[Top 10] Minecraft Best Farms

Minecraft Best Farms
We've come a long way from planting crops with rows of water in between.

Have you been farming wrong in Minecraft this whole time?


If you have ever played Minecraft in survival mode then you know how annoying it is to be in constant need of food. Wouldn’t life be so much better if there was an easier way to grow and gather materials to satisfy this hunger? Build up the supply in your world with these ten different farm designs so your player never goes hungry again.


10. Stacked Farm 

A simple and sophisticated alternative to a classic farm

This stacked farm is for those of you who aren’t afraid of the work that farming in Minecraft sometimes requires. While it is fully manual, it’s an easy and decorative addition to any world. 

Learn how to build this HERE


What’s great about this farm:

  • The stacked farm is compatible with all crops in the game.
  • It is a very attractive alternative to many other manual farms.
  • It is extremely simple to build and requires minimal materials, which makes it a perfect farm for the beginning of the game.
  • It provides the maximum amount of farmland, rather than wasting space with extra water.
  • This design is easy to expand upon.


9. Ultimate Farm House

This farmhouse is an easy and practical addition to any world

This farmhouse is also going back to the basics in a refined manner. This is for those of you who want a farm that’s functional, easy to build, and compact all without it resulting in an eyesore. 

Learn how to build this HERE


What’s great about this farm:

  • This farmhouse is very easy to build and takes up less space than a traditional farm.
  • It is also compatible with all crops!
  • The enclosed design makes it so no mobs or animals are able to trample your crops!
  • You can easily expand upwards with this farmhouse for more crop space.
  • This is a design that is pleasing to the eye, rather than upset the collective appearance of your world.


8. Simple Decorative Well Farm

Perfect if you're looking for something photo-worthy

The well farm is perfect for beginners and those who don’t want to sacrifice aesthetics for efficiency. It is beautiful, modest and provides a scenic means of collecting crops to anyone’s game without any costly materials being used.

Learn how to build this farm HERE


What’s great about this farm:

  • This farm possesses the ability to harvest your crops for you by releasing water in the center of the field to disrupt the crops and send them floating to the outskirts to be collected!
  • While this farm is flat on the ground, it is easily enclosed by fences so it is protected from mobs and animals.
  • The mechanism in the center that releases the water to disrupt the crops is artfully disguised as a well. 
  • If more space is needed, expanding the crop fields outwards is extremely easy. However, another well may be necessary so the water is able to reach all of the blocks effectively.
  • This is most likely one of the simplest semi-automated farms that could be made, with minimal knowledge of redstone required.


7. Automatic Sugarcane Farm

Be prepared to craft a lot of sugar and paper

Perhaps you have already mastered the art of farming regular crops such as wheat, potatoes, beets, and carrots, but now you need a fix for your lack of sugarcane. That’s where this automatic sugar cane farm comes in.

 Learn how to build this farm HERE


What’s great about this farm:

  • This farm is fully automatic, with observers able to sense when the sugar cane has fully grown and activate pistons to harvest it!
  • Unlike the other farms, this one doesn’t require you to stand around and collect your crops yourself. A minecart underneath will collect the sugarcane and deposit it in a chest for you!
  • This is a completely maintenance-free build. Besides collecting your sugar cane from the chest, you can let this farm run and provide you with as much sugarcane as you need.
  • While redstone can generally be tricky for some people, the setup of this farm is relatively simple and straightforward for being fully automatic. 
  • It does not require the sugarcane to be replanted each time it is harvested, as it only harvests from the middle.


6. Automatic Pumpkin and Melon Farm

Harvesting block crops like melons and pumpkins has never been easier

If you’re in need of some pumpkin pie, ambient jack-o-lantern lighting, or fresh melon pieces, this farm provides the materials you need much easier than manually harvesting would. Pumpkins and melons are the only crops you need to mine to harvest, wouldn’t life be so much easier if someone (or something rather) mined them for you instead?

Learn how to build this farm HERE


What’s great about this farm:

  • The main mechanics of this automated farm is similar to the previous sugarcane farm. An observer is set up to sense when a pumpkin or melon has grown, a piston will harvest it, allowing a minecart to come around and collect all of the crops. 
  • There is no need for replanting anything when it comes to this farm as the pistons do not destroy the original stem, only the grown melon or pumpkin, making this farm completely maintenance-free as well.
  • This farm can easily be enclosed, preventing anything from destroying the existing stems or planted seeds.
  • The only thing that the player has to monitor when it comes to this farm is making sure there is space in the chest for the harvest to be collected!
  • It is able to provide endless pumpkins and melons without constant manual harvesting!


5.  Fish and Squid Auto Farm

Step up your automation game and never have to fish again

If you’re looking for another food source that also provides loot, it sounds like you're in the market for this fish and squid farm. Get enough fish to satisfy your player’s hunger for the rest of the game, along with ink sacs and sometimes bones!

Learn how to build this farm HERE


What’s great about this farm:

  • This farm eliminates the need of fishing for food! It supplies you with all the fish any player could need.
  • Bones and ink sacs can also be collected from this farm, making it useful beyond the need for food.
  • The design itself provides a new challenge to any builder, especially if you’re playing in survival. However, it is not challenging enough that it should prevent anyone from trying it!
  • It reduces the need for fishing poles along with chasing around squids underwater every time you need black dye.
  • This operation is fully automatic, so once it’s built you can go about other projects or watch the chest fill up!


4. Semi-Auto Wheat Farm

Learn how to use water to your advantage with this wheat farm

Let’s get back to the basics! This super simple and effective semi-automatic wheat farm utilizes water to the fullest extent to harvest the entire crop at once. Get ready to craft some bread!

Learn how to build this farm HERE


What’s great about this farm:

  • This farm is extremely straightforward and requires little knowledge on how to use redstone, while still being complex enough to create an automatic harvest and collection system. The water does all the work!
  • Instead of the water being released via pistons, dispensers are used. This creates a much more sophisticated appearance and makes reloading the water much easier.
  • The farm can be enclosed, and with the right amount of lighting around it, you will not need to worry about anything trampling your crops.
  • This farm can be scaled up exponentially. It is very easy to use this design to harvest hundreds or even thousands of crops at once if done correctly.
  • You can create a small infinite watering hole nearby so refilling the buckets in the dispensers is hassle-free!


3. Semi-Automatic Chicken Farm

Animal activists are going to hate this one

Looking for a farm that supplies meat rather than vegetables? This automatic chicken farm puts out raw and sometimes cooked chicken for a more fulfilling food option. Just don’t let the vegans know about it.

Learn how to build this farm HERE


What’s great about this farm:

  • This farm spawns the chickens with eggs from a dispenser, so you don’t need to constantly be spawning or breeding chickens for this farm to run efficiently.
  • It is extremely compact, only taking up a three by three block space.
  • It provides more satisfying food options for players in survival mode. Cooked chicken restores six points of hunger, compared to a carrot that only restores three hunger points.
  • Not only do you acquire chicken from this farm, but you also get feathers which can be used for crafting arrows or the book and quill.
  • Because the chickens are killed by lava, sometimes the food that is dropped into the hopper is already cooked!


2. Bone Meal Semi-Automatic Farm

You've never grown and gathered crops this quickly

Maybe you don’t need a farm that is consistently supplying food but is readily available to produce whenever you do. This innovative farm is compact and allows you to receive immediate crops through the use of bone meal. 

Learn how to build this farm HERE


What’s great about this farm:

  • Immediate satisfaction! This farm grows your crops on demand with the use of bone meal! 
  • Its small size is an easy addition to any world because it can fit almost anywhere. 
  • Because there’s only one block for the crops to grow and you plant as you go, there’s no chance of mobs ruining your farm by trampling it.
  • You plant the seeds as the machine goes, so you can determine how many crops you immediately need. It’s like supply and demand! Or, demand and supply in this case. This eliminates the need for manual harvest.
  • The compact size makes the farm less expensive in terms of materials like redstone. 


1. Automatic Farm with Villager

The hardest part of building this farm is getting the villager in a minecart

This wheat farm is completely automatic! Well, with the help of whatever poor villager you manage to trap to do the farming for you. But regardless it’s very useful! 

Learn how to build this farm HERE


What’s great about this farm:

  • No more harvesting crops and planting seeds yourself! This farm gets a villager to do all the work for you.
  • This is a fully automatic farm, with a minecart underneath to catch all the harvested crops and deposit them into a chest.
  • This method works with wheat, carrots, beets, and potatoes!
  • Because it is well-lit, it prevents any mobs from spawning inside. To ensure nothing can climb in, a glass ceiling could be built over the top of it. This allows the sun in and protects the crops even further!
  • This farm requires no maintenance after it is built, and supplies infinite crops for as long as it is properly set up.


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