to a whole new level. There are plenty of other mods out there but this list is some of the best. These are in no particular order. Happy crafting!

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