[Top 10] Minecraft Snow Seeds That Are Fun! (2022 Edition)

Thumbnail of a polar bear from Minecraft over a snowy forest
Cool off with these ten snow seeds!

[Top 10] Minecraft Snow Seeds That Are Fun! (2022 Edition)

Minecraft’s 1.18 update, most known for its changes to the cave systems, also includes some major additions to a previously barren snow and tundra biome. Up here in the Northern hemisphere, it’s winter time, but for many reasons, you can hardly count on the weather to reflect the season - so, if you’re wishing for snow, you won’t find anything more reliable than these ten cool snow seeds.

10. -541096981

Start Video At: 15:55

Check out the seed: https://youtu.be/vTATWjRjdFM?t=955

This seed is the picturesque arctic tundra, complete with spires of ice and polar bears roaming the frozen lakes and rivers. In addition to being the epitome of a snow seed, featuring an enormous snowy biome to explore, this seed would also make an excellent base for an adventure map build or a North Pole build.

9. 1605170847

Start Video At: 0:00

Check out the seed: https://youtu.be/2YqNZ_bDYnU

What could be more perfect for a snowy playthrough than an island surrounded by glaciers and icebergs, split in half with an open snowy plain on one side and a spruce forest on the other? This seed creates a condensed space for play, packing in several basic but crucial details for any winter-themed world, all on and around one tiny island.

8. 2129407928

Start Video At: 3:30

Check out the seed: https://youtu.be/TTW86QoKFIk?t=210

This seed is enormous, spawning you next to multiple tundra villages and igloos in the midst of an unfathomably big snowy biome. One of the igloos even generates within a few blocks of a ruined portal! 

7. 1003845738952762135

Start Video At: 0:11

Check out the seed: https://youtu.be/oC-NyFkvc1w?t=11

At spawn, right around the corner, is an igloo with a basement. Within sight is a Pillager outpost with multiple tents around the base, providing early access to all sorts of loot and combat opportunities. There are multiple villages nearby, too. 

6. -798373348

Start Video At: 2:23

Check out the seed: https://youtu.be/vTATWjRjdFM?t=143

This seed is entertaining simply by the merits of its generated structures at spawn. There is a village extremely close - and what appears to be an igloo spawned on top of a church? It’s incredibly odd - I’ve never seen a structure generate like this. It’s fascinating, and opens the door to all kinds of fun storytelling opportunities.

5. 2049264063470104708

Start Video At: 13:35

Check out the seed: https://youtu.be/oC-NyFkvc1w?t=406

This seed features a bit of a rarity, spawning cold ocean ruins on the surface, right near a large village next to a ruined portal and an igloo. A nice, solid seed with some uncommon generation to start off a wintery playthrough.

4. 745766666

Start Video At: 6:11

Check out the seed: https://youtu.be/TTW86QoKFIk?t=371

The bird’s eye view of this seed shows just how massive - and gorgeous - the snowy biome at spawn is, bordering a taiga and featuring high cliffs with wide, deep rivers cutting through the terrain. The occasional spire of ice dots the landscape, adding spice to an otherwise very serene seed.

3. 604893202

Start Video At: 8:38

Check out the seed: https://youtu.be/vTATWjRjdFM?t=518

If you’re looking for something a bit more… unexpected, then this seed is for you. Right near spawn is, of course, a snowy biome, as this is a snow seed, but if you’re interested in variety, this biome borders a mesa biome. The colors of these vastly different landscapes clash like fire and ice, lending inspiration to a likely very peculiar story or build.

2. 33855972

Start Video At: 0:57

Check out the seed: https://youtu.be/gvCY6qszjqU?t=57

There’s no telling how long ago this ship landed in this tundra village, but it must have been quite the story, watching the entire vessel come up onto land and perch itself on top of one of the village’s structures. It’s empty and abandoned now, ripe for looting, but the village certainly isn’t. I wonder how the citizens feel about the wreck…

1. -1447

Start Video At: 0:15

Check out the seed: https://youtu.be/TTW86QoKFIk?t=15

Spawning you in front of a sheer stony cliff face nestled amongst towering snowy mountains, this seed truly is a sight to behold. Far up in the peaks, you can see the remnants of a ruined portal. This would make an excellent building spot - a base hidden away in the mountain, or a frozen castle looming from the apex.

Feeling chilly yet? Grab a blanket and some hot tea and load up one of these seeds to immerse yourself in their wintery atmospheres. Let us know if you agree with my picks! We’ll see you around. Happy gaming!

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