[Top 15] Minecraft Amplified Seeds That Are Fun!

Fun Minecraft Amplified Seeds
Climb up high and jump down super low!

Amplified seeds have the setting for amplification activated, making the mountains enormous and the valleys cavernous. You will have a very challenging time finding a valley in these seeds to live in. However, this also includes more exposed ore, more arduous terrain, and some breathtaking mountain views. The top 15 amplified Minecraft seeds are below for you to explore!


1. Shipwreck Central (-9004819977716037311)

A sandy beach with a shipwreck!

This seed brings some beginning-of-game ease. With the shipwreck featuring a helpful chest, and the many close-by biomes, the peaks and valleys in this seed will sure to have the thrill seekers begging to play. You gain one solid peak of grassland, and one treacherous peak of sand, careful not to dig! You’ll fall.​


2. Jungle Cloudspace (1756818334829674443)

Tall jungle touching the clouds!

I think this is the coolest jungle biome I have ever seen. Beware! The air is certainly thin in this one with many of the mountains going above the clouds. Have your feather-falling gear on. One fall and your diamond pickaxe will be gone!


3. Layered Terracotta (4504731580991241287)

Gorgeous layered terracotta!

Take in this gorgeous view of the multi-layered badlands. Finding the blocks you want will be easy since they're all layered in plain sight. Climb these mountains and take them down layer by layer. This task is definitely for the determined.


4. Pillager Plains (80724429144684075)

Battle the pillagers on the beachfront!

This seed features a valley with some nice real estate for a house, comparable to the amplified mountains. Raid the pillager post nearby and give yourself a boost! Close by are some melons which give you some food while you figure out your game strategy.


5. Island Spire (-180712982499944018)

One steep spike on a lowly island!

Spawn on this island that removes itself from the definition of “amplified”, save for a singular peak. You can live in solidarity while having everything you need. Fish from the water, a lava pool, trees, ores, and more await you on this island. In my opinion, this looks like a perfect “villain’s lair” spot.


6. Snowy Mountains (-615404404)

Snowy caps with an ice lake below!

This seed has you in the tundra sided with an ice biome. For those who love the cold, this is fantastic! Scale the snowy hills and work your way through the cave system for resources. Be careful, if you misstep, the water has iced over and will not save you. This sirene sight or beauty is yours to explore.


7. Dark Jungle Getaway (1151862873)

Light tree aesthetics are vast against the darkness below!

Using the amplified setting, took the layers under the jungle and turned them dark! Use these resources to build your base into a dark aesthetic and live in a spooky- forest. Enjoy the look and feel of this dark forest and explore. The resources from the darker layers would make for an awesome base aesthetic!


8. Dark Forest Hideaway (2484405433649801586)

A gorgeous background for a hidden home!

Behind this dark jungle, I found a very small flat area. In my eyes, this was a calling to put a base here. Since there are plenty of resources and you’d have access to the sea, it seemed like the perfect place to start playing. Not to mention, the amplified mountains provide a natural privacy and safety fence to the dangers surrounding you. 


9. Meadow Cliff Dive (-5707472292548279773)

Gorgeous views invite you into this cliff dive! 

Caves, cliffs, waterfalls, and more await you here. Climb to the top and dive into the underwater caverns below. Don’t forget your water-breathing potions! Breathe in the picturesque view as you explore and live a home life here. Perfect for housebuilders in Minecraft.


10. Natural Glacier House (8857522626057459026)

Free real estate!

It will take a second to get to this natural housing (-191, 72, -833). This seed spawned in a gorgeous glacier with a door to a secret future base. Some mining will be needed to make the inside a little bigger, but the basics of the house are perfect for you.


11. Scattered Village (-3809413073267378935)

Villagers with tons of yard space!

Travel a bit from spawn to this village (-392, 62, 239). When the seed became amplified, what I assume used to be a village in the plains scattered over a spattering of tiny mountains. Take your time to add to the village or just explore the natural area around. This area seems perfect to add to the village with your own ideas. 


12. Riverside Caverns (-7787406471712364301)

Fun spawns in those dark caves!

Spawning on the edge of a multitude of caverns, you look upon a river. Here you'll find a ton of things to explore. Climb the vast mountains and scavenge through the caves. The crazy, broken mountains are a sight!  These cloud-ridden mountain ridges will have you excited to excavate. 


13. Triple Mesa (-3774028344835908894)

Resources are plentiful!

A desert, plains, forest, rock quarry, and more. This seed spawns you near the corner of many biomes. Enjoy the different resources surrounding you as you look around. Everything you need awaits in every corner close to you.


14. The Sandcastle (-4650554731117674322)

Tall spears of sand!

This sandy mountain resembles a sandcastle on the water. Hills of piled sand provide housing for imagination. Build your dreamy castle of sand, or better yet, work that sand to glass and build a glass house. The possibilities are endless with this seed as you're surrounded by similar mountains.


15. Snowy Spiral (-4046669548829799239)

Snow, forest, and ice are beautiful!

This winter wonderland is a gorgeous play area for those who love the cold. Peaks and valleys, sky cliffs, and endless exploration live here. This land area looks perfect for a snowy timeline handcrafted by you!


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