[Top 10] Minecraft Biggest City Designs That Are Awesome

Minecraft Biggest City Designs That Are Awesome
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Which are the biggest city designs in Minecraft?

Minecraft worlds are full of different biomes, ecosystems, and Structures; most of these are inspired by life itself. In every world, you can find mountains, oceans, rivers, deserts, and many more biomes, than you can find in real life. Although one thing that's missing and that would enhance Minecraft's realism and would make exploring the world even more fun are “Cities”, yes you could say that villages could be the Minecraft equivalent to a city, but it's not the same, imagine walking through the world and finding a huge abandoned city full of buildings and houses, or even a city that's full of villagers with cars and buses. Wouldnt that be very cool?

Well until this becomes a reality the players have to do the work by themselves, for that reason we came up with the top 10 biggest city designs that are awesome!


10. Neighborhood

The idea of this design is to build a simple neighborhood, made up mostly of houses and green areas like parks, you could maybe add other buildings like schools or police stations, but those are optional. This design should be quite nostalgic for those who grew up riding bikes and playing outside in the 90s

What's great about this design: 

  • Small cozy neighborhood
  • Has a simple and nostalgic atmosphere 
  • Fun to build and explore with your friends


9. Small town

The point of this design is to make a small and simple town, similar to the villages that you can find in Minecraft but with a more modern look and with everything that comes with a rural town, like churches, schools, and cinema, amongst other structures which you would find on a small town.

What's great about this design:

  • A simple rural town with a cool vibe
  • Cool for exploring 
  • Perfect to play with your friends 


8. City from TV or media

The point of this city is to recreate a city from a famous comic or TV show, this is one of the trickest designs since you must recreate something that exists but not in the real world, so building it is quite a challenge, but it is very rewarding and fun. Some examples are “Gotham” From Batman, “Metropolis” from Superman, etc. 

What's great about this design:

  • Fun to recreate the city from your favorite show
  • Live the same adventures as your favorite characters
  • Fun to explore with friends


7. Futuristic City

The idea here is to make a city as big and as futuristic as possible, the best part of this build is that most of the project is up to the builder's imagination, remember you can also look for inspiration from futuristic movies and shows!

What's great about this design:

  • Cool looking futuristic design
  • Perfect for exploring and with your friends
  • Cool project to build and enhance your imagination 


6. Wildwest City

Are you a fan of games like Red Dead Redemption or western movies? Then this build is perfect for you. The main idea is to make a city based on the wild west, with taverns, saloons, and lots of ranches and horses. 

What's great about this design:

  • Cool Western atmosphere
  • It will make you feel like you are part of a western film
  • Perfect for exploring and playing with your friends


5. Medival City

Cities in medieval times might not have been as big, but they were really cool. Now, the best part about Minecraft is that you can make it as big as you want, just don't lose the aesthetic of the medieval cities and you will be just fine

What's great about this design:

  • Cool castles and big structures like churches
  • This city blends perfectly with Minecraft´s environment
  • You can start up with a normal Minecraft village and build up until you get a huge medieval city


4. Abandoned City

This kind of city is meant to resemble those movies where something catastrophic happened and the city had to be evacuated or something happened and all the people died or suddenly disappeared. The point is to make it as dark and lonely as possible with lots of destroyed builds and debris on the street.

What's great about this design:

  • This city is perfect for survival adventures with your friends or alone
  • Perfect for exploring and playing survival or hardcore
  • The city's atmosphere with the right mods is perfect for a horror-themed night 


3. Modern City

This city is not so complicated but it can be as big and fun to build or explore as any other, the point is to make something unique but inspired by the modern cities of the world. Make some big buildings and skyscrapers, but also homes and shopping centers or parks. 

What's great about this design:

  • Easy to find inspiration from 
  • Perfect for exploring and finding loot 
  • Fill it with villagers and turn it into a real city


2. Real-life city

The point of these cities is to remake a city from the real world in Minecraft, some of the most famous examples are, “New York”, “London” and “China”. These types of builds are full of unique details from the city they are imitating and are almost an exact replica of them.

What's great about this design:

  • The attention to detail in this type of build is amazing
  • They look great and sometimes are identical to the real one
  • Have fun exploring every street and corner of these cities


1. Greenfield 

Greenfield is the biggest city ever created in Minecraft and is also one of the most downloaded maps, The city is still a work in progress so anyone can join the fun in trying to finish it and make it even bigger, or if you're not a big fan of building you can just download the map and have fun exploring every street of the city, whatever you do we guarantee you will have lots of fun visiting greenfield, so why not book a plane ticket to their site and download it right away!

What's great about this design:

  • Since it's still a work in progress you can join the fun in making it bigger
  • Explore it with your friends or by yourself
  • The similarities to any real city are incredible


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