Minecraft: How to Breed Villagers

Thumbnail of two Villagers from Minecraft. They are implied to be in love.
I never liked the phrase "breeding villagers." Sounds questionable. But here we are!

Minecraft: How to Breed Villagers


Check out this handy video guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Dtjdiq12fw

Video by: Survival Islanders

Breeding villagers is essential for populating a custom-made town, or, for more high-concept Minecraft players, maximizing the efficiency of your villager trades, which can grant you easy access to all sorts of valuable tools and items. If you’re new to this world, that’s okay - breeding villagers (as uncomfortable and intimidating as it sounds) is not nearly as difficult as you may think.

  • To breed villagers, you’ll need at least two of them.
    • If you’re bringing these villagers to another town, you can push them into a boat and move them that way, but this does take a lot of patience, so proceed with that in mind.
    • You’ll also need at least three Beds and twelve carrots or other food items per villager. You’ll want to enclose your villagers somehow to ensure that they won’t run off.
      • Some villager farms will include an enclosed carrot garden for the villagers to tend, but that’s a tutorial for another day.
  • Step 1: Trap two villagers in an enclosure.
    • Place at least three beds inside this enclosure. 
    • Villagers will continue to breed as long as there are available beds for the children to sleep in.
  • Step 2: Feed your villagers.
    • If you have a garden in your villager breeding enclosure, they’ll feed themselves, but if you don’t, you’ll have to toss in some food for them.
      • Carrots are an easy option for this.
    • When you drop food into the enclosure, the villagers will automatically go to pick it up. The food disappears and is sent into the villager’s inventory.
      • In order to breed, they need at least twelve pieces of food in their inventory.
  • Step 3: Give them some privacy.
    • There’s no greater aphrodisiac than being locked in a cell with three beds and twenty-four carrots. Better leave those two alone for a while…
    • Villagers breed quickly and automatically. By the time you come back, there should be at least one new villager in your enclosure. If you’ve provided them with extra food and extra beds, there will likely be multiple babies by the time you return.

Now that you know how to get villagers in the mood, creating your own village will be a piece of cake. We’ll see you around. Happy gaming!

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