[Top 15] Minecraft Best Commands To Use

Best Commands to Use in Minecraft 2020
For those who want to be even more in control of their game.

Why no, these aren’t cheats. How dare you accuse me of cheating.

These are commands. Commands allow you to access features of the game by typing out certain keywords in a specific order. Use them to enhance your game, get past that one boss fight, or just make life a little easier. 

All of these commands work on Bedrock and Java edition unless stated otherwise!

15. /weather

You no longer have to let the obnoxious rain drown out that classic music

This command allows you to set any type of weather you want.

How it makes things more fun:

  • You no longer have to wait for the incessant rain to stop. Use the /weather command to set the weather to clear skies! There are three options of weather when using this command: clear, rain, and thunder.
  • That’s… pretty much it. It’s cool to change the weather though!

14. /setworldspawn

Spawning at your new base in the beginning of the game has never been so easy

This command allows you to reset the default spawn point of the world to wherever you want.

How it makes things fun:

  • No more chasing around sheep to make a bed, you can simply set the spawn point to your base, or wherever you’d like to spawn when you die, and you’re set!
  • New players joining a server no longer have to search for where you settled and can spawn wherever you choose to set the spawn point.
  • The only purpose a bed serves now is to change it from night to day! Well, and to protect yourself from the phantoms I guess.

13. /spreadplayers

Setting up your own Hunger Games with friends has never been so easy

This command can be used to spread players to various random locations within a certain area.

How it makes things more fun:

  • The /spreadplayers command allows you to teleport all players to random locations within a radius of your choosing. 
  • This is a very good command to keep in mind when taking part in a PvP game or something similar.

12. /fill

It's all fun and games until you fall down that ravine with no water bucket 

This command is a useful building tool that allows you to fill a region with a block of your choice.

How it makes things more fun:

  • Do you keep falling in that ravine by your base? You can fill all or part of it with the /fill command using any block.
  • You can control where and how much the command fills the region.
  • You can get specific with this command and make it so the region you are filling is only outlined by certain blocks, or stays hollow with a layer of different blocks on the inside, and so on. 

11. /time

Easily switch between night and day!

Using this command allows you to set the in-game time to whatever you want!

How it makes things more fun:

  • If you’re sick of fighting off mobs while trying to build, simply use the /time command to set it to day again.
  • Or, on the other hand, if you’re in the mood to hunt for mobs and don’t want to have to wait out the daytime, use the /time command to set it to night.
  • You can also set the time to sunset or sunrise for picturesque views. 

10. /tell

Pssst... Hey... Try out this command to privately communicate with others

This command allows you to display a private message to players on the server. Essentially, it makes it so you can whisper to your teammates!

How it makes things more fun:

  • This makes it so you are able to send a message to a specific person, or people, without others being able to read it.
  • This is a good command to know if you are participating in some sort of PvP game and need to be secretive with teammates.
  • This isn’t necessarily something that makes the game more fun, but a good piece of information to know is that you are also able to use the commands /msg or /w, which serve the same purpose.

9. /effect

Witches seem a little less annoying after learning this command

This command allows you to halt whatever status effect is afflicting you, or add a new status effect. Status effects are modifications that take place after drinking a potion or fighting a certain mob that allows them. These effects either help or harm you, so when the latter happens this is a good command to know!

How it makes things more fun: 

  • Have you ever dreaded fighting a witch because you just know they’re going to throw some kind of potion at you? Now you can cease the effects of that potion!
  • Not only can you stop a bad status effect, but you can also add good ones, like instant health or regeneration.
  • If your health isn’t at stake, then you could add a status effect just for fun, like invisibility or luck!

8. /music (This command only works in Bedrock Edition!)

Now you don't have to hope that dungeon has your favorite music disc in it

This command allows you to start, stop, or change the volume of the in-game music.

How it makes things more fun: 

  • You are able to choose whatever you want to listen to by following this command with the name of a disc!
  • If you are particularly fond of a certain disc, you are able to play it on loop with a variant of this command.
  • Don’t let the party stop! You are able to queue music as well.

7. /locate

You no longer have to wander aimlessly for your next boss battle or loot chest

This command allows you to locate the closest generated structure near you. This includes all the structures that provide fun boss battles, loot, and more!

How it makes things more fun:

  • Use the /locate command to find structures like strongholds, woodland mansions, and pillager outposts. No more searching and searching for your next boss battle!
  • This command can also lead you to loot, like shipwrecks, desert pyramids, and buried treasure.
  • It can also lead you to villages if you’re looking to trade.

6. /enchant

Getting the best enchantments is easier than ever

I’m sure you know where this one is going. The /enchant command allows you to add enchantments to your weapons, tools, and armor.

How it makes things more fun:

  • Some enchantments are hard to find! If you’re sick of searching and searching, use this command to add whatever enchantments you want to your materials.
  • The enchantment can be at whichever level you decide. So, by all means, max them out!
  • This command can be used at any time, whether you have an enchanting table or not.

5. /summon

Because we all need to summon a chicken every now and then

The /summon command is used to summon entities of all kinds! This command is particularly helpful when you’re searching for a certain animal or mob but they simply refuse to spawn near you for some reason.

How it makes things more fun:

  • This can be used on all animals! Cows, sheep, even dolphins!
  • This is effective on hostile mobs as well. In need of some bone meal? Summon a skeleton!
  • Those are the more obvious “entities” per se, but you can also use this command to summon lightning bolts. 

4. /teleport or /tp

Traveling on foot is for noobs now

This is another command that is pretty self-explanatory, but still very useful and fun. It allows you to teleport yourself to and from anywhere in the world using a set of coordinates!

How it makes things more fun:

  • Using coordinates, you are able to teleport yourself all over your world. Therefore, if you memorize the coordinates of important structures, such as your base or a certain village, you can easily teleport to and from those locations.
  • You can also use it on other players on the server. For example, if you want your friend to check out the stronghold you found but don’t want to wait for them to run all the way there, simply use the /teleport command.
  • This command could also be fun to teleport yourself to random places in your world or out of a bad situation!

3. /kill

Who needs weapons?

Yes, the /kill command does exactly what you’d expect. It kills things. It can kill all entities and even players.

How it makes things more fun:

  • This command allows you to kill any specific entity you want, including mobs. This is much more powerful than your diamond sword.
  • The /kill command also lets you kill players! 
  • You can also use the distance option in the command. For instance, you could request that all cow entities be killed within a ten block radius.

2. /xp

Level up faster than ever

The /xp command allows you to add or revoke experience points.  Who said you had to work hard to be successful?

How it makes things more fun:

  • Want to impress your friends without doing all the work? Give yourself a ton of XP with this command.
  • This is useful for when you die. You may be able to get your inventory back, but that XP is gone. Use this command to get back to your previous level.
  • If you’ve gone on an enchanting spree and managed to spend all your XP points, you can use this command to give yourself more.

1. /give

It's like creative mode... but in survival

The /give command allows you to give yourself or another player any item. This is the holy grail of all cheats.

How it makes things more fun:

  • Honestly, this command kind of defeats the purpose of survival mode. Any item you need can be supplied with it. No more waiting for diamonds, just /give them to yourself.
  • You can also use this command to give items to players other than yourself. So if your friend sucks at fighting and needs a stronger weapon to stay alive you can use this command to give them a diamond sword.
  • You can get specific with this command, as long as you enter it correctly. From specific potions to enchanted tools, nothing is really off-limits.

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