[Top 10] Minecraft Best Kitchen Sink Mods That Are Great

[Top 10] Minecraft Best Kitchen Sink Mods That Are Great
Steve punched some trees, then he built a sci-fi nuclear reactor.

What are kitchen sink modpacks for Minecraft?

Sometimes you can't decide what kind of modpack to play. Should you play an adventure modpack, a technical one, or a magic-focused one? It's really hard to choose, right? Well, you can just not choose and play all of them at once. And that's where kitchen sink modpacks come in. These kind of modpacks have it all, from magic to technical, to off-the-wall crazy adventure-focused mods. 

Kitchen sink modpacks have a lot of mods, and I mean a lot. And I will be listing the best ones here you can play right now!

10. TNP Limitless 5

Here is a video of TNP Limitless 5.

Our very first modpack on this list includes TNP Limitless 5. A regularly updated kitchen-sink modpack created by Gberqz and NexusProject, that is a treat to play. Not only does it get updates regularly with the new versions of Minecraft, but new mods get added to the pack all the time as well. Where it stands now, TNP Limitless 5 has more than 510 mods which will definitely require a beefy computer to run, not unlike most modpacks on this list.

With over 2000 quests, the modpack is centered around progression through quests and questlines. You will be able to experience the mod progression with the help of your quest book and each day you play the modpack, you will get to focus on a different mod which could be a magic mod, highly technical mod, or somewhere in between.

Why TNP Limitless 5 is fun:

  • With TNP Limitless 5, you can experience the new Caves & Cliffs update of Minecraft with, frankly, a ludicrous amount of mods. The game, and the mods, are as fresh as they can be, which should prove to be a lot of fun.
  • For modded players who love quest-centered modpacks, this modpack definitely will not disappoint. With  little over 2350 quests, the modpack nudges you towards how you should progress and makes a linear-r experience while also having that cool sandbox, “I can do anything I want” feel of the game.
  • There is something for everyone. There are a variety of magic mods, adventure mods, customization and quality-of-life mods, and, of course, technical mods inside the modpack, making it a tried-and-true kitchen sink experience.

Get the modpack here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/tnp-limitless-5/files/3684757


9. Enigmatica 6

Here is a video of Enigmatica 6.

Enigmatica is a favorite among seasoned modpack players and newer ones. Spanning a lot of updates, this regularly updated kitchen sink modpack will surely have something for any level of modded player out there.

This was one of the first modpacks I got really invested in. There is a lot of mods that make building more fun and efficient, along with mods that help you create one monstrosity of a factory. There are magic mods here as well that help you along the way as they make acquiring some materials and doing some things that are required for the technical mods easier and even more fun.

Why Enigmatica 6 is fun:

  • There is a lot of emphasis on world generation, making it as beautiful as possible in Enigmatica 6. So, if you like exploring and finding new stuff in the overworld (and the other, mysterious dimensions as well), this modpack will speak to you, for sure.
  • With more building-oriented mods like Masonry, Simply Lights, Decorative Blocks, and so on, you can enjoy the difficulty of creating a big factory while also making it look really cool. If you like building as well as crafting in modpacks, this one might be for you.

Get the modpack here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/enigmatica6


8. FTB Infinity Evolved

Here is a video of FTB Infinity Evolved.

One of the beefiest mods on this list, FTB Infinity Evolved is an exercise in how good you are at Minecraft. Like, actually. There are two modes for the modpack. The first one is “normal”, which is still difficult at times but will probably feel like a breeze for the seasoned players out there.

The second is “expert”. Now, expert is not playing around, that’s for sure. Building anything is extremely time-consuming and you really need to squeeze every bit of efficiency out of machines to get a good technical base going. With mods spanning from BiblioCraft to Runic Dungeons, this modpack is beefy with a lot of different varieties of mods and it is really easy to sink a hundred hours or more.

Why FTB Infinity Evolved is fun:

  • While being a beefy modpack, the creators are doing everything to make the modpack as optimized as possible. Even so, you still need a beefy computer to play this on high settings; however, you might have an easier time compared to similar modpacks.
  • With two modes of difficulty, if you want to have a normal experience, or a bone-crushingly difficult experience, you can do both, whenever you want.

Get the modpack here: https://www.feed-the-beast.com/modpack/23_ftb_infinity_evolved_1_7


7. Dungeons, Dragons and Space Shuttles

Here is a video of Dungeons, Dragons and Space Shuttles

Making modpacks is a difficult process. Dungeons, Dragons and Space Shuttles, for example, have taken 2 years of development time to tie all the mods together in a nice way, and it really is nice. As the title of the modpack suggests, you will be having the usual in this modpack, the technical stuff, along with cool adventures that span to other dimensions.

With detailed agriculture mods along with building mods, there is something to do for everyone here. You can choose to cook hundreds of different meals or go on an adventure. You will have to use magic and technical mods together to carry yourselves to the stars. Yes, literally: to the stars.

Why Dungeons, Dragons and Space Shuttles is fun:

  • Modpacks with late-game space mods are always cool in my book. There is a lot of variety, you can excavate the moon or build yourself an efficient bee-keeping facility. The choice is yours and yours only!
  • If you are up for an adventure, the types of adventures you can go on that the game presents is challenging, unlike vanilla Minecraft or some other modpacks. You will have to prepare and play better to overcome these challenges, and that’s why they are so fun.

Get the modpack here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/dungeons-dragons-and-space...


6. Valhelsia 3

Here is a video of Valhelsia 3.

Valhesia has been around for a while. If you are a veteran modded Minecraft player, you surely heard the name before, or played one of the older versions. Like all the other great kitchen sink modpacks, Valhelsia 3 also offer building mods, technical mods, magic mods, and adventure mods. There are dungeons, different dimensions, artifacts, and so on.

While still being a kitchen sink modpack, there are a fewer amount of mods in Valhelsia 3 compared to the other kitchen sink modpacks. They say the reason is that they only include the mods with the best quality around. And I believe them. Every mod is worth a few dozen hours of gameplay. From plentiful new biomes to engineering-focused modpacks, this is a great kitchen sink experience.

Why Valhelsia 3 is fun:

  • The modpack offers the best quality of mods out there, and the developers update the modpack regularly. With great mods like Mekanism, Create, and Immersive Engineering, you can be sure that this modpack delivers what it promises.
  • However, this doesn’t mean that the modpack only has a few dozen mods. No, the old days where a modpack with 50 mods was considered a bloated modpack are over. Even though the mods were chosen carefully, the modpack still offers easily more than 100 mods for you to enjoy your time with.

Get the modpack here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/valhelsia-3


5. All in One

Here is a video of All in One.

You’ve heard of Sky Block, right? Well, All in One aims to make that even more extreme. You start with almost nothing, stranded at the top of the horizon. From barely any resources, you will have to prosper and create a new world for yourself.

And how do you do that? Well, the modpack has 12 different phases. The game starts with flatland with almost no resources, and it will slowly progress, as you progress, all the way to the end phase. With new things popping up always as you progress through the tech tree, you will have no choice but to have fun in the void, by yourself. Actually, that’s kind of scary. Maybe play with a friend, or not. You will have fun either way!

Why All in One is fun:

  • The original Sky Block experience have been improved to make everything more complex and fun. You will start on a 3x3 space and will travel to different dimensions in the end. The progression in nice and really fun to discover as you play.
  • Because there is no overworld, if you are planning on playing a kitchen sink modpack but your computer is not up to the task, you might give this one a play. Because you are playing in void, you will be getting more FPS with this modpack.

Get the modpack here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/all-in-one-modded-one-block


4. StoneBlock 2

Here is a video of StoneBlock 2.

Okay, we’ve seen Sky Block, now, here is StoneBlock. Now, this is a great modpack right here. You are inside, well, stone. You will have to mine your way around to increase the size of your base, and you will have to get every material under the ground as there is no “over” the ground in this modpack. Matter of fact, it’s all stone.

One of my personal favorites, you really get to experience how far you’ve come from a little hole inside the chasms of endless stone to making your own nuclear plant. There are technical mods, fun mods, and mods that even speed up time. Starting from basically nothing, you get to experience the original feeling a modpack has given you the first time you’ve played a modpack.

Why StoneBlock 2 is fun:

  • You start scarce, and then you become the giant of the literal underground. I don’t know if I’m weird but seeing yourself become powerful from nothing is a good feeling, and I can guarantee that you will not be able to stop playing this modpack.
  • Same with “Sky Block-like” modpacks, this modpack might also help with the FPS and not-so-beefy computer problem.

Get the modpack here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/ftb-presents-stoneblock-2/...


3. SevTech Ages of the Sky

Here is a video ofSevTech Ages of the Sky.

Here is another modpack with a sky block style, while it is not the best one (we will get to the best one), it’s definitely up there as one of the greatest modpacks ever made for Minecraft. This is a massive modpack right here, and it has one purpose: to progress through different ages.

Starting from primitive ages, you get to improve yourself and your base while crafting beautiful new things to get yourself to the next age. Start from punching trees, and at the end, wave to the overworld as you aim for the skies, in your rocket ship. The modpack also alters some known mods to create a fresh experience, which the veteran modpack players might get a kick out of.

Why SevTech Ages of the Sky is fun:

  • There are a lot of mods in this modpack, and some known mods are altered to fit better in the “ages” aspect of the modpack. Even if you have played the mods the modpack offers before, you still get to experience new things and have fun.
  • I love modpacks with simple, straight-forward goals. Progressing through ages is exciting and getting your hands on new technology and advancements are something that keeps you playing well after midnight.

Get the modpack here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/sevtech-ages-of-the-sky


2. All the Mods 7

Here is a video of All the Mods 7.

You wanted kitchen sink, here it is. As the name suggests, there is a lot of mods inside this modpack. Not every single mod ever created is inside this modpack, of course, but it feels like it is not far off. Upgraded to the Caves & Cliffs update of Minecraft, all the mods are fresh and fun to play around with.

Well, what does this modpack offer that is different than other modpacks? Well, All the Mods 7 has all the big mods that other kitchen sink modpacks also have, but it also includes lesser-known, cool mods. If you’ve been playing modded Minecraft for a while and the usual mods are starting to get a little stale, you can experience mods you’ve never played before with this modpack, and experiment with different combinations of mods to create a beautiful sandbox experience for yourself, and your friends (if you are playing multiplayer).

Why All the Mods 7 is fun:

  • Updated all the way to the Caves & Cliffs update of Minecraft, All the Mods 7 offers the enjoyment that also comes with the newer updates Mojang team has been developing, alongside a lot (and I mean a lot) of mods.
  • Alongside well-known mods, this modpack also includes lesser-known mods that are usually not included with other big-name modpacks.

Get the modpack here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/all-the-mods-7


1. SkyFactory 4

Here is a video of SkyFactory 4.

Here it is. In my opinion, this is the best modpack ever created. Not because it is a spectacle, or it has the most amount of mods; no, because it is constructed and optimized beautifully. You start on a Sky Block world and progress there to create a massive factory for yourself that is hanging in the void. Every mod interacts with one another and there is an option for everyone; however, even though there are adventure-focused mods in there as well, the main focus of the modpack is to create a factory, and a great one at that!

There are unique ways to do things, you don’t have caves, so you get ores another way entirely. While I don’t want to spoil too much, the fact that the modpack is optimized in its gameplay so beautifully makes it a treat to play. With technical mods, you can create a factory that will do things for you. Were you cutting trees by hand when you first started playing the modpack? Create a series of machines that plants and cuts the tree for you. Amazing modpack all around that I would recommend to anyone who wants to play modded Minecraft, for the first or the 100th time.

Why SkyFactory 4 is fun:

  • Every mod is optimized beautifully and also the world is a void; so, this might be one of the best optimized modpacks out there in terms of kitchen sink mods that you can play with an older PC. You will still need some power on your computer to run it smoothly, of course. It’s Minecraft after all, it’s not known to be the most optimized and computer-friendly game there is. But it’s definitely a lot better than other modpacks that have a similar amount of mods in it.
  • With quests but also a sandbox feeling, you get to build and create anything you want using the mods that bounce off each other so beautifully that you might think that the creator of this modpack created all of these mods themselves for this modpack. With  such a greatly designed modpack, sky is the limit, literally.

Get the modpack here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/skyfactory-4


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